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Chapter 390

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Chapter 390

At this moment, what Bojack still didn’t understand is that what the woman in front of him said was true. —The death of Zangya and others had cast a shadow over Bojack’s heart.

Although the strength of Zangya and others was not good, they were still his followers for countless years. Now that they were all killed by the woman in front of him, his heart was naturally full of anger.

In particular, the contact with the woman in front of him just now made Bojack throb for no reason, “This woman seems to be a little different than before.”

Bojack frowned; his face instantly became gloomy. His body tumbled up a steaming wave of ki. However, just when Bojack was considering a way to kill the woman in front of him and avenge his subordinates, Melissa had already moved first.

He saw Melissa slightly gathered ki, her eyes shining forward, grass-green flame attached to her arm, her body a short, agile in through the void. Bojack’s face suddenly changed, and his pupils shrink. The girl’s delicate figure had already appeared, and a slender arm reached towards him.

With five fingers gathered together, an iron fist came crashing towards him.

After a flash of white light, Bojack’s whole face became stiff. He felt that he had been hit by a huge force. His body came to a sudden halt, and then, like a cannonball, he turned into a beautiful straight line in the vast silence of the starry sky.


A tragic visual effect blossomed in the universe. Along the way of the meteorite was Bojack, hit by a series of sparks with a bright sea of fire-linked into a straight line.

In front of it was a meteorite with a diameter of tens of thousands of meters. Bojack hit it head-on, and the meteorite suddenly scattered like loose wood chips. By the force of the meteorite, Bojack finally stopped the impact.

However, this time Bojack face was no longer the previous indifference. Instead, it was full of shock, seemingly stunned by the other party’s powerful combat power.

“Muyang, are you okay?” Melissa’s worried face appeared beside Muyang’s, looking at him seriously.

Muyang shook his head, took out a Senzu Bean, and ate it. His body quickly recovered. “Don’t mind me… Melissa, you actually broke through.”

The current state of Melissa was similar to the full power of the Super Saiyan, covered with grass-green light entwined. In addition, the Golden Eyes State was developed to the third level, and the strength advantages of the Legendary Super Saiyan had been highlighted.

“Unknowingly, my mind broke through.” Melissa showed a dumb expression, confused about how she broke through.

Muyang’s expression was stunned, remembering all the strange things about Saiyans, and nodded, “The Legendary Super Saiyan seems to be like this. You have to control your emotions well, don’t lose control.”

“I know, now let me deal with that guy before.”

Seeing that Muyang was no longer seriously injured, Melissa breathed a sigh of relief. But, immediately afterward, her face became cold, and she looked at Bojack with a face full of anger.

The first thing she wanted to do was to kill Bojack.

In a very short moment, Melissa’s lithe figure disappeared from Muyang’s sight. Suddenly, a violent energy fluctuation exploded, and Muyang turned his head to look at Bojack’s side, but he saw Bojack’s figure constantly bobbing up and down in place as if he was constantly under heavy attack.

Upon taking a closer look at his surroundings, there was a wisp of unreadable residual shadow around him, constantly launching attacks.

At this moment, Melissa’s body emanated a supreme and moving aura. The ground around him was caved in by the powerful energy.

Muyang was amazed at Melissa’s powerful appearance and could not help but say that the Saiyans are really a desperate race.

The intense mood swings could directly stimulate the power of the Saiyan. He was only seriously injured and caused Melissa to break through the current state of anger. If he was more severely injured and was sacrificed to Heaven, would she directly become a Super Saiyan State?

‘In the original work, Son Goku became Super Saiyan because of Krillin’s death….’ Muyang said in his heart.

Of course, this was just a thought in his mind. Looking at the battle between Melissa and Bojack, he already knew that the scales of victory had tipped to his side.

At that moment, three more shadows appeared in the void and soon appeared beside Muyang.

These three people, each with a golden halo on their heads, were Pikkon, Uyamons, and Carliss from Heaven. —Receiving the emergency notification from Grand Kai, the three of them teleported down directly through the divine platform of Heaven’s Grand Kai’s Planet, but what happened in front of them was a scene that they never expected.

“It seems that there’s no need for us to come over here.”

As soon as Uyamons appeared, he was stunned by the power displayed by Melissa.

Pikkon looked at Melissa, who was fighting with Bojack in the distance, and was also very surprised, “That is Miss Melissa. When did she become so fierce?”

“She broke through just now.” Muyang came to their side and said.

“Compared to the time of the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament, it’s completely different. Even Bojack was actually suppressed by her. It’s simply incredible.”

Carliss was so surprised that she couldn’t speak. Two years ago, at the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament, Melissa was still only a little bit more powerful than her. Still, judging from her performance now, she was already completely no match for her.

Then the question arose in Muyang’s heart, ‘Grand Kai was in a hurry to have them rush over, what exactly was the purpose….’

Muyang looked at them and said, “Aren’t you guys in the Heaven? How come you came to the solar system?”

Uyamons said, “It is the instruction of the Grand Kai, but now it seems that it does not matter whether we come or not, Miss Melissa is enough to deal with it.”

Muyang shook his head and said, “How can it not be necessary? But, since you are here, please also guard the solar system. I am worried that their battle will affect the earth.”

In case certain ki waves accidentally swept to the earth, then the earth could cease to exist.

“Of course.”

Pikkon, Uyamons, and Carliss were all very righteous characters in their lifetime, and they certainly didn’t hesitate to agree after hearing Muyang’s request. So, they flew to the front of the earth, casting a very strong protective net between the earth and Bojack so that the pressure on Kanalita on the earth was instantly relieved.


During the battle, Bojack was confused by Melissa’s fighting style of super power for a while and energy attack for a while, his body trembled, and his face sank. —From the overall power, he actually still couldn’t compare to a woman.

The battle lasted for a long time, the opponent’s ki permanently raging and surging, actually not half weakened.

“Bastard! What’s going on? How come this woman’s power can’t be used up?”

Bojack’s eyes were bloodshot, his face was as cold as frost, and his demeanor was a bit wretched, “Earthling…. it couldn’t be…. This state…. You… you are actually a Saiyan!!!”

Looking at Melissa’s hair up, surrounded by the glowing appearance, suddenly, Bojack woke up. He had always thought that the identity of the opponent was an earthling. The reason was that in his memory… Saiyans emitted light all over the body when fighting, but it should be golden. —Until now, he was shocked to realize that the opponent was not at all what he thought of other The race and the root were the Saiyans! Probably some kind of mutated Saiyan!

“You just know that now?” Melissa’s face was cold. Her eyebrows raised slightly.

“Ahhhhhh, bastards, so it really is you guys!!!” The anger made Bojack lost his reason. As if a mad bull, he tensed his muscles, the piercing murderous aura like a wave of rage.

‘This guy, did he suffer a defeat at the hands of the Saiyans?’

Melissa had some surprise, and her yellow-green pupils looked at Bojack.

Suddenly, a mental oppression swept over.

Bojack grunted the spirit suddenly a pause and then grinned widely. At this time, with a sudden change, his chest suddenly cracked, and a piece of an azure cube from the chest of the mouth to fly out. The cube was like a soft body creature that kept changing its shape, and in a short while, it was plated with a layer of azure on the surface of Bojack’s skin.

“What’s this guy doing, transforming?” Doubtfully scanning Bojack’s change, Muyang’s heart had some doubts, “Had the original Bojack have this ability?

However, in the next battle, he found that Bojack’s power did not show any change and was still suppressed by Melissa.


There was some surprise in his heart, but Muyang knew that Bojack was definitely finished.


With her black hair tinged with a layer of grass green color, Melissa’s hair fluttered up, followed by a cluster of black shadows flashing, sneering and lightly coming forward.


Thousands of huge forces swung out.



The terrifying attack descended on Bojack’s body, and immediately the skin opened up, the void exploded.


The dwarf planets around the solar system disintegrated with a bang. The broken wreckage splashed in the starry sky. The whole solar system was all in chaos.

‘Shit, there was no way to escape.’

Bojack wretchedly shielded his body. His face was extremely ugly.


Melissa braced her arms, all the energy of her body crazy convergence to one place. The gorgeous crystal corona scattered glittering light. This blow condenses the power of Melissa’s whole body. As long as a blow down, Bojack won’t die but also take off a layer of skin.

Already not an opponent… Bojack’s pupils bubbling with blood, the heart was extremely unwilling. His eyes swept a glance at the distant Muyang, Pikkon, Uyamons, each possessing a strong power, and finally rested on Melissa’s body.

“Saiyans, you think you are going to win? I tell you… even if you kill me, there will be no good results, or rather, my death will instead unleash an even more terrifying monster. “

“I don’t care what you’re talking about!” Melissa cried out loudly.


The soul-stirring energy fluctuations radiated outward, covered with starlight. Countless white flashes of light, like a group of stars shining fascinating, the core contains a breathtakingly huge power. Then, with a long hissing chirp, the vast whirlwind of energy towards Bojack crushed over.

At this time, Bojack expression was stagnant. A trace of shock emerged from the crazy, cruel smile, then quickly swallowed by the terrifying energy.

“Ahem, you wait, the real monster will soon come out. Whether you are Saiyans of Planet Sala or Saiyans of other planets… he will find you sooner or later.”

Bojack’s face was twisted. The azure substance on his body emitted a creepy cold light. Soon, with the energy storm gradually disappeared. When the last glimmer of light disappeared, the whole space seemed to have something wrong, just this wrong, no one could say.


The whole silent starry sky was calm for a while… Then, with a strong cyclone from a high altitude swooping attack, the solar system erupted the most intense storm since the beginning of recorded history.

If it wasn’t for Uyamons and Pikkon, who was in front of the earth, this storm alone could have destroyed all life on earth.

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