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Chapter 1767 - 1767 Another Record Broken! Wang Teng\'s Method! (3)

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1767 Another Record Broken! Wang Teng’s Method! (3)

Wang Teng exited his cultivation state. He had an appointment with Yue Qiqiao and the others to attend a public lesson tonight. Therefore, he had to stop his practice for the day.

But, before that, he needed to break the record.

He surveyed his surroundings and released his spiritual power to collect all the attribute bubbles around him. Then, with a swift movement, he flew towards the depth of Lightning Valley.


A thick bolt of lightning descended from the sky, nearly three times the size of the previous ones. It resembled a lightning dragon.

Wang Teng didn’t receive it forcefully. He swiftly evaded it.

Looking up, he saw the sky covered in an oppressive darkness. The space around was all distorted.

The deeper he went into the Lightning Valley, the more terrifying the pressure emanating from the sky became. It was as if towering mountains were descending from the heavens, crashing down upon Wang Teng’s head.

Wang Teng had already crossed 10,000 meters and was heading towards the 12,000 meters mark.

Who would’ve thought Thunder Valley would be this deep? Wang Teng was greatly surprised. Even at his spot, he couldn’t see the deepest part of the valley.

It looked like it would be impossible to reach the entrance of the Lightning Realm within a short time.

Suddenly, he let out a soft exclamation. He noticed a few familiar attribute bubbles. They looked like the ones he picked up before…

He didn’t think too much and just picked them up.

Ancient Lightning Runes*100

Ancient Lightning Runes*80

I’m right, they are Ancient Lightning Runes. A smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips. He was in a good mood. His mastery of the Ancient Lightning Runes had increased, and he had a deeper understanding of it.

Wang Teng continued to move forward. The faces of the martial warriors cultivating behind him were filled with shock and seriousness. They stood up from their lightning pillars and stared intently at Wang Teng.

They seemed to have guessed Wang Teng’s intention and were curious about how far he could go.

If Wang Teng could break the records set by students from other stellar academies, it would undoubtedly be a tremendous honor for the students of the Seventh Stellar Academy.

“10,000 meters. He has already broken the record left by the Fourth Stellar Academy!”

Many people muttered to themselves. Every time Wang Teng broke a record, their excitement grew. They wished they could shout.

“10,800 meters. He has broken the record left by the Second Stellar Academy!”

When Wang Teng surpassed 10,800 meters, everyone became thoroughly excited. There was even a hint of respect in their eyes.

He had broken the record of the Second Stellar Academy!

Come on, that was the Second Stellar Academy!

It was ranked second among the Seven Stellar Academies, making it only second in terms of strength to the First Stellar Academy.

Whether or not Wang Teng entered the Star Rankings, being able to achieve this was enough to earn their respect.

The crowd held their breaths, wondering if Wang Teng could surpass the highest record set by the First Stellar Academy.

That’s right, the highest record was left by a senior from the First Stellar Academy.

While many top records might not necessarily be set by the martial warriors from the First Stellar Academy, the highest record of the Lightning Valley happened to be left by a powerful martial warrior from the First Stellar Academy.

This also indirectly indicated that the First Stellar Academy possessed the power to dominate the Seven Stellar Academies.

But now, someone from the Seventh Stellar Academy was about to break this record!

No wonder the students were so excited!

A record left by the First Stellar Academy was going to be broken by the Seventh Stellar Academy. What a remarkable achievement!

All the students from the Seventh Stellar Academy would feel proud of this accomplishment.

At this moment, Wang Teng also felt an immensely powerful pressure. Despite his strong physical body, he couldn’t withstand the lightning might completely.

His body became heavy and his speed slowed down.

This time, it wasn’t because he wanted to collect attribute bubbles. The pressure alone made his progress difficult.

Wang Teng had no choice but to descend from the sky and walk on the ground. Step by step, he moved towards the depths of the Lightning Valley.

Wang Teng turned grim. Interesting! Ancient God’s Body!


His blood churned. An incredibly powerful force surged into every corner of Wang Teng’s body.

In an instant, his pace increased again. However, the pressure was still present.

Wang Teng realized that upon reaching this point, the lightning power wasn’t as terrifying as the lightning anymore. However, the oppressive sensation was almost comparable to the pressure emitted by that calamity lightning.

11,000 meters!

11,100 meters!

11,200 meters!

Wang Teng moved forward, one step at a time. He was getting closer and closer to the 12,000 meters mark. He stared ahead, his expression determined.

He could walk this distance.

The warriors behind were also silently counting Wang Teng’s progress. They were probably more nervous and anxious than him.

They weren’t as confident as Wang Teng!

Until he reached that distance, even if it was only a hundred meters away, the difference was still significant.

“11,600 meters!”

“11,700 meters!”

“11,800 meters!”

“He’s almost there. He’s only 200 meters away. All the best…”

Many people cheered for Wang Teng silently. At this point, they had let go of any thought of comparison.

When the gap was small, they could still make comparisons. But, when the gap became too large, they could only look up in awe and admiration.

Now, they hoped that Wang Teng could surpass the highest record and bring honor to the Seventh Stellar Academy.

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