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Chapter 2022: Ghost Cultivator Mission

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Chapter 2022: Ghost Cultivator Mission

A ten-meter giant was standing on resident complex 52’s training ground. The giant was holding a long black blade and was using blade techniques.

If someone from the True Spirit Realm saw this, they would immediately know what this giant was. It was none other than a cultivator’s dao avatar.

However, if the people of the True Spirit Realm saw this dao avatar, they would still be surprised. This was because this dao avatar was very short. Normally, dao avatars would be a hundred meters tall. But this dao avatar was only ten meters tall, it was very uncommon.

This was Zhao Hai’s dao avatar. It has been a year since he arrived in the True Spirit Realm. The situation of Lower Earth mountain has completely stabilized. The beasts of Black Dragon Mountain were also under control. Although they weren’t driven to extinction, their numbers have been reduced to a controllable range.

Zhao Hai was no longer at the Rebirth Stage. Two months ago, he successfully advanced to the Condensed Avatar Stage. Now he’s able to release a ten meter tall avatar.

Zhao Hai already solidified his dao avatar, but that was back in the Great Realm of Cultivation. In the True Spirit Realm, because his spiritual qi was compressed, his dao avatar wasn’t as small as before. Instead, it was quite big and looked illusory.

It took Zhao Hai two months to condense his dao avatar to its current size. Now his dao avatar looked very solid.

After reaching the Condensed Avatar Stage, Zhao Hai understood that the Rebirth Stage of the True Spirit Realm was a stage for adaptation, especially for those who came from the Soaring Dragon Realm. Nothing new was learned in the Rebirth Stage, it was mainly a stage for adapting to the environment of the True Spirit Realm. The Condensed Avatar Stage was the formal start of cultivation in the True Spirit Realm.

When Zhao Hai entered the Condensed Avatar Stage, he got a lot of pointers from the Yin Yang Elders. The Yin Yang Elders originally wanted Zhao Hai to choose a good cultivation method when he reached the Condensed Avatar Stage. But they didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s cultivation method to be so advanced, so they didn’t bother changing his cultivation method.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t change his cultivation method, the two elders still gave Zhao Hai guidance about a lot of aspects. Because of their guidance, Zhao Hai only took two months to condense his 100-meter dao avatar into a ten-meter one. For average cultivators, this was difficult to imagine.

The lifespan of cultivators was very long, but this doesn’t mean that their cultivation speed was fast. Most people who ascend from the Soaring Dragon Realm will take three years to adapt, the slower ones take five years or even longer.

It must be known that cultivators who ascended from the Soaring Dragon Realm were geniuses among geniuses. Even so, they still have to spend several years adjusting to the True Spirit Realm’s environment. This shows how difficult it was to reach the Condensed Avatar Stage. 

And the process of condensing the avatar was even more difficult. This was because the cultivators that ascended from the lower realms would have their spiritual qi compressed to less than 10 percent of its original amount. In this case, it would be difficult for these people to condense a dao avatar. Even if they were to condense a dao avatar, it would be very faint. It would look like a cloud of smoke that could disperse at any time. 

When Zhao Hai initially entered the Condensed Avatar Stage, the dao avatar that he condensed was much stronger compared to average cultivators. His first dao avatar was solid and was not any different compared to the dao avatar he had in the lower realm.

And it was because of the guidance of the Yin Yang Elders that Zhao Hai was able to compress his dao avatar to this stage in just two months.

Now, every time Zhao Hai practiced his blade, he would use his dao avatar. Not only would this help him condense his dao avatar better, he could also practice his blade techniques while doing so. It was killing two birds with one stone. This also helps Zhao Hai sense the dao of the blade. This was the method that the Yin Yang Elders taught him.

Qiu Tie stood on the edge of the training ground, looking at Zhao Hai who was practicing. His eyes were full of admiration. Qiu Tie’s admiration towards Zhao Hai has long passed its peak. In his eyes, nobody was more powerful than Zhao Hai.

After swinging his blade a few times, Zhao Hai stopped. Then he slowly received his dao avatar and calmed his blade soul. He let out a long breath and took away his blade. After that, he turned towards Qiu Tie.

Qiu Tie has grown a lot after more than a year of training. Due to his exercise, his stature has grown a lot. Because of his improvements, Zhao Hai no longer allowed Qiu Tie to practice in the fitness room. Instead, Qiu Tie was now going to practice outside. This caused Qiu Tie’s skin to turn bronze. And with the help of medicinal baths, Qiu Tie’s body constantly exuded a metallic sheen.

Zhao Hai continued to supervise Qiu Tie’s performance. Qiu Tie worked very hard. If Zhao Hai didn’t supervise him and gave him a medicinal bath, Qiu Tie would have collapsed due to excessive training and his training would have become useless.

Zhao Hai went to Qiu Tie and said, “Little Tie, are you done with your training?”

Qiu Tie nodded and said, “I’m done. Young Master, when I went out to train, I heard a few inner disciples talk about a lot of Ghost Cultivator tasks being released. Do you want to go to the Mission Hall to take a look?”

Hearing Qiu Tie, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. In the past several months, he has been paying attention to anything related to Ghost Cultivators. He didn’t expect Qiu Tie to notice. Moreover, Qiu Tie even got information for him. Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go and take a look.” Qiu Tie complied. Then their bodies flashed a white light before they disappeared from the courtyard.

Actually, Zhao Hai has no need for missions right now. It must be known that his farm has begun to produce grains and vegetables. As long as he sells these goods to the Tyrant Blade Sect, Zhao Hai would be able to earn a huge income. Most importantly, besides jade essence, Zhao Hai could also gain contribution points through this method. Because of this, Zhao Hai has no need to do missions, he can live life comfortably.

However, Zhao Hai thought that he needed to take missions. This was because his future enemies would be Ghost Cultivators. If he doesn’t know anything about them, he would suffer a loss in the future.

But before this, his strength was insufficient to take missions related to Ghost Cultivators. Regardless, Zhao Hai kept paying attention. If there was a suitable mission for him, then he would take it. It’s good to go out and see what Ghost Cultivators were really like.

Zhao Hai didn’t spend this year doing nothing. Although he was only in the middle of the Condensed Avatar Stage, his blade techniques had reached the point where he could fight against the peak Condensed Avatar cultivators.

Zhao Hai and Qiu Tie arrived at the Tyrant Blade Sect’s Mission Hall. The Mission Hall was the first floor of the Miscellaneous Hall. They also went to the biggest Mission Hall in the Tyrant Blade Sect. Zhao Hai would go here to take a look at the various missions that the sect offered.

And just like Qiu Tie said, Zhao Hai saw that there were plenty of missions related to Ghost Cultivators. In the past, he wouldn’t be able to find a Ghost Cultivator mission even after browsing hundreds of posts. But now, in ten available missions, two of them were about Ghost Cultivators.

Zhao Hai looked through the missions and saw one related to Ghost Cultivators: “Li Village. A hundred and fifty kilometers away from Yalong City. Village residents report that a grave of the Li Clan is haunted. Five villages have been murdered recently. The Sect needs disciples to deal with this matter. Requirements: Condensed Avatar Stage and above. No limit in the number of cultivators. Must be finished within three months. Mission rewards: 100 Contribution points.”

This was a very simple mission. If it were two months ago, Zhao Hai wouldn’t have been qualified to accept it. But now he’s qualified.

Zhao Hai looked through the other missions related to Ghost Cultivators. There were events where ghosts attacked people. There was even a case where Serving Disciples of the sect were attacked. This mission required inner disciples above Soul Fusion Stage to accept. The reward was also richer at several thousand contribution points.

However, Zhao Hai knew that he couldn’t even dream of accepting such a mission. There were other missions that were similar to the one he saw before and its completion time was shorter. But in the end, Zhao Hai accepted the Li Village Mission.

In this one year of cultivation, Zhao Hai hasn’t gone out of the sect even once. Therefore, he also wants to use this opportunity to play outside.

After deciding on the mission, Zhao Hai went to the counter and took out his blade token before saying, “Hello, I want to take Mission Number 76.”

Seeing Zhao Hai’s blade token, the female cultivator knew that Zhao Hai was an inner disciple. She immediately stood up respectfully and said, “I have seen Senior Brother. Senior Brother, please wait a moment as I take care of the process.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ll have to trouble you.”

The female disciple quickly replied, “It’s no trouble. Senior Brother, please wait a bit.” Then she took the jade slip pertaining to Mission Number 76. When she read the contents of the mission, the female disciple couldn’t help but stare. She didn’t expect Zhao Hai to take this mission.

With just a glance, one could see that Mission Number 76 was intended for Outer Disciples. Why would an inner disciple like Zhao Hai take this mission? The female disciple couldn’t help but give Zhao Hai a curious look. Then she looked at Zhao Hai’s blade disciple and saw his name. When she read Zhao Hai’s name, the female disciple immediately understood. She no longer delayed and immediately registered the mission under Zhao Hai’s name before returning his blade token.

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