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CH 59.2

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Shen Xingsui smiled at the students who were the most enthusiastic party. Then, he said softly, “Do you think it sounds good?”

The children replied in unison: “It sounds good!”

“Actually, this is not a song I wrote.” Shen Xingsui’s words stunned many children. But he waved at Qi Xiao and explained it to everyone, “This is Qi Xiao, he is your classmate, and he is the original composer of this song.” 

The students were in an uproar.

Qi Xiao was scrawny due to his poor nutrition. The top of his head only reached Shen Xingsui’s chest. As he was called, he stood there stupidly, looking at Shen Xingsui in a daze. Finally, he walked to the center of the playground surrounded by his classmates. Standing beside the piano, he looked like helpless. 

Shen Xingsui bent down and looked at him at the same level, showing a slight smile: “I’m sorry, I made an arrangement of your composition without your consent.”

Qi Xiao shook his head quickly.

“What do you think?” Shen Xingsui asked him warmly, “Is this what you imagined this song to be like?”

Qi Xiao nodded without any hesitation. He was very nervous, but he still whispered out in a shaky voice, “Yes, yes, it is. But… it sounded far better than I could’ve imagine.” 

“Because…everyone said that my lyrics were bad, not good at all.” Qi Xiao’s hand subconsciously shook. He played with the hem of his clothes, trying to calm his racing heart. “A-and… if I sing it myself, it won’t sound good.” 

No one interrupted him, even though he was stumbling over his words. He was also very nervous, making his voice hard to be heard clearly. 

Shen Xingsui watched the boy from the beginning to the end. After listening to him patiently, he stretched out his hand and wiped the thin sweat on the boy’s forehead. With a smile on his face, he softly comforted, “How could it be? I think your composition and lyrics are very nice.” 

Qi Xiao was on the brink of tears. “Really?” 

Shen Xingsui nodded, the sunset glow fell on him  casting a layer of golden halo around him. When the light hit just right, it made his dark eyes seemed sparkling. “Really, didn’t I prove to you, Qi Xiao? You are not bad at all, you are my pride.”

These words seemed to hit something inside of Qi Xiao’s heart. 

The boy’s lips, which was pressed taut all this time, started to tremble. He gasped twice, but couldn’t hold back his sobs. Eventually, tears uncontrollably tolled down. He tried to cover up his face with his arm, wetting his it in the process. Despite his own efforts of stopping his cry, he kept choking on his sobs. It’s as if all of his bottled-up emotions blew up in one go – all he could do was just let it flow naturally. 

He was finally recognized of his passion and effort. 

His dream was validated by someone who clearly a musician. 

Shen Xingsui gave the young boy a hug, and the boy never refused. If anything, he threw himself to Shen Xingsui’s arm, and burrowed deeper in seek of emotional comfort. 

This emotion even infected the live broadcast room. The barrages were flooded by people who was moved. 

[I’m in tears….]

[Suisui, you are our pride!]

[Wuwu, this is my idol. He’s very good at composing, he’s very good in singing, and he’s an angel QAQ]

[I’m sure this can change this young boy’s life too…]

[He himself was eliminated in the draft and almost couldn’t continue to sing. He has worked very hard, too! I think… he symphatizes with this boy. He wants to let him shine.] 

[Ah, don’t remind me of that. It always make me cry…] 

Originally, everyone’s understanding of Shen Xingsui was only superficial. But today, his ability to arrange music, his emphasis on a child’s dream, and his kindness have moved the majority of people. It was also the first time that the hot topic about Shen Xingsui skyrocketed to the first place. 



The live scene was also very lively. After Qi Xiao’s cries subsided, the students were in absolute shock to learn that Shen Xingsui was the original composer of “Shimmer”. His state hasn’t ended even after he was picked up by his grandma. 

However, he recovered from his dazed state when the guests were going to perform “Shimmer” right here, right now. 

The line-up was really luxurious. If this wasn’t spontaneous, they probably would need to shell out a huge sum to invite all these celebrities. 

In this version, the piano accompaniment was played by Fu Jinxiao, and Tuya and Instructor Li also joined in the dancing parts. Of course, the boy group members plus Shen Xingsui was the main force of this performance. This probably could be counted as fulfilling Qi Xiao’s grandma dream.

When the sunset finally flooded the horizon and the night officially came, the exciting school day was over. The red blanket in the sky was switched over by the sparkling stars, guarding everyone’s way back. They might be exhausted, but they were chatting happily. 

The camera recorded this flourishing scene.

[Ah, now I understand why this reality show is named “Bright Stars”.] 

[I used to complain in adding Shen Xingsui in the line-up. Now I’m getting slapped in the face.]

[I’m going to listen to his previous works!!]

[I look forward to more of his good works! I will be your new fan in the future~]

After everyone returned to the villa, they still couldn’t rest. The director gathered everyone together. Today was the fourth day of this program, which means there’s only one day and one night left. The ending was nigh. 

The director said, “I see that everyone seems to be having a good time, but I have to announce one thing. Today, three of you were poisoned by the assassin in public, and you only have half your life left. As long as the killer succeeds again, the three of you will be eliminated and punished.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The director directly read out the list: “Shen Xingchen, Li Xu’an, Anran.”


Everyone fell silent.

Shen Xingchen was the first to jump up, “How is it possible, how could I be poisoned, why didn’t I know when I was poisoned?” 

There was no unnecessary expression on the director’s face, he just said truthfully, “I’m sorry to tell you Shen Xingchen, you have indeed been poisoned by the assassin once. You are only half-alive now. If the assassin successfully attack you again, then your dead.” 

“I also want to tell everyone. Those who are not poisoned should not think about being alone. If the assassin succeeds in poisoning the prince, then as long as the prince is half poisoned, everyone will be half poisoned. If the prince fails to die and is eliminated, then all of his royal guard will follow suit.” The director clarified this point again, “Your goal is to find and protect the prince, and at the same time find the assassin.”

Shen Xingchen raised his hand, he hasn’t give up yet, “Director, can I ask, does this assassin can poison us without limit? And if the condition is that good, can I join in that camp instead?” 


Everyone was amused by this stupid speech.

The director couldn’t help laughing, but he still answered honestly, shaking his head in helplessness, “Nope. Poisoning someone successfully has its own set of rules to follow. At present, if you’re poisoned, it just means that you simply aren’t aware of this secret condition.” 

This helped clarify a lot of things.

Simply put, if you are eliminated, then it’s your own fault. If you don’t follow the hint card, then you aren’t thinking hard enough. 

By the time the directors finished talking to the guests and let everyone disperse, the guests who realized the seriousness of the matter finally had a little sense of crisis. Everyone gathered together and went to the small pavilion next to it to start a spontaneous meeting up.

Tuya was the first to speak. “Let me talk first. I think we need to exchange the hints and mission cards with each other, so we can deduce their identity faster and protect the prince better.” 

“I agree with this proposal.” Instructor Li then followed it up by, “This is my card.”

After that, some of them follow his example.

Instructor  Li still has some prestige. He took the lead and said, “My two cards are very simple and strange. They told me a story. It said that there used to be a family in this manor, and their family was once the prefectural magistrate. One day, the higher-ups gave the head of this family a task; and the family made some secret preparations in order to fulfil the said task. However, after it was completed, the whole family was eradicated.” 

Tuya nodded in understanding. She then said, “My hint card also told me two story. One just straight up tell me that this “young master” character is the oldest son of his family. One of them is a card with a dragon drawn on it.” 

Shen Xingchen also took out his card and said: “Hm… we also managed to get a lot of hints. It said that he’s very handsome, artistically gifted, popular, and well-loved.” 

Li Xu’an and Anran also showed their cards, “We have a story here. After the family was slayed, the only survivor was this young master. And his enemy is the prince. In order to get revenge, he has been secretly gathering allies everywhere. He also has a kind of power, with the secret signal of: tonight is a good night.” 


When all the cards were displayed, everyone fell into silence.     

Not for anything else, the main reason wass that these clues were all over the place. They were either telling the plot of this setting, or casting a wide-net of the assassin’s identity. 

Instructor Li glanced at Actor Fu and said, “This ‘good night’ line seems it’s directly pointing at you, huh?” 

Fu Jinxiao leaned lazily on the sofa. Hearing this, he raised his eyebrows and smiled, “So, Instructor Li suspects me?

With a look of lingering fear in his heart, he sighed, “I am simply being cautious, please believe me.” 

Tuya giggled and laughed, “And there is a clue that he is the eldest son. I remember you are the only child in the family.”

The analysis sounded reasonable. 

However, the guests gazes at Fu Jinxiao wasn’t wary – they were afraid instead!

Facing everyone’s doubts, Fu Jinxiao was very calm. He glanced at everyone and asked, “Then I want to know, is the prince is amidst these three poisoned people?” 

All three young men shook their head.

“Well, to be expected. You three are poisoned but none of us are poisoned because of that. It seems that none of you are the prince. That assassin found the wrong person.” Fu Jinxiao sat there frankly. Not only did he not panic, but he even seemed to be in a good mood, his arrogance was carved deep inside his marrow, “Well, you see. If I’m the assassin, it’s game over now. I already win.” 


There was silence in the room.

This was a crazily bold arrogance. But this was Fu Jinxiao, it was expected of him to have this level of self-confidence. 

Why didn’t the staff arranged for Fu Jinxiao to be the assassin? That’s because he could really turn a five-day show into four. And win in the end.

It was rare for Shen Xingchen to grasp the point, “Ge, you already know who the prince is?”

Fu Jinxiao said with a smile, “What if it’s me?”

If the prince’s identity was revealed, he would become the main target. The assassins would definitely do everything possible to kill the prince first, so the game could be ended in the simplest way. That’s why, if anyone claimed to be the prince now, it would only attract unnecessary aggro. 

Shen Xingchen sighed: “Then if it’s you, I won’t worry. The assassin can’t do anything to you.”

Li Xu’an nodded in agreement, “Then we won by lying down?”

“What are you dreaming about?” Tuya hit him with a smile, “If he is the prince, is it possible for the assassin to win? It will be just an auto-win if he’s really the prince. Oh, if his ‘darling’ is the prince, then it’s also an auto-win, I guess.” 

Shen Xingchen immediately integrated himself to Fu Jinxiao, and pretended to be coquettish in a sickeningly saccharine tone, “Fu-gege~ Do you see how your baby is poisoned now? Hurry up and protect me. Give me my revenge!” 

With a smile on his face, Fu Jinxiao replied with a voice that could freeze the hell over, “It seems that you’re too impatient to wait for the poison to finish you off? You want to die at this moment right now?” 

Shen Xingchen trembled, and ran behind his brother to hide.

Shen Xingsui didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but taking advantage of everyone’s jokes, he snuck a glanced at Fu Jinxiao meaningfully. Fu Jinxiao sensed this sneaky glanced, and met his eyes honestly. Shen Xingsui immediately looked somewhere else. 

Does Fu Jinxiao know that Shen Xingsui is the prince?

Shen Xingsui was a little uncertain, but he subconsciously felt that Fu Jinxiao might know. After all, he believed in Fu Jinxiao’s intelligence.

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