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Chatper 1592

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Now that the relationship is made public, the Shao family compound naturally allows Nie Qinghao to come in and out freely.

Therefore, in the following days, Nie Qinghao was filial to Shao Qiang and Yu Hui like a son, and would make some fresh snacks for Yu Hui to taste every day.

He also made soup for her, arranged flowers with her, gave some gifts that Yu Hui liked, and called "Mom" sweetly.

After half a month, the mother-in-law who was not very satisfied with him began to smile.

And Nie Qinghao, in order to please the old man, often takes time to play chess with the old man, talk with him, and walk with him...

The old man\'s heart was quickly taken by him.

As for the father-in-law, he helps out in business and uses his professional knowledge to teach Shao Qiang how to manage a business.

He also accompanied him to meet clients, helped him make suggestions, and used his actions and wisdom to let his father-in-law see his talent.

Shao Lanlan saw her husband\'s hard work and was happy in her heart.

Whenever she was on vacation, she would accompany Nie Qinghao to the Emerald Garden to live the world of the two of them. The relationship became deeper and deeper, and life became sweeter and sweeter.

As a result, the couple finally got the love and blessings of the two adults.


A few months later, Gu Xinyan gave birth to a pink and beautiful daughter. Shao Ye came back from the army to accompany her confinement child, happily hugging her "little lover" and smiling slightly all day long, which made Gu Xinyan jealous.

But the little lover was born by himself, no matter how jealous he is, he is still a sweetheart.

The adults all said that the little princess\' facial features resembled Shao Ye very much, and she was so beautiful.

Knowing that his daughter-in-law gave birth to a beautiful granddaughter, Shao Bing also liked it very much, so he rushed back to have a full moon wine, and gave his son an order: "Next year, give birth to a big fat boy!"

The Shao family became more and more prosperous, and not long after the new year, Yu Hui also gave birth to her youngest son as she wished.

Now she felt that her life was complete. The moment the baby fell to the ground and found out that it was a boy, she covered her face and burst into tears...

Shao Qiang\'s prodigal son turned around, took good care of the mother and son during the confinement, won his wife\'s forgiveness with his sincerity, stayed with his wife and children every day, and handed over all the money to his wife for safekeeping.

There was no other woman in sight.

On the day she had a baby brother, Shao Lanlan took a urine test and a B-ultrasound at the hospital by the way, and found out that she was pregnant.

But then the art troupe was going to perform in frontier troops. After discussing with Nie Qinghao, she still didn\'t want the child.

Although I cried like a tearful person that night.

Nie Qinghao is also reluctant, but as a soldier\'s husband, he must support his wife\'s work.

Over a year later...

Gu Xinyan was pregnant again, so happy that Mr. Shao was happy all day long, holding his great-granddaughter who was already able to walk, singing the song "Xiong Jiu Jiu Qi Fu".

And this year, Shao Yingying returned home after serving in the army, and she saw Liang Zheng in police uniform in her grandfather\'s study.

On the way back, Shao Lanlan had already told her about Liang Zheng\'s situation. She knew that Liang Zheng had been an undercover agent and had completed the mission assigned to him by the organization.

On the day he received the award, the old man went to the meeting in person and betrothed his granddaughter Shao Yingying to him.

Accompanied by his sister at night, Liang Zheng went to Shao\'s house with a gift box to propose marriage, and got the approval of Shao Qiang and Yu Hui.

Shao Yingying threw herself into Liang Zheng\'s arms in front of the elders, crying and saying:

"I know you are a good person, you will not let me down, I also know you have me in your heart, you like me."

Liang Zheng\'s eyes were wet, he hugged her and said: "I like you, I have always liked you, but I am afraid that I will not come back alive so I dare not accept your love."

"What about now?" Shao Yingying raised her head and looked at him tearfully.

Liang Zheng gently kissed her forehead, "Now you are my girlfriend, you can\'t escape even if you want to."

"Hahaha..." The elders present all laughed.

Shao Qiang said happily: "Okay, I will choose a good day and let Lan Lan and Yingying get married together."

The old man patted the table lightly, and said cheerfully, "Okay! I agree."

Qing Jin and her husband looked at each other, then raised a hand and said, "And our Zixuan, Tongtong has graduated and worked, and wants to get married this year, why don\'t we hold a group wedding."

Fu Shumin laughed, "It\'s really lively, as long as the young people have no objections, we can do it together."

All the young people present nodded in agreement.

The next day, Mrs. Mo called Fu Shumin and said that Mo Chenguang had returned to China and was planning to hold a wedding this year.

"Shao Wei heard that Lanlan and Yingying got married on the same day, and she expressed that she wanted to marry the two sisters together, so we would like to discuss with you, if possible, this group wedding will be organized by us together Bar."

Fu Shumin immediately nodded in agreement, "Okay, so there will be four pairs of young people, good things come in pairs, good things come in pairs."

In this way, on a beautiful day, under the witness of relatives and friends, four couples of young people held a grand and commemorative wedding of the century...

On that day, the whole of Kyoto looked beaming.

The grooms wore uniform black suits, and the brides wore white wedding dresses, which were so beautiful that people were amazed.

They walked hand in hand, one by one, on the red carpet, accepted people\'s cheers and blessings, and slowly walked towards the stage, towards their own happiness...


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