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Chapter 1085 - The Power Of The Shadow Assassin Clan (2)

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Chapter 1085 The Power Of The Shadow Assassin Clan (2)

“Thank you,” Manka thanked Qing Lun gratefully.

“You can thank me later. Let’s deal with this person first,” Qing Lun waved her hand and said calmly.

“Your light Force treatment is not bad.” Hardy looked at Qing Lun in surprise.

“Do you plan to be our enemy?” Kloet asked. “I’m just following orders.” Hardy glanced at the eight cosmos-stage martial warriors in front of him, getting a little more serious.

“Following orders? Whose orders?” Kloet asked. He felt his heart pounding in his chest.

“I think you know the answer. Why are you still asking me?” Hardy replied while looking at him mockingly.

“Wang Teng!” Kloet blurted out the name. He lost his last ounce of hope.

What he was afraid of still happened in the end.

Manka, Qing Lun, and the others were stunned too. They exchanged glances with one another.

“I suggest that y’all should leave,” Hardy glanced at them and said calmly.

Kloet and the others appeared a little hesitant. However, the next moment, their expressions changed, and their gazes turned cold and sinister.

“Kill them!”

All their doubts disappeared. The martial warriors attacked simultaneously. Ruthless killing intent surged out of their bodies as they charged toward Hardy.

Hardy’s expression changed slightly. Then, he disappeared. “Be careful. His footwork is a little strange,” Manka reminded them.

Everyone knew this, so they remained vigilant.

They saw what happened clearly when they were in the battlecraft. The enemy vanished and then appeared behind Manka without any warning. Even as bystanders, they couldn’t catch Hardy’s figure. This proved how strange and scary his footwork was.



A blade glow slashed out, aimed at Qing Lun.

“Hmph!” Qing Lun furrowed her brows. A sharp white glow erupted from the sword in her hand.

The other martial warriors reacted and flew towards the spot where the balde glow appeared. Unfortunately, Hardy had already vanished.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The blade glows raged in the air, cutting through space and dashing out of nowhere. It was impossible to predict their paths of attack.

The eight cosmos-stage martial warriors from the Olant Federation were in a state of panic as they tried to block the attacks. They couldn’t find Hardy’s real location.

Many of them were already injured. If they didn’t win in numbers, they would have been killed.


Three cosmos-stage martial warriors were thrown back. More blade marks appeared on their bodies. They were in a bad mood.

“This fellow is too strong!” Kloet panted heavily and said in a grave tone.

“He has space talent. It’s not footwork,” Alston exclaimed in shock.

“Space talent!”

“How can a cosmos-stage martial warrior have such a strong grasp of space power?”

Everyone was flabbergasted.

“He might be from a powerful race in the universe. This person hides behind his gray cloak and doesn’t reveal his appearance. I think he’s trying to hide his identity,” Kloet said.

“Damn it, why will he be willing to work for others?” Alston said with an ugly expression.

“What should we do now? Damn it, this is a sly fellow. He won’t fight with us head-on,” Manka shouted in frustration.

He wanted to take revenge for that blade attack, only to realize that he was thinking too much. He had no hope at all.

“Come out if you dare, you bastard. Why are you hiding?” Manka shouted.


Hardy didn’t reply to him with words. Instead, he was welcomed with an emotionless blade glow.

“F**k!” Manka dodged frantically. He felt so exasperated that he wanted to vomit blood. He cursed uncontrollably.

“Idiot!” Kloet snorted.

“You!” Manka was furious.

“Enough. Let’s not waste any time. Let’s choose one person to catch the Wang family while we stop this cosmos-stage martial warrior,” Alston suggested. “I’ll go.” Kloet blinked and retreated from the battlefield.

At the same time, many figures dashed out from the battlecraft above them. There were both planetary-stage and celestial-stage martial warriors, their numbers reaching hundreds.

These people followed Kloet and soared into the city, looking for signs of the Wang family to capture them.

“How dare you!” Hardy was enraged. He bellowed and released his blade glow, aiming it at Kloet and the others. He wanted to stop them.

“Hahaha, you’ve finally appeared.” Alston laughed.

The seven cosmos-stage martial warriors stopped one cosmos-stage martial warrior forcefully.

Kloet took the chance to dash down.

Boom, boom, boom…

They didn’t know where the Wang family was hiding, so Kloet attacked wherever he saw. The buildings around him were all destroyed like pieces of tofu.

In front of planetary-stage, celestial-stage, and cosmos-stage martial warriors, these buildings were nothing. Soon, he noticed the Global Union Building in the middle of Donghai as well as the QY-E63 spacecraft parked in the plaza.

Kloet was extremely familiar with this spacecraft. Wang Teng had taken it to escape to the Great Qian Empire. He chased the cosmos-level spacecraft all the way, wanting to snatch it from Wang Teng. In the end, he failed.

Until today, he still regretted being too greedy and coveting the cosmos-level spacecraft. If not, he would have stopped Wang Teng a long time ago, and he wouldn’t be able to escape to the Great Qian Empire. That way, all these things wouldn’t have happened.

Things would have ended right at the start.

Unfortunately, there was no turning back time. He just hoped that he could find the Wang family quickly so that when Wang Teng returned, they would be able to control him.

The baron of a high-tier civilization had a higher status than them, but heaven-stage martial warriors wouldn’t be afraid of him.

The Olant Federation had three heaven-stage martial warriors.

Many thoughts went through his mind. A sharp glint flashed in Kloet’s eyes as he led his men straight toward the QY-E63 spacecraft.

“Oh shit!”

“They’re coming!”

Everyone’s expression changed. They were appalled.

They were extremely weak in front of these formidable alien invaders. They had no chance of resisting. Even so, they gritted their teeth and prepared to stop them.

Fortunately, the celestial-stage martial warriors Wang Teng sent over saw this scene too. Half of them charged out of the QY-E63 spacecraft and headed toward Kloet and his


“Huh? Celestial-stage martial warriors!” Kloet’s pupils narrowed. He was shocked.

Celestial-stage martial warriors were a piece of cake for a cosmos-stage martial warrior like him. However, there were around 30 of them, with all of them at the ninth-level celestial stage. This was a strong team, which not everyone could mobilize.

But, so what… “Kill!” Kloet glared at them and shouted coldly.

In an instant, both parties clashed, and an intense battle ensued.

The ninth-level celestial-stage martial warriors all came from races with great talent. Ordinary celestial-stage martial warriors couldn’t be compared to them.

Soon, the martial warriors from the Olant Federation started to back down. The planetary-stage martial warriors were killed instantly while the celestial-stage martial warriors had no chance of resisting either. They were killed after a few rounds.

Cries of agony filled up the air.

Kloet was furious. He was surrounded by 15 ninth-level celestial-stage martial warriors, and he couldn’t break free.

“Move!” He was indignant. He roared loudly and started hurling powerful attacks out without any mercy.

Boom, boom, boom…

The Force attacks from both sides collided.

15 celestial-stage martial warriors could barely resist Kloet’s attacks.

The battle formation of these 15 celestial-stage martial warriors was extraordinary. They came from a special race in the universe called the Earth Formation Race. They could merge their Forces together using a unique method and release a greater and more formidable power.

For instance, the combined Forces of 15 celestial-stage martial warriors were enough to challenge a cosmos-stage martial warrior.

Wang Teng bought slaves from this race because of this ability. Naturally, they were a little more expensive compared to normal slaves.

At this moment, Kloet was shuttling back and forth within the battle formation. He was enraged because he couldn’t break free.

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