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Chapter 223:

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Soon, Asta and others also came to the training site of Yuno and others.

At this moment, Magna and Leobert had already joined the battle.

The original troops on the battlefield were Yono, Lark, Fenlaar, and Randall.

The trio consisted of No and Randall, and Rucker and Fenlaar.

After Ray Obert and Magna came in, it became a 3v3.

Ray Obert joined Yuno\'s group, and Magna joined Lark\'s group.

"Is this the Black Bull versus Golden Dawn and the Red Lotus Lion King?"

Charlotte couldn\'t help it.

"Speaking of which, it seems that there are the most black bulls in this study. Including cousin Noelle, there are a total of six black bulls this time!"

Mimosa covered her small mouth and said, feeling that the black bull has really stood up.

"Luck seems to have become a lot stronger again, but speaking of it, Lark, Finlar, and Magna are all old men, while Yuno and Leobert on the opposite side are still rookies, although Randall is the deputy Captain, but Randall is playing support, so the two sides have their own advantages and disadvantages."

Noelle couldn\'t help but say.

"Come on everyone, Asta is back to see you too!"

Banasa shouted enthusiastically.

"Ashtar is back!"

Yuno immediately glanced at Asta on the battlefield, and found that Asta had become stronger again!

"At this time, 490 is still distracted, really look down on me!"

Lak smiled evilly, and the thunder and lightning magic that seemed to tear the sky condensed in his hand rushed towards Yuno!

"Fengshen Wing!"

Yunuo unfolded his Fengshen wings. At this time, he could freely control the size of the Fengshen wings, keeping it at about one meter, which is very suitable for dodging and maneuvering in close combat. It is precisely because of this that Yunuo avoided the risk of the wings being pierced. .

"Do you think you can hide from this?"

"It\'s not over yet!"

Fenlaar immediately opened two space channels. At this time, Lark only needs to maximize his speed, and leave the rest to Fenlaar\'s space magic to adjust the direction.

The two joined hands together, but it gave Yuno a headache!

"You really don\'t take me seriously!"

Ray Obert of the Red Lotus Lion King couldn\'t help showing anger on his face.

Once upon a time, the members of the Red Lotus Lion King Group didn\'t pay attention to these black **** people at all!

But at this moment, the three black bulls directly ignored their Red Lotus Lion King group!

"Leo, everything in this world needs strength to speak after all. If strength is in place, no one will underestimate you!"

The deputy head of the Red Lotus Lion King, Randall couldn\'t help being relieved when he saw Leopold, whose mentality was a little out of balance.

Chapter 542 The great man who opened another era!

"You boy, why do I think you are so unpleasant?"

Leobert looked at Magna\'s slanted mouth and slanted eyes, and immediately lost his anger.

"Look at my extremely burning Yan Yuyi!"

Magna immediately switched to the fighting form, and then rushed towards Leobert and Randall.

"Look at my Magic Word Array!"

Leobert\'s talent is not hidden, under the guidance of the guardian of the fire elves, Froja, he has mastered all the magic words and magic circles, and even made new ones on this basis, showing his own unique insights.

For a moment, I saw only two sky-reaching pillars of fireworks rushing from the feet of Lei Aobert, and these two pillars of fireworks did not just disappear at once, but continued continuously in Lei Aobert\'s feet. Te\'s feet were burning.

"Astar, this Ray Norbert, what is the usage of using this kind of pyrotechnic column?"

"Even if you use magic words, this kind of magic does not need to consume your own flame magic, but the flame magic in the surrounding area is not inexhaustible!"

"These flame spells will always be used up. By then, won\'t he have no external force to rely on!"

Noelle looked at Asta very puzzled.

Asta directly opened the kaleidoscope Sharingan, and saw that there were murderous intentions hidden in these fireworks pillars. It turned out that Leobert had ambushed his own flame magic in these magic words circles. As long as Magra didn\'t see this clue, If you rush forward rashly, the magic hidden in the pyrotechnic column will automatically attack Magna.

After Asta saw this, he couldn\'t help but smiled and said to Noelle, "Our young leader of the Red Lotus Lion King is also a smart person. I buried my own attack magic in it, maybe Senior Magna will suffer!"

"It seems that everyone has made some progress. You low-class people, do you want to see if this princess has made any progress?"

Noelle raised her little head and said, she looked very shy and cute, which made Asta have an urge to hold her in her arms.

If it weren\'t for the large number of people now, Asta might have already taken action!

"Okay, let\'s find a place to practice solo some other day!"

Asta nodded and smiled, obviously already a little malicious.

"No, just practice, why do you need to practice alone?"

Noelle immediately took a step back and protected herself, her small face was full of vigilance, and Asta couldn\'t help laughing when she saw it. I haven\'t seen her for several days, but this girl is even cuter!

So, if you are performing any mission next time, you should bring this little girl with you!

"Asta-kun, why have you been staring at Cousin Noelle with malicious intent!"

At this time, Mimosa cowardly broke into Asta\'s eyelids, but she was not worried about Noelle, but she was still dissatisfied with Asta\'s only eyes on Noelle!

"Yeah, little brother, there is a mature beauty here, don\'t you want to see it?"

Banassa smiled and leaned on Asta\'s shoulder, and the scent wafted into her nostrils for a while, the charm of the witch should not be underestimated!

"Haha, what are you talking about!"

"Obviously I was watching Senior Magna fight!"

When Asta said this, he suddenly noticed a sad expression again, and hurriedly turned his head to see Charlotte who was staring at him. At this time, the beautiful eyes of this iceberg beauty are full of resentment!

"He looked over!"

"What to do, he has already found out that I am looking at him!"

"Is it too deliberate if I turn my head now?"

"Look straight at him, don\'t feel guilty, or it will be bad for him to see that you have something on your mind!"

At this time, Charlotte could only pretend to be calm and pretend that she had been looking at Mimosa, otherwise she really didn\'t know how to end it!

"How do you feel that Captain Charlotte is weird!"

Asta couldn\'t help but shook his head, then looked at the battlefield again.

"Huh...he finally looked elsewhere, so do I count as winning this contest?"

Charlotte thought happily in her heart, don\'t look at this as just a small eye contact, but this is a big step to overcome shyness!

And how did Asta know Charlotte\'s little pride!

I saw that at this time, Magna really did what Asta thought, and didn\'t notice that Leobert was hiding in the magic word circle. After rushing forward, he was immediately hit!


There seemed to be tens of thousands of magic bows and arrows hidden in the two pillars of fireworks. These magic bows and arrows rushed towards Magna, but Magna dodged them with the speed of Yan Yuyi.

"It\'s dangerous, this guy is really tricky!"

After hiding aside, Magna couldn\'t help but said.

". Alas, it seems that the way of fighting will indeed change in the future. This is no longer an era of comparing who is more powerful, but to see who is faster!"

"Even if you don\'t know magic, as long as you are fast enough like Asta, you can also avoid powerful magic, and then come behind the opponent and kill him with one blow!"

"So, I must also research a way to increase the speed, otherwise, I am only worthy of becoming a second-rate magic knight!"

Leobert\'s strength at this time, if placed in the past, his future will be absolutely limitless, even becoming a magic emperor in a certain era is still unknown, but since Asta came to this world, the speed of this world Just rolled up!

Now it\'s not just about asking for the power of magic!

It also needs to match the speed, otherwise it has power, just like the magic word circle he is casting now, the power is comparable to any knight commander\'s magic (mano\'s), but if it can\'t hit people, it can only It\'s a look!

"watch out!"

Magna flew into the sky, and saw a large number of flame magic bullets falling towards Leobert\'s camp like shooting stars.

"The flame magic all over the sky is so beautiful!"

Everyone couldn\'t help sighing when they saw this.

"This is just a meeting gift for you!"

As Magna said, his body suddenly caught fire, and then he rushed towards Leobert like a flame dragon. Leobert saw Magna who was integrated with natural magic in an instant. Yiliang, he can do the same!

However, this kind of disadvantage also came out. Magna has a very fast speed because of the extremely burning flame feather coat bonus, so using this magic can hit the target very quickly, but he is different. His speed has obviously been reduced to The second echelon can only take one step, and watch one step! .

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