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Chapter 2504

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"Then, the embarrassed figure rushed out of the cave one after another.

Jiang Beichen and Deji ran ahead, and then Yibu and others also ran out one after another.

"Brother Jiang, where should we go?" Deji asked eagerly.

Jiang Beichen identified the direction and said, "this way!"

"Wait a minute!" Ibrahimovic suddenly shouted out.

"Just now we came from that side. There is a swamp. There are monsters in it. It\'s too dangerous!"

Others nodded. They had just passed the swamp. They were dying. They didn\'t want to cross the swamp anymore.

Jiang Beichen sneered: "if you don\'t want to go to the swamp, other roads will die faster!"

Yibu was stunned and said, "you fart! Didn\'t you just say you came from the mountain? Isn\'t the mountain safe?" "You fart!" Jiang Beichen couldn\'t help yelling: "can you be the same now? There were no chimaeras just now, and the mountain was safe, but now there are chimaeras chasing, and their physical strength is much stronger than you. Do you think you can run better than them?"

"You!" What more could Ibrahimovic say, when suddenly a shrill cry came from behind.

Ghana! Ghana!

Blue figures chased out of the cave.

"Whatever you want, let\'s go first!"

Jiang Beichen snorted and took Deji and began to run into the woods.

"Elder martial brother Yibu, what should we do?" Asked a disciple in red.

Ibrahimovic thought for a moment, gritted his teeth and said, "go up the mountain! The foreign boy is upset and kind-hearted. I don\'t believe him!"

With that, Ibrahimovic took the lead in running up the mountain.

The disciples in red caught up one after another.

Several disciples in yellow stayed where they were and were at a loss.

"Elder martial brother, what shall we do?"

Three disciples in yellow looked at the other disciple.

The disciple made a horizontal look in his eyes and said, "let\'s find senior brother Deji. Ibrahim is not trustworthy!"

The four made up their minds and ran quickly towards the swamp.

Soon, they crossed the jungle.

The mackerel behind him also came after him. Sure enough, as Jiang Beichen said, they were too strong and very vigorous, and their way of walking was different from that of people. They even glided on the ground like a snake. Because their body was relatively slippery, they drew a distance of more than ten meters for each sprint, and soon roared to catch up..

"Elder martial brother Deji, save us!"

The disciple in yellow shouted for help.

At the moment, Deji is cutting trees under the command of Jiang Beichen and preparing to make a simple raft. When he hears the news, he looks surprised.

"Don\'t be afraid, I\'ll help you!"

Deji roared and rushed up without hesitation.

Bang bang!

Deji immediately jumped behind the disciple in yellow and fought with several chimaeras.

Deji\'s skill is not generally strong, which surprised Jiang Beichen. Deji has a cultivation close to hualongbang!

They beat back several people very quickly.

However, there are more mackerels to catch up and join the battle, and Deji is struggling now.

Jiang Beichen reluctantly shook his head. This Deji is really the heart of a Bodhisattva. If it were someone else, he would have ignored it long ago.

But he promised the boy to save his life, so he had to rush up at the moment.

"Get out of the way!"

Jiang Beichen roared and fell from the sky.

Deji was startled and quickly stepped aside.

Then, a scene that shocked him and several disciples in yellow happened.


Jiang Beichen fell with one foot, and a mackerel was instantly stepped into meat mud!

Then an invisible wave surged away, like a full moon machete, harvesting all the later mackerels and cutting them off at the waist.

Several disciples in yellow looked silly.

I\'ll get together!

What strength is this?

It turns out that this foreigner is an expert who doesn\'t come out!

Is Ibrahimovic really short-sighted and despises such a strong man?

"Sin! Sin! Brother Jiang, you killed a living creature. You have a demon in your body. It\'s not good..."

"No, your sister! If you are a virgin watch, you should be eaten by the mackerel!"

Jiang Beichen took his neck and began to run. Because at the end of the forest, a group of mackerels came again. Their number was too large to be matched!

After seeing the strength of Jiang Beichen, several disciples in yellow naturally regarded him as the backbone.

"Elder Jiang, be careful. There are monsters in the swamp!" Several people followed Jiang Beichen to the edge of the swamp, with a worried expression on their face.

"Do you think chimaeras are terrible or monsters?" Jiangbeichen has a bad way.

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