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What kind of terrifying existence is Ancient Immortal Venerable?

But more than a dozen Ancient Immortal Venerable experts were present, and it was too late to stop all this.

Could it be that the Ancient Immortal Venerable experts of the Immortal Pill Guild are all waste?

Even if it wasn\'t trash, it\'s now trash.

Once the news spreads, the Elixir Guild is destined to become a joke in the ancient fairyland.

Even if the Elixir Guild could destroy the Dragon Soul, it would not be able to erase this shame.

Destroy the Dragon Soul?

wishful thinking!

In this battle, the dragon soul will definitely shake the ancient fairyland!

Who else seems to regard the strongmen of the Immortal Pill Guild as ants, as if killing them is like killing a dog, making President Yang and the others feel a strong shame.

"Arrogant!" President Yang said gloomily and angrily, even if the strength of the Dragon Soul is stronger, the mere Daluo Jinxian and the ancient Immortal Emperor will not be afraid of them.

"How dare you ignore our Ancient Immortal Venerable! If this Immortal Venerable wants to kill you, it\'s as easy as pinching an ant!" An Ancient Immortal Venerable said gloomily, and the extremely terrifying weather and murderous aura erupted.

"When did the ancient immortal emperor become so arrogant, this Immortal Venerable wants to see, what is your nine-star ancient immortal emperor?" Another ancient immortal venerable said coldly, every word with a cold and murderous aura .

"Do you think you are amazing after killing some trash? Do you think you can compete with the Ancient Immortal Venerable?" Another Ancient Immortal Venerable said fiercely, with a terrifying face.

Ancient Immortal Venerable is definitely not a decoration.

Who else did the words of Venerable Dragon Soul completely anger more than a dozen ancient immortals.

A wave of monstrous aura burst out, ruthlessly suppressing the Dragon Soul Venerable, shocking the Dragon Soul Venerable with a painful look on his face, his body was weak, and he was unable to move.


A three-star ancient Immortal Venerable shot fiercely, with a strong and harsh roar, and the speed was extremely terrifying.

The Nine Star Ancient Immortal Emperor Dragon Soul Venerable headed by him, unable to move his body, was forcibly suppressed by the terrifying pressure, his body was weak, and his face showed pain.

"What? Can\'t move?" The three-star ancient Immortal Venerable sneered contemptuously, his figure approached in a flash, and he stretched out his claws to hold the throat of the Dragon Soul Venerable.

However, he did not find that Qiu Bufan and Venerable Dragon Soul showed pain, but they were not worried.

Just at this critical moment, the expression of the strong ancient Xianzun suddenly changed, as if he had noticed something, his expression became extremely frightened.

The Samsung Ancient Immortal Venerable suddenly gritted his teeth, speeding up his shot.

"Shoot!" Infinite Immortal Venerable frowned slightly.



In the next second, there was a sudden explosion, and I saw the powerhouse of the three-star ancient immortal, with his claws about to hold the throat of the dragon soul, and his body was blasted out, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

"Dragon Soul Ancient Immortal Venerable really shot! This person\'s strength is quite terrifying!" Sanxing Ancient Immortal Venerable was extremely horrified.

Seeing this scene, the faces of President Yang and others turned gloomy.

"What? The Pill Guild has the Ancient Immortal Venerable, but the Dragon Soul doesn\'t exist? Don\'t you know? Three-star Ancient Immortal Venerable, just want to move my Dragon Soul Venerable? Don\'t you think it\'s ridiculous?" A cold voice sounded , an incomparable aura erupted, sweeping away the aura of a dozen ancient immortals in the Immortal Pill Guild in an instant.

After the words fell, an ancient immortal Venerable Dragon Soul Venerable appeared in illusion.
"Five-star Ancient Immortal Venerable!" A terrifying aura burst out, and the dozen or so Ancient Immortal Venerables of the Immortal Pill Guild were instantly frightened.

"Lord President, it is this person who hurt me. His strength is very terrifying." Xie Ying stared at Venerable Dragon Soul with ruthless eyes, wishing that this person would be smashed into pieces.

The person who appeared was Leng Ren, the Dragon Soul Venerable who had seriously injured Xie Ying before!

President Yang endured the horror in his heart, and said gloomily: "This person is handed over to Immortal Venerable Immeasurable to deal with, we only need to destroy other dragon souls!"

"There are many strong Dragon Soul Ancient Immortal Venerables, and those Ancient Immortal Venerables who destroyed the Immortal Pill Guild have not yet appeared." The Great Elder said gloomily.

President Yang said fiercely: "In the ancient fairyland, the Pill Guild has never been afraid of anyone!"

The strength of the Elixir Guild is indeed terrifying, and this is not their true strength.

Qing Ran Xianzun and Elder Keqing of the Elixir Guild are the ones who truly control the powerful power of the Elixir Guild.

Boundless Immortal Venerable\'s old face was solemn, his eyes looked at Lengren, and he secretly said: "This person\'s breath is very fierce, this is related to his cultivation technique, and his combat power is probably equivalent to this Immortal Venerable, this dragon soul is really not Simple."

Leng Ren\'s eyes looked at the Void Immortal Venerable Immortal, and said indifferently: "Immortal Immortal Venerable, you are not from the Immortal Pill Guild, I advise you not to take action. If you take action against the Dragon Soul, the end is death, and the Dragon Soul only kills the enemy. people!"

Domineering words are full of contempt for immeasurable Immortal Venerable.

"Extremely arrogant! How dare you despise Boundless Immortal Venerable! You are insulting Boundless Immortal Venerable!" An ancient Immortal Venerable shouted angrily.

"Five-star Ancient Immortal Venerable, dare to be arrogant in front of Infinite Immortal Venerable! It\'s just courting death!" Another Ancient Immortal Venerable shouted angrily.

The strength of the immeasurable immortals is strong, and the ancient immortals of the ancient immortals are strong, no one knows about them.

"Listening to what you said, you seem to be very sure to kill this Immortal Venerable." Immortal Immortal Venerable frowned, and there are not many people who dare to talk to Infinite Immortal Venerable for so many years in the Ancient Immortal Territory.

There are not many strong people who dare to despise Boundless Immortal Venerable.

Leng Ren\'s remarks were not only arrogant, but he didn\'t even take Boundless Immortal Venerable in his eyes.

Team enemies must be mad, ruthless, and ruthless. This is Dragon Soul.

Leng Ren replied without hesitation: "You are right."

As soon as Leng Ren said this, President Yang and others were immediately stunned. How arrogant is this?

How dare the five-star ancient immortals dare to kill the six-star ancient immortals with wild words?

"Immortal Immortal Venerable, kill this arrogant person!" An ancient Immortal Venerable said fiercely and angrily. If it wasn\'t for his strength, he would have done it long ago.

"Do you really think the strength of the Five-Star Ancient Immortal Venerable can be turned upside down?" Another Ancient Immortal Venerable shouted angrily, his lungs almost exploded with anger.

The old face of Immortal Venerable Infinite became extremely gloomy, and a murderous look flashed through his old eyes.

Infinite Immortal Venerable was angry.


Above the void, an unparalleled destructive force erupted from the body of Immortal Venerable Boundless, and spread to the entire Heavenly Immortal Realm, and even the entire Ancient Immortal Realm, the void collapsed instantly, and the entire Ancient Immortal Realm was shaking violently.

Infinite Immortal Venerable\'s momentum skyrocketed wildly, and he sacrificed a seventh-grade ancient immortal weapon, and his combat power instantly broke through the level of the Seven-star Ancient Immortal Venerable.

Countless cultivators in the ancient immortal realm were all terrified by this destructive momentum and power.

The terrifying power of Infinite Immortal Venerable shocked the entire Ancient Immortal Region.

"Humph! If you anger the immeasurable Immortal Venerable, just wait to die!" An ancient Immortal Venerable strongman gloated over the misfortune, with a grin on the corner of his mouth.

"Beyond your own power! This Immortal Venerable sees how you die!" Another ancient Immortal Venerable became proud.

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