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Chapter 754 - Mutual Explosion Act 3

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Chapter 754: Mutual Explosion Act 3

A photo of the two of them was posted on the university’s forum. Soon, it was all over the forum. Was Academician Zhao going to accept a new disciple?

Jin Lu saw it too. He stared at the photo and remained silent for a long time.

He didn’t feel confused. He only felt jealous, but he wasn’t jealous of Sheng Yang. He was jealous of Academician Zhao.

Since when did Academician Zhao have such a good relationship with Sheng Yang?

They had not interacted much in the past, but now, they were moving at a tremendous pace and even walking side by side.

Academician Zhao and Sheng Yang had a meal and chatted happily.

When they got back, Jin Lu called Academician Zhao and told him about what was happening on the forum. Academician Zhao just laughed. Her hearty laughter seemed to fly out of the phone on the other end.

Jin Lu didn’t understand why Academician Zhao was laughing.

However, he changed his mind and said, “Academician Zhao, if you want to take in a new disciple, I’ll make the arrangements. I’ll also explain it to others. You don’t have to worry about this.”

Academician Zhao laughed even harder, but she did not explain.

After hanging up the phone, she logged onto the forum and read the post carefully. Then, she clarified on the forum that she did not want to accept new disciples.

When Xue Xue saw Academician Zhao’s post, she couldn’t help but shake her head and laugh. She laughed at how Sheng Yang had tried so hard, but her dream still didn’t come true.


Ji Qingming’s matter had blown up, and the entire university knew about it. Not only the university, but…

When the members of Innovation Team A came to the classroom one by one, they noticed that everyone was looking at them strangely. It was as if there was a chasm between them.

Most science students didn’t pay much attention to the forum. They didn’t even know that Sheng Yang had practically done the thesis by herself.

Yuan Xinran didn’t come today. She had suffered too big of a blow. She wanted to sleep for three days and three nights to calm her emotions.

But Sheng Yang was here. She acted as though there was no one else around and did what she needed to do. However, Luo Mengmeng couldn’t do it. She knew the details and could vaguely guess what everyone was thinking. She had expected this before everything happened.

While hiding from Sheng Yang, she quietly found a girl who was the most ruthless in isolating the members of Innovation Team A and asked, “Hey, you guys are too much. It was Ji Qingming who copied their thesis. They’re the victims. Just because it didn’t happen to you, you think it’s okay to ostracize them like this?”

“We didn’t say that we agreed with Ji Qingming’s decision, but those students from the Ivy League are still here. What will they think of this? Could it be that the interests of Innovation Team A are above everything else? Can’t they take into consideration the bigger picture?”

Luo Mengmeng fought till her neck turned red. “Facts are facts. They can’t be changed. If the teachers and students of the Ivy League find out about it after the university tried to cover it up, it’ll be even more embarrassing.”

“But the problem is that the teachers and students of the Ivy League team wouldn’t have found out. They said so themselves.”

They argued so fiercely that no one noticed the three idiots from Innovation Team A passing by.

“What? What?” Li Rui had clearly heard the words ‘Innovation Team A’, and his ears perked up.

Luo Mengmeng choked and stopped talking. She wasn’t too sure about Yangyang’s original intention, but she knew that Yangyang didn’t let them know about it at the start and settled it alone.

It was a pity that the other girl wasn’t one of them. She immediately shouted, “Don’t pretend to be good after getting benefits from being a member of Innovation Team A! Now, the students of the Ivy League treat the teachers and students of Imperial Capital University as a joke!”

At this moment, Sheng Yang stepped over. The girl instantly went silent, and she slipped away faster than anyone else.

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