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Chapter 793

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"A song of love for you all!"

The soft voice came from Gu Duoduo's mouth.

A gentle song began to ring again.

"Can you hear me?"

"I am waiting for you in the distance!"


This song seems to express the mood of the creator. The song is melodious, and a sad mood spreads out among the people.

As the song reaches its climax, many girls with strong empathy have already turned red in their eyes.

"Woo Hoo hoo, that's great."

"This song is to express the emotion of secret love. It is well interpreted by many flowers."

"Hearing this song is like seeing my first love."

Seeing the scene for a while, he couldn't control it. Chen Hao was also stunned.

Just now he has been observing Gu Duoduo's singing skills, and has not felt too much emotion.

At this time to see these girls are some emotional, crying seems to spread, more and more big.

Just when Chen Hao didn't know how to comfort him, suddenly the door of the private room was opened violently.

A young man with excited eyes came in.

As soon as the young man came in, he quickly glanced around and locked Gu Duoduo, who was holding a microphone.

"are you excited when you look at your face

Young people are full of artistic atmosphere, but their firm face has long hair.

This makes her feel a little more feminine and soft. Seeing Gu Duoduo, she nods in a daze. Even though she is very excited, she takes Gu Duoduo's hand and says, "it's so nice, it's so nice!"

"I wonder if you would like to sign my company?"

The young man shook Gu Duoduo's hand up and down, causing Gu Duoduo to frown.

Some impatiently put his hand away and said coldly on his face:

"sorry, I don't have any idea about signing the company."

With that, he went straight to the stage and sat down beside Chen Hao.

It seems that in the face of this strange situation, only in Chen Hao's side can she have a sense of security.

The young man didn't get angry when he saw Gu Duoduo. He patted himself on the head with some embarrassment.

He followed Gu Duoduo and handed out his business card with a smile on his face.

"Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself."

"I'm the director of Lotte entertainment company, my name is Shen Gaoyuan"

"I just heard you sing and I was shocked. I didn't control my mood for a moment. I apologize to you first."

"But as long as you are willing to sign a contract with our company, I can guarantee that it will be a great success in the next year!"

Shen Gaoyuan looks at Gu Duoduo with a smile on his face, but his eyes exude his strong self-confidence.

With the status of Rakuten in the entertainment industry, I believe that as long as you have heard of it, there will be no one who is not moved.

I happened to be invited to work in Jiangbei these days. When I just went to the toilet, I was attracted by the singing in the private room.

Then some can not help but walk in, hope not to frighten each other.

"What, you are a happy man!"

"My God, Lotte, that's a big brokerage company! There are many famous artists under the banner

"I remember that the first elder sister of the music world is in Lotte company now, and there are many big names!"

After listening to Shen Gaoyuan's introduction, Gu Duoduo has no reaction. But the other girls are different.

Most of them are girls, and the second generation is no exception.

Which girl has no desire to become famous, especially when she has very superior conditions.

Among them, Wu Jiahe is very excited. She has the dream of singing into the entertainment industry since she was a child.

For this reason, I began to learn various musical instruments from my childhood, and my family also invited professional music teachers to learn vocal music knowledge.

However, her talent is a little poor. After more than ten years of study, her family has spent a lot of resources trying to send her into the entertainment industry.

But has not been able to turn out any water spray out, his heart is also slowly silent down.

I didn't expect to meet such a big figure in the industry today!

If it wasn't for the large number of people now, Wu Jiahe would be able to shout out excitedly on the spot!

Some carefully came to Shen Gaoyuan's side, Gu Duoduo also just at this time to speak.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Shen. I don't have any idea to enter the entertainment industry."

"Singing is just a personal hobby. If there is nothing else, please go out first."

Gu Duoduo said this very insipid, in her family identity. Although looking at the whole country, it is just a very humble family.

But it's very simple to let yourself worry free for a lifetime, and I don't have much ambition.Otherwise, with her singing level, it is very simple to enter the entertainment industry.

You know, five years ago, when she was still in high school, a lot of star scouts came to dig her up.

But she rejected them one by one.

Seeing Gu Duoduo's refusal to be so straightforward, Shen Gaoyuan's face is also somewhat astonished.

Some reluctant to say: "Miss, you may not know Rakuten's position in the entertainment industry."

"As long as you promise to sign the contract, I can guarantee a continuous supply of resources within a year! The money you earn in a year is enough for you to drink and wear forever

"If you are not at ease, these conditions can be written in the contract!"

Shen Gaoyuan seems to think that Gu Duoduo is afraid that he is a liar, and he also takes out many things that can verify his identity.

"Mr. Shen, you may have misunderstood me."

Gu Duoduo didn't even look at the evidence handed over by the other party, and replied straightforwardly:

"first, I don't lack money! I have enough money for my life now. "

"Second, I don't care how big your company is in the entertainment industry, it's none of my business and I'm not interested."

Looking at the firm look in Gu Duoduo's eyes, Shen Gaoyuan also knows that he can't persuade this girl.

Immediately sighed, some deep regret in the eyes said: "OK."

"I'm sorry to disturb you."

With that, Shen Gaoyuan plans to walk out of the private room.

Suddenly, there was a scream.

"Mr. Shen, please wait a minute!"

It was Wu Jiahe, who had been waiting for her departure, said something. Just in order not to arouse Shen Gaoyuan's antipathy, she resisted her inner excitement.

Did not dare to go up to interrupt, at this time see Shen Gaoyuan light finished things intend to go, this just quickly stopped the other side.

"What can I do for you?"

Shen Gaoyuan looked at Wu Jiahe and said.

"Mr. Shen, my singing level is also very good, which is comparable to Gu Duoduo!"

"But don't worry, I'm very interested in your company and the entertainment industry! Can you see if I have this qualification? "

Wu Jiahe's attitude is very respectful, and Gu Duoduo just formed a sharp contrast!

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