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Chapter 728.2: Something missed

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Chapter 728.2: Something missed

The man nodded. “This subordinate will carry out the order right away.”

The man with the douli swiftly left Liushui Xiaozhu. He had snuck into the place amidst the chaos caused by the Lianjin Guards, and had to leave before things calmed down to prevent causing unnecessary trouble for his master.


In a private room.

Yun Ruofeng laid in bed, a smirk at the corner of his mouth as he gazed at the chessboard in front of him.

Life is like chess: schemes at every step. 

“Your Highness, there has been a massive change to the situation outside. I’m afraid Liujing may become a dead city soon. Should we leave for the time being?” Yun Ling asked worriedly.

Yun Ruofeng grinned. “No, it won’t. Everything he’s done will be for naught if Liujing becomes a dead city, and he’s not that silly.”

“Does Your Highness mean that all of this is his work?” Realisation hit Yun Ling.

Yun Ruofeng’s smile deepened. “The probability is 80 to 90 percent. Just wait and see; Xiliu’s sky is going to change soon.”

“Your Highness, then what about our plan? Will the man with the douli bring Princess Consort Yun here?” Yun Ling asked.

Speaking of the devil, the man with the douli opened the door and walked in.

“Is Prince Yun afraid that this old man will go back on my word?” He questioned coldly.

“How could that be? After all, I have the item that you all want most, right?”

“What do you mean by this, Prince Yun? This old man doesn’t really understand.”

“This Prince has always been curious who your master is. Only when I finally saw him that day did I find that your master looks a lot like a certain someone — a dead person.”

The man’s eyes turned even more frigid. “If Prince Yun is not sincere, this old man won’t force you.”

“So anxious to change the topic? It only affirms that what this Prince has happened upon makes you worried.” Yun Ruofeng smirked.

The man clenched his fists. “This old man doesn’t know what Prince Yun is talking about.”

His heart was covered in frost. I mustn’t let him discover Master’s identity.

Yun Ruofeng’s smirk grew wider. “In that case, why don’t you let this Prince finish what I wanted to say?” His expression turned cold. “This Prince was once very familiar with the person I just mentioned, but he’s since died. Why do you think that two people would resemble each other so much?”

The man with the douli could finally let his heart rest. It seems like he only suspects that Master has some blood relations with that person and nothing else.

“You are making this old man even more confused, Prince Yun. How can a subordinate inquire about his master’s matters? Could it be that your subordinates do so?” The man rebutted.

A sarcastic smile hung on Yun Ruofeng’s mouth. “This Prince only thinks that two people look too similar. Why do you have to be so nervous?” He continued to probe.

The man could feel his heart pound against his chest, but showed none of it on his visage. “Prince Yun, since you are so curious about my master, why don’t you make a deal with him? Perhaps you will obtain your answer then.”

Since you want to use this to sound me out, I shall use this as bait to hook you in.

Noticing how speedy his response was, Yun Ruofeng’s smirk widened. “Smart indeed. This Prince really appreciates your talent, but one should beware of losing themselves when they scheme too deeply.” His words were laced with a chilly threat.

The man with the douli didn’t show any reaction to his words, only keeping silent.

Standing there, Yun Ruofeng could feel the answer on the tip of his tongue, but was unable to grab ahold of it. Only when that day arrived would he understand what he had missed.

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