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Chapter 1124

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After the death of Chu Li and Xu Lao, Chu Feng looked at the sky not far away, held Zhang Lin's arm tightly and murmured: "Lin Lin, how about going back to the fairyland with me?"

Zhang Lin hesitated a little. After a moment, she nodded slightly,

at the same time, Chu Feng drank softly: "sword

In the northern Tianyu, the edge is the best, a long sword comes slowly,

on the long sword, with a terrible frost, the edge appears in the palm of Chu Feng's hand out of thin air,

Chu Feng looks back slightly, looks at the people present, raises the long sword, and gently cuts towards the void.

After the violent explosion, a pale gold door appeared,

seeing this, all the immortals led their disciples to retreat slowly.

Chu Feng and Zhang Lin step into the golden door.

When Zhang Lin opened her eyes here, she was already close to another world,

because of the Chu wind, Zhang Lin was floating in the air,

here, different from the previous Lok Hsin Island, with white clouds curling, clear wind slowly, bright moon hanging and silver light everywhere.

Below, there is a huge palace, stretching for tens of thousands of miles. The pavilions and pavilions complement each other and crisscross one after another. A river of stars passes slowly, and the sky is full of stars. It comes slowly and emits light blue light.

"Here What is this

"It's beautiful here!" Zhang Lin a Leng, praises the way.

At least in the world she lived in, there was no such strange sight.

When Zhang Lin was in doubt, a divine sense suddenly came to her.

when Chu Feng saw this, his face became cold and his hands trembled.

in front of Zhang Lin, a pale golden halo appeared out of thin air, and all evils did not invade her.

At the same time, on the top of the palace, a sound of eternal antiquity exploded.

"Mortals? How dare you come to xianzun hall? "

"I want to die!"

As soon as the voice fell, a breeze came, and the surrounding scenes were even more changeable,

the clouds dispersed. At this time, Zhang Lin and Chu Feng were on a huge platform,

when you look carefully, the platform was full of immortal spirit,

there were hundreds of hectares of platforms, which were all made of immortal stones,

more than tens of thousands of feet in length, Towering above the clouds,

overlooking the flag, the star river stretches around it,

the green water is long, and it comes from the shore,

such a beautiful scenery should only be seen in the sky, but rarely heard on the ground,

Zhang Lin holds Chu Feng's hands tightly, and her eyes are slightly alarmed.

You know, Zhang Lin has never been here,

in addition, the terrible voice just now makes people worried,

"hum, two mortals?"

"How can you come to this immortal palace?"

"It's really interesting. It's extremely interesting!"

At this moment, a man appeared out of thin air on the cloud,

he was more than two meters tall, with sword eyebrows and stars, a handsome face and a pair of eyes. He was as scornful as an eagle or a wolf.

Zhang Lin sees this, also can't help but secretly way: "this person unexpectedly so handsome?"

But I saw that man, dressed in green clothes and green robes, with great momentum, as if he were a relegated immortal.

"I don't mean to offend you, immortal. If you disturb him, I hope he will make atonement."

There is no doubt that since the other party can appear here, she is naturally an immortal figure.

although Zhang Lin knows that Chu Feng is powerful, she is afraid to face such an immortal figure.

What's more, this is the land of the immortal,

naturally, I dare not offend her. If I get into trouble here, I'm afraid she and Chu Feng will be in danger of their lives!

"Immortal, it can be regarded as immortal, but it's not really immortal!"

"I'm Ying Zheng, the Dragon Emperor, a disciple of xianzun!" Ying Zheng said with a smile.

At the same time, the whole body murderous gas, swarms to, lets the human fear unceasingly!

When Zhang Lin saw this, she was even more shocked. Her face turned pale with fright.

Rao Shi's voice began to tremble and said, "are you the Dragon Emperor Ying Zheng?"

"How can you believe that tyrant Ying Zheng?"

Rao Shi Zhang Lin still accepts the world of immortals and demons. It's hard to imagine that such an elegant person is actually tyrant Ying Zheng?

The contrast shocked him.

"Tyrant?" With a little doubt, Ying Zheng's eyes were filled with dust, and his momentum was overwhelming. It was as if the world had to condescend to Ying Zheng's feet.

"Alone, sweep the eight wasteland, the whole Six Harmonies!"

"Rule the country, end the dispute, build the Great Wall, and rule the barbarians!"

"Unify the characters, measure and balance, in order to benefit the world!""It's a tyrant in your mouth!"

"It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous!"

Zhang Lin frowned. Although what Ying Zheng said is true,

but now it's all his merits. Naturally, he has a lot of faults.

For example, burning books and burying scholars?

Why doesn't this person even mention his own fault?

Ying Zheng shakes his head slightly. What Zhang Lin thinks already appears in his mind. His sword eyebrows pick slightly. He says differently: "burn books and pit scholars?"

"You're talking about the hundreds of alchemists?"

"To cheat, in the name of alchemy, to restrain money and extract people's fat."

"Shouldn't such a person be killed?"

Zhang Lin was shocked when she said this. History is always different from what she knows.

"Of course?"

Chu Feng suddenly opens his mouth.

Ying Zheng looked back slightly. When he saw Chu Feng, he was shocked. He bowed slightly and said respectfully, "master?"

"Why are you?"

"Who is this?"

Chu Feng took Zhang Lin's arm and said with a smile, "my wife!"

"Today, I am married!"

Smell speech, Ying Zheng body slightly a shake, shocked to the extreme, some can't believe of call a teacher Niang.

You should know that Chu Feng, the immortal and the most beautiful, has countless confidants and confidants.

for everyone, it's not surprising that Chu Feng won the Holy Land saint.

But at this time, she married such a mortal woman as Zhang Lin.


Before Ying Zheng reacts, the red lantern is still floating in the sky.

Since then, Chu Feng and Zhang Lin got married, and the trivial things in the world have been forgotten.

Fairyland, Chu calendar Wanhe year, Chu xianzun's wife, Zhang Lin gave birth to a son, named Chu Heng.

A few years later, Chu Heng grew up and became a man.

Ying Zheng, an apprentice of Chu Feng, has been in love with mortal world for a hundred years.

"I don't know if my parents can take me back!"

"I don't care so much, xianzun hall is so boring!"

"This place is very interesting!"

Three thousand small worlds, Luotong mainland, a young man, handsome, and Chu xianzun quite similar, travel to the desert, view the scenery outside the Great Wall, drive the horse flying.

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