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CH 219

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Looking at the explosion in front of him, there was no expression on Muyang’s face. This level of attack was not enough to deal with the other party.

Sure enough, the smoke and dust that rose because of the explosion had not dispersed yet. A crystal purple long sword suddenly shot out from inside and was aimed at Muyang’s forehead.

With a wrong step, the long sword flew past Muyang’s body. At this moment, a figure silently appeared behind Muyang. A purple long sword slashed down on Muyang’s body.

Muyang, who had his back to the other side, curled his lips slightly. He actually did not make any movements.

Although he was surprised by Muyang’s inaction, in a battle of life and death, time was of the essence. It was not enough for Vladimir Erik to slowly think about it. Seeing that Muyang did not have any reaction, he directly increased the strength of his hand. The long sword slashed down on Muyang’s back. If he was hit by this strike, even with Muyang’s strength, he would definitely be seriously injured.

The long sword in his hand slashed down, cutting through Muyang’s body. However, a hint of shock appeared on Vladimir Erik’s face. Although his long sword did cut through Muyang’s body, the feeling from the long sword was nothing!

“What’s going on”

His body paused for a moment due to shock, and the moment Vladimir Erik’s body stopped, Muyang’s Zanpakuto pierced through his armpit and stabbed into Vladimir Erik’s chest.

The pain from his body instantly pulled Vladimir Erik back to his senses. There was no time to think at all. His body directly responded, and he swung his backhand toward Muyang’s body. Regardless of whether he hit the other party or not, Vladimir Erik retreated directly. At this time, he had to keep a distance from the other party. He had to analyze the other party’s ability first.

“You chose to keep your distance now? You gave me too much time. I have completely recovered.”

Feeling that Reiryoku had recovered to his peak, Muyang looked relaxed.

He looked at his injuries with a gloomy expression. Vladimir Erik did not reply. The attack just now was indeed strange. It was clear that his Zanpakuto had sliced through his body, but his body did not seem to exist. However, if his body was just a phantom,

Why was his attack able to stab him? The injuries on his body were not fake.

When he thought of this, Vladimir Erik only felt that the wounds on his body were even more painful. Although the injuries were not serious and would not cause any damage to his movements, Muyang’s attack just now had dealt more damage to his mind. In this game, he had already fallen into a disadvantage.

“Looks like you don’t understand what happened just now. Then I’ll let you experience it again with your own body.”

He raised his foot, and when he stepped down, he was already in front of Vladimir Erik. The Zanpakuto in Muyang’s hand swung down without any fancy moves. His speed was not fast, but the long sword that Vladimir Erik raised was unable to touch Muyang’s Zanpakuto. Instead, it directly passed through Muyang’s Zanpakuto and body, and once again cut through the air.

Pu —

The Zanpakuto in his hand slashed down again, leaving a scar on Vladimir Erik’s shoulder. Muyang’s face was relaxed.

How is this possible

He retreated again, and Vladimir Erik looked at Muyang with a hint of fear on his face. This guy seemed to be in a different space from him.

–That’s right! Space!!!!

A light flashed in Vladimir Erik’s mind. It was space! Muyang’s ability was space, which he had already known before. Now, it seemed that Muyang was still using the ability of space, but it was different from before. Before, he had transferred his attack through space. Now, Muyang had used space to transform his body between the realms, and achieved this goal.

After understanding this point, Vladimir felt relaxed. The other party was still using the ability of space transfer. It was just that in the beginning, it was to transfer his own attack, but now it was to transfer his body. As long as this was confirmed, it would be easy.

“It seems that you seem to understand a little.”

Seeing the flash of realization in Vladimir Erik’s eyes, Muyang said. He still did not show any emotions on his face. He just raised his foot and his Zanpakuto again.

The blade flashed and slashed at Vladimir Erik’s head. However, Vladimir Erik did not react at all. He just stood there blankly and watched as Zanpakuto chopped down at his body.

Pu —

A bloody light flashed and another wound appeared on Vladimir Erik’s body. The moment Muyang’s Zanpakuto cut into his body, a light flashed in Vladimir Erik’s eyes. He suddenly reached out and grabbed Muyang’s Zanpakuto.

“I caught him!”

Holding Muyang in his left hand, Vladimir Erik had a ferocious expression on his face. The sparkling purple long sword in his right hand became darker and shorter, but the aura it emitted became even more terrifying.


The short sword in his hand swung down, but there was another sound of tearing through the air. Vladimir Erik used all his strength to attack and actually hit the air again.

Looking at the surprise on Vladimir Erik’s face, a hint of a smile flashed in Muyang’s eyes. Taking advantage of the moment when the other party relaxed, he suddenly pulled out his own Zanpakuto. Moreover, the moment he pulled out Zanpakuto, he swung down again, leaving another wound on Vladimir Erik’s chest. The wound was so deep that the bones could be seen, almost cutting the other party’s body in two.

“How could this be…”

With one hand on his chest, Vladimir Erik had a look of disbelief in his eyes. Why couldn’t he cut Zanpakuto’s body even though he had already caught him?

“Don’t you understand? My use of abilities is not as rough as you think. I can completely control every specific part of my body when it comes to the transformation between the realms.”

The gloomy expression on his face gradually disappeared. The injury on Vladimir Erik’s chest slowly recovered. His regenerative ability was not excellent. It was difficult to recover from such injuries. The following battles were even more difficult. After all, he had to fight the enemy with such injuries.


“Do you think your spatial ability has no weaknesses?”

With a cold expression on his face, Vladimir Erik’s voice was low to the extreme. The three pairs of wings on his back trembled slightly, and a fluctuation came from above.

“This guy…”

Looking at the three pairs of wings on Vladimir Erik’s back, Muyang’s eyes darkened slightly. He could clearly feel the pressure coming from the other party.

“I’ll use my destructive fire to distort your space!”

As he spoke, traces of dark purple flames appeared around Vladimir Erik’s body. When those flames appeared, Vladimir Erik’s body immediately became blurry, and his figure seemed to be distorted.

The moment those flames appeared, Muyang’s body suddenly paused. The other party’s flames actually completely distorted the space around Vladimir Erik. This way, his previous set of actions would not work. The space around Vladimir Erik’s body was completely distorted, and his moves were completely useless.

However, if the ‘third method’ cannot be used, use the ‘second method’

As his body broke away from his previous state, Muyang raised his arm, and Zanpakuto aimed at Vladimir Erik’s body. With a flash of light, Muyang’s body had already appeared behind Vladimir Erik.

Pu —

Blood sprayed out from Vladimir Erik’s body again. Even with such a powerful force, he was still unable to block Muyang’s attack. Just like before, he did not see Muyang’s movements at all. His body had already been hit. A deep sense of shame appeared in Vladimir Erik’s heart.

“You haven’t died from my attack. You are already worthy of being proud of yourself. At least in my opinion, there are not many people who can block it.”

Turning to look at the tottering Vladimir Erik, Muyang said. However, the words that came out of his mouth were really hard to believe to be words of praise.

“You bastard!”

Turning around and looking at Muyang who was standing in front of him, Vladimir Erik’s eyes were burning with flames. The three pairs of wings on his back were trembling, emitting terrifying flames. The space around him suddenly distorted even more, and even turned into a vacuum zone.

“Seriously, you’re making it hard for me to do this.”

Seeing the distorted space around Vladimir Erik, Muyang shook his head. From his point of view, Vladimir Erik seemed to be standing in a dark hole, making it impossible for people to get close to him.

“If I refine my spatial abilities, it can be divided into ‘third method’, ‘second method’, and ‘first method’, in fact, I prefer another name, point, line, plane.”

Muyang’s Zanpakuto shook the space in his hand a few times, and Muyang explained softly to Vladimir Erik in front of him with a relaxed expression.

“But because you twisted the space around you like that, my “third method” – plane, can not be used, and now you twisted the space again, even the “second method” – line is not very good. In fact, if you calm down and fight with me properly, you might be able to turn the tables, but you are too anxious. Although you are very strong, perhaps it is because your talent is too high and you are born so strong, so you have not experienced many battles. Now you are acting so young and inexperienced in battle.”

He raised his foot and slowly walked forward. As he walked, he would occasionally knock away Vladimir Erik’s attack. Muyang walked to the front of Vladimir in a relaxed manner. A light gathered at the top of Zanpakuto.

“The first method – Point!”

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