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Chapter 1549

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"What\'s the matter?"

Everyone looked at it one after another.

They were surprised to find that the seal of the aura source had broken, and the aura pouring out from it formed a huge aura vortex!

"No! Find a way quickly. If more auras flow into the world, nothing can be changed!" Bai boundless shouted.

"But what am I going to do?"

Lin Nan looked at the huge void in the air and felt a strong sense of powerlessness.

Huang said calmly, "your battle broke through the seal of the aura source after all. Now, only the Ao family can repair the seal."

"By the way, Ao Yun!"

Lin Nan realized something in an instant and flew quickly to Ao Yun below.

Ao Yun was secretly attacked by Jueyin and was dying at this time.

But he was still breathing.

Lin Nan pricked the Jinning needle into the acupoint on AO Yun\'s chest and instantly injected aura.

Ao Yun\'s chest fluctuated a few times, and then slowly opened his eyes.

"Ao Yun, are you okay?" Lin Nan said excitedly.

"Lin Nan..."

As soon as Ao Yun\'s words reached his mouth, he suddenly noticed something. He stood up and shouted in the air, "what\'s the matter? Why has the seal of the aura source been lifted?"

Huang said faintly, "the matter has been solved smoothly. If you want to know the details, you\'d better mend this big hole before it\'s too late."

"Don\'t worry, it\'s my duty!"

Ao Yun rushed into the air and released all his aura.

"Aura source, seal!"

A transparent film gradually shrouded over the source of Reiki, mended the broken place, and immediately prevented Reiki from continuing to flow into the world.

However, he said with difficulty, "Lin Nan, I need your help. Now I\'m seriously injured and Reiki can\'t fill such a huge vacancy. You need to transport Reiki to me!"

"Don\'t worry, I\'ll help you!"

Lin Nan also flew into the air and slapped Ao Yun behind him.

In an instant, a steady stream of aura poured into Ao Yun\'s body along Lin Nan\'s palm.

Then, through Ao Yun\'s hand, it was injected into the seal.

A moment later, the transparent film on the surface of the aura source has become a substance and is printed with a gold mark.

Seeing this scene, Ao Yun stopped solemnly and said, "thank you. The seal is finished."

"Is it a perfect seal?" Lin Nan\'s heart is back in your stomach.

Huang looked at Ao Yun and asked, "the matter is settled. What are you going to do next?"

"What happened to master Jueyin makes me very sad and gives me a great warning. Therefore, I swear in the name of Ao family that I will personally protect the spiritual source from generation to generation. From now on, I will never let this happen again." Ao Yun said firmly.

"Well, you have lived up to the reputation of your Ao family ancestors!"

Huang looked at Lin Nan again and said, "Lin Nan, you have entered the fairyland and become the strongest person in the world. I\'m curious what you will do?"


After thinking for a moment, Lin Nan said with a smile, "of course I do what I like!"

"For example?" Huang is very curious.

Lin Nan looked at the people below and said with a smile: "I have a wife, a master and a brother. There are too many things to do..."

"Ha ha, ha ha, there is an interesting person."

Huang covered her mouth and said with a smile, "if I have a chance, I really want to fight with you. It\'s a pity..."

Then she turned into a breeze and disappeared without a trace.

Even if Lin Nan entered the so-called fairyland, he still had the feeling of towering mountains in the face of Huang.

Ao Yun also arched his hand and said, "Lin Nan, see you later!"

"Mr. Ao Yun, are you leaving too?" Lin Nan asked.

"Of course, I continue to hide in the world and guard the source of Reiki. Goodbye."

Ao Yun said this and flew away with a huge sword on his back.

Lin Nan watched Ao Yun leave, and then fell down.

At this time, Qin Feng suddenly shouted, "Dragon King, sister-in-law is awake!"

Lin Nan hurried forward to investigate and found that ye Qingcheng had awakened, but his consciousness seemed to be a little vague.

He rushed up, hugged Ye Qingcheng and said, "wife, are you okay?"

"I seem to have a dream, a long dream..."

Ye Qingcheng said, suddenly grabbed Lin Nan\'s arm and said, "Ke\'er, Ke\'er..."

Before he finished, bone spurs and shadow brought ye Ke\'er over.

"Just when you were sealing, we strolled around and found her."


Ye Ke\'er rushed over and rushed into Ye Qingcheng\'s arms.

The sisters hugged each other and wept. The scene was very warm.

Looking at this scene, Lin Nan smiled slightly.

"Lin Nan, from now on, you can officially graduate. I\'m no longer qualified to teach you." Bai boundless said with appreciation.


Lin Nan knelt down towards Bai boundless and said from the bottom of his heart, "I will be a teacher one day and a father all my life. You will always be my master."

Bai boundless stroked his beard and said, "it\'s very good, it\'s a long way to go in the Jianghu. Next, I\'m going to go back to my hometown and live a comfortable life as a fragrant car beauty, ha ha..."

With a hearty laugh, Bai boundless also left.

Lin Nan\'s nose is sour and he has some feelings.

In fact, he knows that Bai boundless deliberately says it\'s easy. In fact, he is old. I\'m afraid he will really live in seclusion in the mountains after this event.

"It\'s over. It\'s time for us to go back." Lin Nan said.

But just then, a crisp voice came: "Lin Nan, wait!"

Lin Nan looked back and found that Magnolia was walking towards Liang Siyu step by step with a dagger in her hand.

"Let her go." Linnan cold road.

"No, let\'s make a deal!" Magnolia gritted her teeth and threatened.

Lin Nan sneered, "what are you talking about?"

"Prepare a helicopter for me. I\'m leaving here. Now!" White Magnolia roared.

"The man above is dead. Now you\'re afraid to run away?"

Lin Nan scratched his head and said, "where can I find you a helicopter now?"

"I don\'t care, or I\'ll kill her!" Magnolia is at the end of a powerful crossbow.


A golden light ran straight through her forehead.

Magnolia, in panic, fell to the ground and closed her eyes forever.

"You have committed enough sins to die a hundred times!"

Lin Nan said that and went out without looking back.


Three years later.

Jianghuai, Qingcheng group.

"President ye, good news. Just now, the international market of Qingcheng group has been officially opened!" Liang Siyu said excitedly.


Ye Qingcheng also stood up excitedly and said, "all employees of Qingcheng group have made efforts this time. Everyone has a company dividend at the end of the year, and then paid according to the 24-hour salary!"

"Thank you, Mr. Ye!"

Liang Siyu smiled and said, "by the way, just now the second young lady\'s agency sent a congratulatory message saying that the second young lady\'s new film has been finished. I want to invite President ye to celebrate."

"Can you make a movie now?" Ye Qingcheng smiled.

"No, she is now a top star in China. There must be some pomp." Liang Siyu joked.

"No, you help me get it back." Ye Qingcheng shook his head.


Liang Siyu didn\'t understand: "now Qingcheng group is at the height of the sun. Those brokerage companies want you to go, but they want us to sponsor more in the future."

"It\'s easy to say about sponsorship, but... I have more important relatives."

Ye Qingcheng put his hand on his belly, touched his slightly raised belly, and said, "the child\'s father, it\'s time to come back."


At this time, on the battlefield on the South African border.

"It\'s the damn dragon team again!" The enemy commander scolded angrily.

"Sir, let\'s withdraw. This time the other party spent a lot of money and hired the strongest mercenary team. We can\'t win!"

"Hum, withdraw! Dragon team, let\'s see!"


Qin Feng looked at the suddenly retreating enemy troops and couldn\'t help saying, "brother Nan, they retreated!"

"Hey, it\'s boring. No one can fight!" Bone spur lost path.

"Come on, now as long as you hear the name of our dragon team from the opposite side, you don\'t even have the * * to fight. Fame alone frightens your opponent!" The shadow was helpless.

"No way, who makes us the strongest?"

"Brother Nan, what are you looking at?" Qin Feng asked.

Lin Nan was looking at the mobile phone message, and then suddenly shouted, "let\'s go home!"

"Wait a minute, we still have a list!"

"No, I\'m going to be a father!"


"Ha ha ha..."

(end of the book)

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