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Chapter 4079 - 4079 Chapter 4082. His methods were very advanced! 1

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4079 Chapter 4082. His methods were very advanced! 1

Of course, Huo Junlin knew very well that Yun Qiao would never give him something as serious as a proposal ring.

But what was the gift?

He was still very expectant.

“Can I open it now?”He asked for advice in a gentlemanly manner.

Yun Qiao said generously, “Sure.”

Huo Junlin gently opened the gold velvet box..

He saw a colorful glass fountain pen lying quietly inside.

The style was very exaggerated and palace-style. It seemed to be the kind of travel souvenir that was often sold around Notre Dame. Although it was not a world-famous brand, it was still quite expensive.

Huo Junlin was a little surprised. “You picked it out specifically for me?”

Yun Qiao nodded guiltily. “Yes.”. “I heard that during the days when I was not in the capital, the little fairy pharmacy had to thank you for helping me patrol the shop every day. That’s why everyone was working hard and did not neglect the customers. “So, of course, I have to thank you properly and pick out a unique gift for you.”

She added, “A gift that is different from those snacks outside.”

Actually, this pen was a gift that she had received when she visited the witch in Notre Dame. She had accidentally discovered that the fire in Notre Dame had caused the witch to stop coming. Disappointed, she happened to see this exquisite and beautiful pen in the window of a nearby shop.

Then, she thought of Gongsheng.

That guy who was busy reading documents every day.

She didn’t know why a eunuch director had so many documents to read, making her look like an emperor.

She immediately bought it and wanted to say that she would give it to Gong Sheng as a gift when she returned to the country.

As she was in a hurry and had to catch a plane, she didn’t have time to bargain with the shop owner, so she spent quite a lot of money and was ripped off.

After meeting Gong Sheng yesterday, the two of them had been chatting and watching TV, and they had forgotten to give him a gift.

When she bumped into Huo Junlin, she suddenly remembered that he had silently helped her manage the shop and paid so much, but she didn’t remember to buy him any special souvenirs. It was really unkind.

Therefore, she decided at the last minute to give Huo Junlin the gift that she had originally planned to give to the palace saint.

Firstly, she wanted to thank her friends for their support and care.

Secondly… since her cheap husband was one of them, it didn’t matter even if she didn’t get a gift.

Because this gift was changed at the last minute, Yun Qiao felt a little guilty.

Fortunately, Huo Junlin’s attention was all on the exquisite and gorgeous pen, so he didn’t notice Yun Qiao’s subtle expression. “Xiao Qiao, thank you. I like it very much. Next Time I go abroad, I’ll definitely bring you a gift.”

According to the frequency of his business abroad..

He would only give her a present three or five times a week.

Yun Qiao hurriedly waved her hand. “No, no, no, don’t stand on ceremony. I Can’t help you with anything, so how can I ask for a present? And you’re helping me raise Whitey. I haven’t given you the money for the cat food yet.”

Huo Junlin’s lips curved slightly. “It’s my honor. Speaking of Whitey, it’s been recovering well recently. Do you want to take some time to come and see it?”

Yun Qiao said, “Sure, after we finish shooting these dense scenes, we’ll go to Your House.”

Huo Junlin’s smile deepened.

He had never thought that the decision he made back then was so wise!

It was just helping to raise a cat, but it was enough for Yun Qiao to visit his house.

There were many ways to get a woman to come into his house voluntarily, but his methods were definitely of the highest level.

There was no other way!

= = =

Gong Sheng was processing documents in the presidential palace.

He would check his phone from time to time.

After a while, he asked uncle Zhang, “You don’t have my express delivery?”

Uncle Zhang shook his head in confusion. “No… I do. President, your official documents are all sent by someone. You Don’t usually use express delivery.”

Gong sheng: “I’m not talking about work, I’m talking about private express delivery.”

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