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Chapter 244

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"No, that's not true. I said that you two have nothing to do with me? If you have the ability to go to your brother-in-law, it's useless to tell the truth here. He drove me out. He said that I had an affair outside. Oh, it's not clear for a while. Which side are you stuck in? South or North? " Su lile's mind was a little confused. After thinking about it, he had better go to talk to the two idiots face-to-face. Otherwise, he might not be able to point out what moths they were going to do in xingbeihan.

"Well We're in the south. Where are you? Let's come to see you and let the driver drive back Lin Xiao thought for a while and said that there was only one person in zurile. If she was allowed to come over, her car would certainly be blocked on the road.

"Well, I'm in a pink Ferrari across from the south bank." The lady looked around and said.

After a while, the two of them came, but they both could not help laughing at the color of the Zurich. "Sister, is the color of your car your own? Why did you draw a hippopotamus in front of you Shangguan Qingfeng said with a smile. After all, the things they talked about were very serious, and they would be very embarrassed if they laughed.

"Well, this is a birthday present from some slut. I'm not going to drive the car out of my mind if I forget to drive it today Zuril rolled his eyes and gnashed his teeth.

"I didn't expect that my brother-in-law's craftsmanship is still good. I can even decorate the car." Shangguan Qingfeng jokingly said.

"Well, I won't talk about these things with you." Zurich waved impatiently. Obviously, although he likes this car, it is based on Xing Beihan's love for her. If he doesn't like him now, this thing is just for perfunctory, and it has no good meaning.

"Lele, tell us in detail what happened to you two?" Lin Xiao took Su lile's hand and said.

"I don't think I should tell you. If I do, I'll think about it very much. When I know, I will say," I have no backbone. I will tell my family everything. " Zurich thought about it and said.

"You're crazy. You're a woman, not a man. If Xing Beihan tells his mother about your quarrel, his family and his friends, it proves that xinbeihan is a spineless guy, and you are a woman, you don't have to care about these things, OK?" Shangguan Qingfeng rolled his eyes and said helplessly, this is not logical at all, OK? The married girl is angry at her husband's house and can't go back to tell her mother's family. How can there be such a truth?

"Well, I'll tell you briefly what happened!" Zurich thought for a moment that he was right.

"You tell me, we'll all listen, and we won't laugh at you!" Lin Xiaoxin vowed to take Su lile's hand and said.

"Didn't we come back yesterday? This morning, xinbeihan said that he would hand over the work, and then? I thought I would take my son out to play first. As a result, when I went to McDonald's with my son, I met a former classmate. I and his junior high school has been the same table relationship, in high school, he went to other schools, I also went to other schools, not together. When we met at that time, we naturally had to exchange greetings. Then I asked my son where to play, and he said he would go to the game hall. You think, I've never been to a place like that. How can I play with my son? However, my idea at that time was that Xing Beihan would let the bodyguards follow me after all, and it would be good to call out the bodyguards then. As a result, I thought the old classmate was a PE teacher, and then volunteered to take his son out to play. He danced better. When Nansheng saw that hip-hop dancing was cool, he agreed to let that classmate teach him hip-hop dance. He bought her a suit of clothes as a gift for her son. I didn't refuse it. After all, a suit of clothes was just a set of clothes. It's not very expensive. What's so strange about our friendship with classmates for so many years? Yeah! Then, when he went home, Liu Neng might be a little intimate with Nansheng. His bodyguard couldn't look down. He took a picture to Xing Beihan. It must be taken. Otherwise, Xing Beihan couldn't have insisted that I had a lover outside! " Said zuril, bluffing.

"Isn't that a simple misunderstanding? Let the bodyguard come over and explain it to you carefully? He must have been staring there! With such a trifle of rubbish, are you going to run away from home Shangguan Qingfeng rolled his eyes and felt speechless. How could such a simple thing make you run away from home?

"Well, make sure that love doesn't mean that I'm going to run away from home, but that guy kicked me out! Of course, I don't want to live in my own skin Zuril drummed his face and said angrily.

"Didn't my brother-in-law have a peaceful talk with you? Don't you understand it when you explain it? " Lin Xiao took Su lile's hand and asked.

"Don't worry. I haven't finished speaking yet? Later, my old classmate Liu Neng came to me again. When he was teaching Nansheng hip-hop dance, he asked me to hold his cell phone. Who knows that the guy actually used the same style of mobile phone as me? Later, I put her mobile phone in the bag. When I took it out, I looked at it casually and thought it was his. As a result, I gave him my mobile phone. Xing Beihan called me and he answered! Do you think it can be made clear? " He rolled his eyes and said."Well, it shouldn't be troublesome. Although it's complicated, there are so many people there, and his bodyguard must be the most important personal ID card!" Shangguan Qingfeng rubbed his head and said helplessly that he didn't expect to be so complicated!

"It's not over, you know? I feel that the old classmate may have been secretly in love with me, and now are not married! And when he spoke with Xing Beihan, he was very close to me! I'm evil. Did they take the wrong medicine at the same time and want to punish me? It's over! Xing Beihan doesn't say anything. I don't have the face to live there! " Suli beat the steering wheel angrily, and showed his teeth in pain.

"Well, I feel that your old classmate has no good intentions!" Shangguan Qingfeng touched his chin and pretended to be deep.

"Why did they not have a good heart? It was all because of the wanton and misunderstanding of the guy who was in Beihan. He always insisted that there was no secret between me and Niu! Even if something really happens, it's Liu Neng's guy. I've never said I'd like him! " Suli said in a huff of joy.

"I feel that love can make people more blind. If you go and tell him the truth in detail with his brother-in-law, maybe he will believe it!" Shangguan Qingfeng wanted to say.

"I'll go to you! This is clearly the fact, OK? Do you need me to make up some lies to deceive him? Besides, you don't know what he was like at that time. If you can believe me, I will eat all the cars Zuril Le couldn't help but say.

"Sister, what do you think of the affair of my brother-in-law today?" Shangguan Qingfeng asked tentatively. But this guy's brain's a little out of whack. What the hell is that? It's a direct question!

"What else can I do? I don't believe it. I can't live without him! Divorce, of course. Go now Zuril said angrily.

"That elder sister is not a good thing that I want to change you. Look, ha, it's almost 10 o'clock in the evening now, and the Civil Affairs Bureau has already closed down. Where else will someone go to divorce you?" Shangguan Qingfeng looked at his watch and said.

"Tomorrow, then! Send him a text message and tell him to see you tomorrow! Direct divorce! " Sullivan said, without stopping her tears.

"No, why don't we delay it for a while. Is it too hasty for us to divorce in such a situation? You should calm down. If you really can't help it, then you can get a divorce, and then no one will stop you, right? " Lin Xiao advised.

"Calm down, if I'm calm, I'll be a grumbling lady in the boudoir. I'll be married when I look at the two children's faces! I'm afraid of him. When the time comes for divorce, the water stop will also belong to me. Anyway, he said that he would put the household registration in our house. I'm afraid of him! Joke Said zuril, with a black face. Tears like a broken line of pearls, trampling down, Lin Xiao some helpless help her wipe tears.

"Maybe he is also a misunderstanding. You think, your misunderstandings are so coincidental. Maybe his brother-in-law is also a misunderstanding!" Shangguan Qingfeng said.

"Misunderstanding, hem, even if the two of them are going to the cinema today, can't they find a hotel to make do with the traffic jam? What are you doing at his house? Can't a five-star hotel compare with her home? And my home is not far from here. Why do you have to go to that woman's house! Even if it was a misunderstanding, he went to the woman's house to prove that he and that woman's relationship must be very close, right? So I've been married to him for nearly ten years, and I've never heard of him! So it seems that this woman is his little lover who has been hiding out! Otherwise, why do you want to keep it from me? Even if it is a relationship that once loved her or a cousin of hers, it is impossible to say that she has never been to his home for so many years! " Zurich sneered and analyzed. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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