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Special Chapters 8

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As if waiting, my body died so vainly.

“Si-Siyeon! Siyeon!

“Cha Siyeon!”

Those jerks who were kneeling at my feet, were shocked and clung to the bed.

However, it has been a long time since the graph of the life support device has changed to a straight line.

The second guy, who was calling my name without hesitation, glared at me fiercely with his bloodshot eyes. (The audacity of him…)

“What the hell are you…! What the hell are you doing!”

It was impulsive, but when I looked over my empty face, I felt refreshed.

My original body also looked more comfortable than ever, as it seemed heavy to keep breathing.

I opened my mouth with a feeling of relief.

“You must be mistaken.”

“Cha Siyeon!”

“Cha Siyeon died a long time ago amid your abuse and neglect.”

Three men’s faces were blurry at the same time as I said this.


“Can’t you see? This was just a breathing shell.”

I pointed at the body on the bed that was not moving at all.

“Actually, you knew everything.”


“If I wanted to come back alive, I would have come back way sooner.”

There’s no way you wouldn’t know that.

If she is still alive, then they must have succeeded in removing the cancer cells, and there is no abnormality in her brain, so why is she still unable to get out of coma?

As if my words were close to the answer, a prickly pain passed through the middle-aged man’s face.

“But, but you came back alive like this…”

He looked alternately at me and my dead body on the bed, and said with a face that he hardly understood.

“My father thinks you’re, uh, okay in any way. As long as you’re alive…”

“Come on. Why would I care about this place? There’s nothing good in here.”


“Don’t call me that. ‘Cause I’m not her anymore.”

I laughed bitterly and denied their words.

“I didn’t come back to you, I just cut off the last string so that I can get back to my family.”

“What… What do you mean Siyeon, family you say!”


“Your family is here. I’m your father, and these are your two brothers…!”

A whitish light.

My father was so confused that it would not be strange if he were to faint right now.

In the meantime, it was amazing that he managed to recognize me.


“…I just told you. That she might’ve forgotten about her old family and is living happily ever after.”


“Even if this body was still alive, I wouldn’t have the slightest desire to come back here.”

I looked at my dry body on the bed with distant eyes, and finally turned my head.

Those whom I once thought of as my family and wanted to be a part of them, seemed to have been half-witted due to the great things that happened in a short time.

I didn’t hate or resent them anymore.

“Let’s forget all about our disgusting past and live well as if it didn’t exist from the very beginning.”

“Si, Siyeon. Ho-hold on a second.”

Despite the firm voice he heard, the middle-aged man continued to hold onto me with a crying voice.

“Not yet, I still have something to say. Siyeon! Please, don’t go yet. Please, please…!”

“If you want to ask for forgiveness,”

My heart was throbbing. I thought I knew what he wanted to say even if I didn’t listen.

I looked at them one by one with a feeling of crying.

“I can’t forgive you, father, brothers.”


“Just because I’m happy doesn’t mean I’ll forget my unhappy memories.”

Unlike before, when they pretended not to know me as a real Cha Siyeon, now their faces were painfully blurred.

In the past, I was afraid of not being able to go back and being trapped in the game world forever, but these days I often had nightmares of returning to reality without Callisto and Judith.

To receive their contemptuous gaze again, to live miserably in a single room infested with mold.

The intrinsic fear stuck to me like a gum after a long time and didn’t fall off very well.

Therefore, this moment to completely cut this world off was rather an opportunity for me.

They did not spit on my portrait like brainwashing, nor did they laugh at my death, but our relationship was shallow enough to be comforted by this.

You can’t call this a family.

So I couldn’t forgive them. It was a little bit sad.

“But I won’t hate you anymore, so… I’m not going to live chewing on my unhappy and sad memories.”


“Be content with it, don’t feel any more guilty.”

It wasn’t meant to forgive them or relieve their guilt.

This was just, just a farewell.

“You’re the ones who pushed me to the cliff to the point where I wanted to die, but…”


“But after all, it’s me who chose.” (Why is this so sad)



I bowed my head briefly towards them and finally turned completely.

It was then.

– Mom! Whoo! Whoo!

I heard a familiar sound from afar. I paused to listen to it.

– Mom! Mom! Whoo, mama!


It was the sound of my child’s crying.

‘Hurry up and go back!’

When I thought my child was crying, I was in a hurry.

I dashed off to the sink.

“Siyeon! Siyeon!”

Someone from behind called me anxiously, but it was now a title that had nothing to do with me.

As I reached out to the mirror that still emitted a whitish light, the front of my eyes flashed white in an instant.

“-yeon! -on!”

At the same time, the sound of crying earnestly became increasingly distant.


In the end, I couldn’t even know who was calling me.

Then with a little vibration shaking my arm, I opened my eyes wide.

“Hah, mommy!”

When I woke up, a child filled with tears and a runny nose was looking down at me and crying.

“My baby, why are you crying? Huh?”

I jumped up in surprise.

Then the child beat me desperately and shouted as if playing a game.

“Judi, Judi was the only one who didn’t have a mirror! Judi broke it!”


“Mom’s leaving. Mother said it was a bad thing! The magic trick by Judi….! whoo, whooo!”

Perhaps because she was so excited, I couldn’t understand what the majority of her pronunciations meant. (Penny is such a mood)

I just hugged the child in my arms and asked for an analogy with the words I barely picked up.

“Don’t cry, huh? Mom wouldn’t leave our pretty Judi behind.”

After a while, the child barely stopped crying and replied.

“Scared, I’m scared!”

“What are you afraid of?”

“I’m afraid my mom will leave dad and Judi behind.”

“Why would you say that…”

Judith had a good feeling as much as she had excellent ability.

Is it because of the aftermath of my unlucky dream?

My heart was disturbed to see the crying child.

It was when I felt so sad and restless.

“Tsk, sounds useless.”

Suddenly, with the sound of a tongue kicking, someone streaked into the princess’s room.

A faint light flashed and shattered the child’s resembling gold feet. (?)

“Your Majesty.”

I was certainly fed up with him even before I went to bed, but I was so glad to see him right then that it made me cry.

Callisto, who came to the bed where I and the child were lying on, stretched out his arms and hugged us together, turning grimly. (SWEET XD)

“Don’t worry. Even if the Empress leaves us behind, Jim will chase her to the end of hell.”

“…There’s nothing you don’t say in front of this child.”

Even though it was so brutal, as I leaned against his tight arms, my heart that was pounding calmed down in a sweet breath.

“Papa, papa!”

Fortunately, Judith, who had completely stopped crying, reached out to go from my arms to Callisto’s.

When he was willing to lift the child up, she kissed him on the cheek and said softly.

“Oh, from now on I’m going to call you servant emperor.” (I actually asked help from an actual ktl and this is the best we could come up with haha..)


The child, who was smiling cutely, suddenly grabbed the emperor’s head with both hands.

And shook it while shouting brightly.

“Servant emperor, servant!”

“….Just call me Father.”

I couldn’t stand the sight and burst into laughter.

“Servant! Servant!”

Judith, who had been shouting like that several times, quickly lost interest, and dug in between the two of us laying down.

The emperor decided to succumb to her unusually severe tantrum in her refusal to sleep.

The child’s red eyes were quick to blink slowly.

Lying with Callisto and comforting such a child, I suddenly remembered and asked.

“When she wakes up from sleep… Shall we go to see her grandfather after a long time?”

“Ha! Grandpa!”

The child nodded loudly and said yes.

The Eckart family, including the Duke and Reynold, had a weakness for Judith, although they were appalled by the appearance of Callisto.

Even the world’s greatest Derrick struggled to lift the corners of his mouth in front of the child and used a gentle tone.

Perhaps because in there she was treated more like a princess than in the imperial palace, so the child was very fond of going to the duke.

“Why are you going there? There’s nothing good.”

The only one dissatisfied with it was Callisto.

Maybe because of what I went through, he still hated the duck and was extremely wary of him.

Now, I don’t really care about it and I often have tea time with them.

But I knew that everyone was worried about me, so beyond the child I gently grabbed him by the back of his hand and comforted him.

“It’s just that it’s been a while since I’ve seen him… and he sends me an invitation every time Judith comes.”

“Tsk, that old man, he’s got nothing to do since he retired. I’ll tell them to get drunk as a nanny for the Imperial palace.”

“That mouth of yours!”

Slap. It was when I secretly hit the back of his hand behind my child’s back and my eyes were flaring.


As if she wasn’t asleep just now, Judith opened her eyes and shouted abruptly.

“It would be nice if the servant emperor comes to grandfather’s house with me!”

“Just call me father.”

“No! You’re my servant emperor, servant emperor!”

“Get some sleep.”

While fighting with the child, the position of my hand on the back of Callisto’s hand was flipped.

This time, his palm clasped over my hand.

It was like a big, hard hand, that would give out all the anxiety I experienced.

A pleasant welcome instantly filled my cold hands with warmth.

Now I feel at ease.

I feel like I’m back in the arms of my family.

It was a normal, full night.


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