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Chapter 1245

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Jiang Feng crawled around the truck slowly.

At this time, four foreigners spoke fluent Mandarin, each holding a shiny AK 47 submachine gun. This time, they have changed into real guys.

"Jack, James, when are they coming out?"

"Get in touch with them on the walkie talkie. If it's found, it's over."

"Now I don't know how many captors are catching us. We must let them be quick."

"I'm really scared now."


"what's to be afraid of? Even the Jiuding group in Zhonghai city was robbed by us?"

"We have changed more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies, and we have not been caught up to now."

"James, they'll be out in a minute. Don't worry. We'll be very safe this time."

"Or I'll find you two more women to accompany you."

"Ha ha!"


by this time, Jiang Feng was already lurking. He heard four foreigners chatting with each other.

Now if you want to make it clear, you can be 100% sure that James is under his hands at this time, and he must be robbing drugs in the pharmaceutical factory.


At this time, Jiang Feng saw the right time, and time came in front of him, a bearded man.


Jiang Feng's fist was as heavy as a sandbag, which directly smashed his nose and hit him heavily on the ground. He seemed to faint.

"Be careful, everyone. There's a situation."

"Dada dada!"

After three foreigners saw their companion fall to the ground, they found Jiangfeng in front of them.

At this time, Jiangfeng didn't have the slightest drag. One of them had already raised his AK 47 submachine gun and kept shooting on Jiangfeng.



At this time, Jiang Feng only used four seconds to solve the four guards.

Jiang Feng, like you Jiangchuan, who is hiding not far away, beckons and whispers.

"You Jiangchuan, come right now."

"I've dealt with four people, and this one is no longer in danger."


at this time, you Jiangchuan had already come to Jiangfeng, and they opened the door of the train.

"Go up and have a look."

"I'll guard down, or it's time for James to come out."

So you Jiangchuan directly jumped into the carriage of the truck, Jiang Feng a person with a submachine gun around the inspection.

In order not to attract other people's attention, Jiang Feng threw the bodies of the four guards directly into the stinky ditch nearby.

"President Jiang, this time we really have a great harvest."

"The car is full of ready-made caffeine. It looks like at least two tons."

"These drugs can sell for at least 400 million dollars."

"My God, if we can sell it, we will really develop this time."


at this time, Jiang Feng turned on his flashlight and saw that all the things in the carriage were ready-made drugs.

And they are all refined high-purity caffeine. The scene in front of us makes both Jiang Feng and you Jiang Chuan startled.

Jiang Feng looked at you Jiangchuan, his expression became very serious, so he said.

"It's not that your men have informed the Constable of Yamen."

"Now, when will the captors arrive?"

"Forget it. There is no time now. You can drive this truck to yamen directly."

"These drugs must not be allowed to circulate, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable."

"I'll take care of all the people inside."


at this time, you Jiangchuan was not at ease at all. Jiang Feng was here alone. After all, the enemy had guns in their hands. Jiang Feng was fighting with them barehanded.

You Jiangchuan looked at Jiangfeng, who wanted to explain.

"Mr. Jiang, I must stay with you."

"Every one of these drug traffickers broke up first. I'm afraid they are plotting against you."

"Although my kung fu is very poor, we can't fight each other with two fists and four hands."

"One more is better than one less."

After Jiang Feng heard this, he had no way to see it. He saw you Jiangchuan in front of him and drove the truck away.

"Just park this truck here, as long as James can't find it."

"When James came out and found his car had been driven away, he must be very angry.""I think James's lungs are going to explode."

"Ha ha!"


at this time, after Jiang Feng finished, he and you Jiangchuan lit a cigar. After smoking, they rushed into the pharmaceutical factory.

"With me here today, you will never have any accident."

"Don't worry."

Two people directly came to this pharmaceutical factory. It was already night, but it was more than one o'clock in the morning when the lights were on.


"quickly take out all the panicillin medicines you made."

"Take as many as you have, or all of you will die today."

"Be quick and set it all up for me."


At this time, you Jiangchuan and Jiangfeng lie on the wall and see what happened before.

In the pharmaceutical factory of Haotian group, all employees squat on the ground with their heads in their arms.

There were six men in black in front of them, each with a brand-new AK 47 submachine gun in his hand and hoods on his head.

Even so, Jiang Feng can see that the guy in the white suit is James.

Jiang Feng was very angry when he saw this guy. He rushed out and killed him directly.

"Mr. Jiang, what should we do now?"

"All the pharmaceutical workers have packed the medicine. It looks like James may leave here at any time."

"The Constable of Yamen is still on his way. He won't be here in a while."

"Be flexible."


all the pharmaceutical workers packed the pannicillin and put it in front of James.

At this time, I saw a cruel sneer on James's face and raised his submachine gun on his head.

A worker in a pharmaceutical factory looked at your James and wanted to talk to him. He was killed by James.


he fell directly on the ground, and the blood kept flowing out, making everyone yell inside.


"Come on, help."

"It's killing people."


at this time, James has already killed red eyes, and his eyes have become blood red.

James' four men looked at James in front of them and said.

"Boss, what should we do with these guys?" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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