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Chapter 1290

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With a sigh, Lin Yu picked up the phone and called the finance department.

"Hello, Mr. Lin, what can I do for you?"

"You immediately allocated 10 billion to each of the three managers."

"Oh... Ah? what? Mr. President, do you want us to pay them $10 billion immediately? "

"It's not 10 billion. It's 30 billion. What's the matter? Is there a problem with the company's capital? "

Speaking of this, Lin Yu's voice immediately became cold.

At the beginning of its establishment, the company invested hundreds of billions of yuan, and then it continued to invest another 100 billion yuan. Now the company has already entered the profit stage. If there is no current capital of 30 billion yuan in the account now...

then someone in the company will pay for it now.

"No... not Mr. Lin, there must be 30 billion, let alone 30 billion. Now the company's working capital can use 300 billion!"

Hearing Lin Yu's voice suddenly become cold, the manager of the financial department on the phone quickly explained.

In fact, they are very proud of this number.

Now there are so many companies in the market with a market value of more than 100 billion, but how many companies can have hundreds of billions in their accounts at any time?

Now any company with a market value of trillions may not be able to spend so much money!

The reason why Zaoshen group is able to achieve this situation is entirely due to the concerted operation of the whole company.

"Then why were you hesitating?" Lin Yu continued.

The voice of the manager of the finance department opposite was bitter: "Mr. President, we are hesitant not because we have no money, but because you do this... Indeed... Indeed, it means to support the enemy."

Now, the most profitable thing for Zaoshen company is the Internet. To pay for these three Internet leading enterprises is to dig their own graves?

Although he knew that this might make Lin Yu angry, as the general manager of the company's financial department, he had to talk about it.

This is also the word hanging on the gate of Zaoshen company - if you have any questions, please ask!

Lin Yu said with a smile: "ha ha, of course, this is to support the enemy, but have you ever heard of a word called fattening and then killing pigs?"

"Fatten up and then kill pigs? Mr. Lin, I see. I'll pay them now! "

When the phone here hung up, Lin Yu took a deep breath.

Now it's the last step to do, that is to contact the bosses of all walks of life who can be contacted now, and discuss with them a solution most suitable for the current market.

Lin Yu immediately asked his subordinates to contact him, and the identity he used this time was no longer just Zaoshen company, but...

Yu group and Lin Yu, chairman and President of Zaoshen company!

As soon as the boss of other big companies heard the invitation from Lin Yu, he immediately flew to China from all over the world.

One of the most exaggerated, even the initiative from the inside of the ward hanging drip run out!

"Well, misters, this is my proposal. Do you have any other opinions?"

In the top floor office of Zaoshen company, Lin Yu smiles and hangs his opinion on the wall in front of the managers of the world's top enterprises.

The content is nothing, mainly in all walks of life, between the companies to reach a consensus, that is, no matter what transaction, profit margin should be measured by a win-win value.

In this way, there will be no conflicts among companies and any problems can be solved.

In the middle of this play a balancing role, is Lin Yu's Yu group and Zaoshen company!

For each transaction, Lin Yu will charge 0.5% of the transaction amount as a commission, and the price is that Yu group and Zaoshen company will bear any risk in the transaction.

Although this matter seems simple, that is, sitting to collect money, but the difficulty is known by every company boss. Now only Lin Yu can get so much liquidity to be responsible for this matter.

Everyone reached an agreement, followed by a contract.

Early the next morning, almost all the big companies in the world jointly issued a statement to join the trade contract led by Yu group.

This wave of operation can be called "heaven and man". All of a sudden, Yu Group has directly become a myth in the industry, even out of the circle.

In the past, when people talked about Huaxia company and Huaxia enterprise, they always thought of Ali first.

But now, the first thing you think of is Yu group.

As the company's boss, Lin Yu naturally became his father.

With enough funds, the next project development is very smooth.

In China, relying on the attraction of the project, Yu Group has won more than half of the commercial sites in Southern District.

If we follow this trend, it's not a big problem to win the commercial dominance in the north.But in this step, Yu group chose restraint.

Although Lin Yu is ready to make his business the first in the world, in China, half of it is enough.

It is necessary to give peers some living space. If they are in a monopoly position in an industry, it will not only make other enterprises die, but also make Yu group gradually decline.

Overseas, with the strong promotion of the group, it soon achieved the same effect all over the world.

Even on Wall Street in M country, people from Yu group don't know where they got a piece of land and built a skyscraper on it, which is bigger than all the trading buildings around!

After this wave of operation, even people from all over the world who didn't know Yu group before all know this super enterprise from China.

And as they gradually in-depth understanding, it was found that the strength of this enterprise is how terrible, how frightening.

With the profits brought by the powerful business empire, Lin Yu finally achieved his biggest goal of recycling all the Chinese cultural relics in all the overseas museums!

With the successful recovery of all cultural relics, Lin Yu, the president of the group, officially announced his retirement a year later and handed over the group to the two sisters of Zhang Jia.

As soon as the news was released, the whole world was shocked.

Many news media want to interview Lin Yu and ask him why he made this decision.

But Lin Yu, who announced his retirement, seemed to have disappeared from the world. No matter how hard these people tried, they did not find any trace of him.

In the following years, someone once said that he saw Lin Yu on an overseas Island, with several women and a dozen children beside him.

But since the island doesn't exist on the map, no one takes it seriously. The story about Lin Yu, like Yu group, has become a legend. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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