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Chapter 2015: Rewarding Zhao Hai

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Chapter 2015: Rewarding Zhao Hai

The Yin Yang Elders knew a long time ago that the beasts of Black Dragon Mountain were going to attack. They were quite worried for Zhao Hai. After all, Zhao Hai was their sole disciple and was also someone who has an Innate Dao Body. This disciple couldn’t just be left completely on his own. His potential could benefit the Tyrant Blade Sect in the future.

So when the Tyrant Blade Sect discovered that there was movement in Black Dragon Mountain, they monitored the beasts all day long. Before the beasts assembled and rushed towards Lower Earth Mountain, the sect was already watching them.

However, the sect didn’t inform the disciples about their plan. Fearing for Zhao Hai’s safety, the Yin Yang Elders rushed towards Lower Earth Mountain. Because of this, they were able to see everything Zhao Hai did.

When they saw Zhao Hai leading the Undead to charge towards the horde of beasts, the elders almost couldn’t stop themselves from charging over. But in the end, they were able to hold back. But they were a bit angry. They silently scolded Zhao Hai for being too reckless.

Upon hearing what Zhao Hai said after returning, the two elders understood what he meant. At the same time, their image of Zhao Hai became more elevated.

Looking at Zhao Hai who was sitting cross-legged and recovering his energy, the Yin Elder turned his head to the Yang Elder and said, “Junior Brother, Lin Ling has really contributed greatly to the sect. If we don’t take his physique in mind, just depending on this, Little Hai could already provide huge help to the Tyrant Blade Sect. What do you think?”

The Yang Elder laughed and said, “That’s true. But the two of us should be the most happy. Hahaha. When I think of how those guys will react, I can’t help but laugh.”

The Yin Elder also laughed. At this time, the beast horde were rushing up Zhao Hai’s peak. It wouldn’t take long before they would arrive in resident complex 52. Dao Shu and the others have also begun fighting the beasts.

There weren’t a lot of powerful beasts in the horde. It was impossible for the Tyrant Blade Sect to allow too many powerful beasts to enter the sect. Although Dao Shu and the others haven’t reached the Teleportation Stage, all of them were Earth Monarchs. It wasn’t difficult for them to fight against the beasts. However, the beasts have been enraged by Zhao Hai’s actions. This caused their eyes to turn red, making them completely unafraid of Dao Shu and the others.

The beasts wanted to attack Zhao Hai who was in resident number 52. But unfortunately for them, they would be disappointed. The defensive formation of resident complex 52 simply didn’t allow them to proceed.

Seeing the enemy in front of them but were unable to attack, the beasts completely lost their minds. They began to smash their bodies towards the defensive shield of the residence.

At this time, several strong beasts began to join in on the attack. Dao Shu and the others weren’t doing very well. Several of them began getting injured. Until now, they had never been separated. They had almost perfect synergy between each other. Although they encountered a few dangers, all of them managed to survive.

It was also at this time that Zhao Hai slowly opened his eyes. He didn’t need a long time to recover his spiritual qi. But his previous charge took quite an amount of spiritual qi. Now that he has recovered to his peak, he doesn’t need to pretend anymore.

Seeing Dao Shu and the others’ situation, Zhao Hai slapped the ground beside him and his entire body shot up. His tang blade also appeared in his hand. Then he rushed out of resident complex 52.

The person the beasts hated the most was Zhao Hai. Seeing Zhao Hai rushing over, the beasts were immediately drawn towards him. Zhao Hai’s blade shone with golden light. He also used his movement technique to weave through the beasts. Once in a while, a pitiful yell was heard from the beasts.

Seeing the blade technique that Zhao Hai used, the Yin Yang Elders couldn’t help but smile bitterly. The Yin Elder sighed and said, “This kid is too terrifying. He actually learned the Goldentip Blade up to this level. I would be jealous if I was in his generation.”

The Yang Elder also bitterly smiled, “Having a disciple like him is really a huge blow. It seems like he learned everything on his own. He gave me no sense of accomplishment at all.”

The Yin Elder smiled faintly and said, “Alright, no matter what, we are his Masters. We still have a lot of things we could teach him. “

The Yang Elder smiled bitterly, “The sect should have learned about the situation by now. The plan can be implemented. The first batch of reinforcements should arrive soon.”

The Yin Elder nodded, “They will be here soon. Those little fellows should know that their status as a disciple of the Tyrant Blade isn’t only for gaining benefits. Their status represented their responsibility to the sect.” As the two were talking, black spots began appearing in the distance. The two elders turned their heads to see Tyrant Blade Sect cultivators riding on flying beasts. Naturally, they were here to support Zhao Hai and the others.

The two elders vanished from the sky above resident complex 52. The next moment, they appeared in resident complex 53 where Dao Shu and the others lived. As long as they’re not spotted, then they weren’t worried.

Zhao Hai has no time to think of other things right now. Although his movement technique was suitable for group battles, he was fighting a lot of beasts. Moreover, the beasts were fearless. All of them wished to bury Zhao Hai no matter what it took. In this case, no matter how good Zhao Hai’s movement technique was, it would be difficult for him to evade everything.

If Zhao Hai used his divergent abilities, then it would be impossible for him to be under heavy attack. But Zhao Hai chose to not use his abilities. He didn’t want people to know about his various cards. Because of this, he was injured during the battle. Fortunately, his wounds weren’t heavy. Only his clothes were ripped apart in several places. But his wounds were currently bleeding out, making him look worse than he actually is.

At this moment, Zhao Hai heard a loud cry coming from the sky. Zhao Hai and the others couldn’t help but look up to see the reinforcements that were sent by the sect.

Naturally, the people that were sent by the sect weren’t weak. And all of them have their own flying mounts. They were currently fighting against the eagle-shaped beasts in the sky. The eagle beasts weren’t very strong. They were now falling back under the attack of the Tyrant Blade Sect’s disciples.

As more and more reinforcements joined the battle, the eagle beasts in the sky quickly decreased. Seeing that they weren’t doing well, the remaining eagles issued a cry and then ran away. In a blink of an eye, they disappeared.

After routing the eagle beasts, the cultivators in the sky descended on the mountain and began fighting against the beast horde.

However, there were just too many beasts present. Although the Tyrant Blade Sect sent a lot of reinforcements, it would be impossible for them to deal with the beasts in such a short period of time. Especially since the beasts have been enraged.

But as time passed by and more reinforcements arrived, the beasts could no longer hold on. The stronger beasts were first to retreat and were then followed by the weaker ones.

Before long, a loud roar was heard as all the beasts howled and then ran away.

The battle finally came to an end. It was at this point that Zhao Hai and the others discovered that the sky was turning dark. They had been fighting for an entire day.

At this moment, a group of people walked towards Zhao Hai. Turning his head, Zhao Hai saw that it was Ge Yueyu and his group. Zhao Hai immediately cupped his fist and said, “Senior Brother Ge, thanks for coming over to help. Otherwise, I would be in great danger.”

Ge Yueyu cupped his fist as well and said, “Junior Brother is too polite. I didn’t expect that the beasts would be so rampant. They actually dared to gather a horde to attack Lower Earth Mountain.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “Not only are they planning to attack Lower Earth Mountain, they also want to attack the center of the sect. Fortunately, we were able to stop them here.”

Ge Yueyu stared, then his complexion changed as he said, “Are you telling the truth? Are they really planning to attack the center of the sect?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “Senior Brother, I wouldn’t dare deceive you in this matter. I don’t know if the sect is aware of Lower Earth Mountain’s state, but the beasts who come over frequently should know that there aren’t many people in Lower Earth Mountain. If they just wanted to attack the mountain, they wouldn’t have sent too many beasts. So I thought that their attack on Lower Earth Mountain wasn’t as simple.”

Ge Yueyu nodded. At this time, the other cultivators of the Tyrant Blade Sect gathered around them. They looked at Zhao Hai and the others. Among those who fought against the beasts, Zhao Hai and Dao Shu’s group were the most injured. There were plenty of wounds on Zhao Hai’s body. But after listening to Zhao Hai, it seems like he was fine, so everyone was relieved.

Soon after, another group of people arrived. These people were different from the ones who came earlier. These people were quite old. Moreover, their cultivation level was very high judging by the fact that they could fly on their own. At least they were at the Teleportation Stage.

These people were Elders of the Tyrant Blade Sect. There were five of them who arrived. As the five elders landed on resident complex 52, everyone immediately cupped their fists and bowed, “We have seen the elders.”

The five elders nodded. Then one of them walked up to Zhao Hai and the others and said, “You have suffered. You’ve provided great contributions to the sect.”

Zhao Hai and Dao Shu’s group hastily returned with a salute and said, “Elder is overpraising. It’s something we should do.”

The elder shook his head, then he turned his head to the others and said, “Everyone, aren’t you wondering why so many beasts didn’t attack the sect immediately? Instead, they all rushed towards this peak. When did the beasts become too stupid?”

The cultivators didn’t speak. But upon hearing the elder, they had a look of puzzlement on their faces. Then the elder explained, “It’s not because the beasts have become stupid, nor did the beasts didn’t dare attack the center of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Instead, it’s because Zhao Hai and the others led them to attack this peak. I heard people say that Zhao Hai is a summoner and a beast trainer. Just now, he took out a thousand Undead and charged towards the beast horde, causing them to be enraged. That’s why they all rushed here. Now tell me, are they heroes or not?”

Nobody dared to disagree. Then the elder said, “For a long time, Lower Earth Mountain has become a place where nobody wants to go to. Even those who were assigned here will find a way to be relocated. And it’s because it’s too close to Black Dragon Mountain. But if we give up on Lower Earth Mountain, what else will we give up on in the future? Today, the beasts attacked Lower Earth Mountain. But tomorrow they can attack another place. So do we give up on the entire sect? Therefore, from now on, the Tyrant Blade Sect will re-open assignments to Lower Earth Mountain. We’re transferring disciples from the inner mountain peaks to populate Lower Earth Mountain and rebuild it.”

Upon hearing the elder, the disciples present couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay. They didn’t expect the sect to make such a decision at this time. It must be known that those who came to support were all from the inner sect. Some of them might even be transferred to Lower Earth Mountain soon. To be honest, they didn’t want to come. But upon listening to the elder, they knew that the sect wouldn’t change its decision.

Everyone couldn’t help but pout. To be honest, they were already used to staying on the inner peaks. If they were transferred to Lower Earth Mountain, their peaceful times would inevitably be disturbed by the attacking beasts.

Seeing the reactions, the elder coldly snorted and said, “You inner disciples have always enjoyed the benefits of the sect. It came to a point where you thought that it is your right. But you forget that these benefits don’t come for free. You need to contribute to the sect. And as disciples, the more you bring contributions to the sect, the better benefits you will receive.”

“Let me tell you, this peak will belong to Zhao Hai in the future. Nobody can come here without his approval. But don’t be jealous. He didn’t get this peak for free. While everyone gave up on Lower Earth Mountain, Zhao Hai volunteered to plant the lands beneath the mountain. And because of this, the sect will never ask for a cut of his harvest. Even if Zhao Hai doesn’t do anything from now on, he will live better than most of you just by relying on the income from the fields. This isn’t the Tyrant Blade Sect giving preferential treatment to Zhao Hai. This task has been offered for a long time, but nobody took it because you’re afraid of Lower Earth Mountain.”

“After many years, only Zhao Hai took the task. And that’s the reason why he received his current benefits. And today, he stepped up once more. In order to protect the center of the sect, he risked his life to lure the horde of beasts to this peak. So as a reward, the sect has decided to give Zhao Hai the privilege to choose ten manuals per year from the bottom six floors of the Blade Pavilion. And if he wants to get more manuals, he only needs to spend half of the contribution points.”

“All of you need to remember this, the more you contribute to the sect, the more benefits the sect will give to you.” 

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