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Chapter 168 What the hell is happening here?

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Chapter 168 What the hell is happening here?

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"Heh?! His plan? Okay, it\'s up to you, as long as you don\'t die. If you are in mortal danger, I hope you can escape and save your life."

Future Laylah said, current Laylah did not answer but just stared at the mechanical bees.

She waved her hand, another tornado like a giant drill stabbed straight into the previous tornado.

The two tornadoes collided, the wind no longer blew in one direction but in many directions.

The net made of bamboo is twisted by wind currents. However, they are connected together quite firmly so they cannot be broken.

"It\'s useless, you can\'t undo that bond. They were... heh?!" Future Laylah was startled as she spoke.

She saw Laylah wave her hand, another gust of wind swept away ice fragments from the giant ice block that Velys had created earlier to block the projectile.

Fragments of ice are carried by the wind inside the tornado. Sharp pieces of ice combined with incredible wind speeds make them even more dangerous.




the forest.

The sound of impact echoed continuously, the pieces of ice created by Velys were stronger than normal ice. Therefore, they are like sharp knives, cutting the connection of the bees.

The bees were separated, then blown back by the wind, back into the forest.

The bees continuously collided with each other, automatically detonating. The explosion continued to sound, but it was an explosion where the bees destroyed each other.

"Done!" Laylah smiled and said: "I thought everything would be more difficult, but it still seems too simple."

Future Laylah: "..."

Below, smoke and steam still covered a large area, making the search for Velys even more difficult.

Rakan frowned when he saw the screen showing that his bees had been completely destroyed.

"Damn it! I prepared perfectly, why did I still fail? Rakan was angry.

"No, I haven\'t failed yet. The Zombies are approaching the villa, all directions are surrounded by them."

"Besides... I still have \'Big Boy\'. If I just want it, this whole place will turn into ashes."

"However, \'Big Boy\' is my ultimate trump card. I don\'t want to use it soon."

"Damn it! If I can catch that bastard quickly, things will be simpler."

The bitch in Rakan\'s words was Velys. That\'s right, he looked at the screen, the human-shaped heat charts continuously moving.

But his gun doesn\'t have too many bullets. To prepare for today, he quickly prepared everything.

He even focused on making \'Big Boy\', so the amount of resources to use for this war was not much.

Why did he choose to attack early and not wait until resources were abundant, then attack later?

Because he was afraid that by then, Hikaru and Laylah would become even stronger.

He was afraid that by then, he would no longer have the chance to kill those two people.

After feeling the power of the power evolution drug, Rakan realized that perhaps his technology was powerful, but the potential of an evolved person was much more terrifying.

That\'s why he wants to end everything with Hikaru and Laylah soon.

Besides, he wanted to seize this opportunity. After the previous battle, he thought that Hikaru wouldn\'t believe that he could return to revenge so quickly like this.

He even regenerated his arms and legs even though they were cut off by Hikaru.

"Hikaru... I will not fail. If I fail, I won\'t let you win either."

Rakan muttered. He looked towards the infrared camera and ordered: "Concentrate fire, shoot freely. No matter how many people there are, real or fake, it doesn\'t matter."

"Just destroy them all, that\'s it."

Right now, all the guns that Rakan arranged around the villa were facing the place that was covered in steam and snow.

Immediately after that, gunshots rang out continuously. Countless bullets devastated that place, dust rose up, covering the entire space.

The sound of gunfire rang out continuously for 5 minutes, without stopping. It seems that Rakan wants to destroy Velys even if it means spending all the ammo available.

Five minutes later, the gunfire stopped. The entire space was engulfed in dust.

Rakan frowned and ordered: "Scan the infrared camera."

[Ding! Start scanning.]

[Ding! No thermogram consistent with a living organism was detected.]

Rakan did not relax, he continued to command: "Increase the scanning range by 3 times."

[Ding! Start increasing scan range by 3 times.]

[Ding! No thermogram consistent with a living organism was detected.]

At this moment, Rakan breathed a sigh of relief: "Sigh, Looks like... that bastard is dead. Huh! Whether real or fake, it is impossible to resist such terrible firepower."

"However, I cannot be subjective."

"System, send the Drone carrying an infrared camera to continue searching around that place."

[Ding! Resources are not enough to make Drones, please provide more resources.]

Rakan gritted his teeth, the longer this war lasted, the higher his failure rate would be.

His resources have been used up, now he can only use the weapons he arranged earlier.

"Damn it! I have to prepare more escape plans."

"System, prepare moving equipment."

[Ding! The transportation equipment has been prepared.]

Rakan now breathed a sigh of relief: "Even if they turned this forest upside down, they still wouldn\'t be able to find their location."

"Huh! In this game, no matter what happens, we will win. Or at least, this is a draw." nove-lB-In

Rakan smiled: "Aiko, sorry, I had to sacrifice you. Because you betrayed me, betrayed the trust I had in you."

"Don\'t worry, after you die, I will celebrate you on this day every year."

[Ding! New discovery, please see the screen.]

"Hmm?!" Rakan frowned when he saw the system notification. However, he still looked at the screen.

He saw a Drone carrying an infrared camera searching the destroyed area and sending a photo.

On the photo is a human-shaped ice statue, however, this statue has been broken into countless pieces.

But thanks to image analysis technology and artificial intelligence, Rakan could see that it was a human-shaped ice statue.

"Impossible! An ice statue cannot create a heat profile like a human."

"Besides... they can\'t move like humans."

[Ding! This ice statue has joints that move like a human. The inside is hollow, there seems to be an appearance of fire.]

"Fire in ice? How could that bitch do it?"

Suddenly, Rakan remembered the superpower Velys used.

"Damn it! Could it be... that bitch created ice statues with fire inside. That\'s why the heat signatures of those ice statues are exactly like humans, and they even have the ability to move, making them even more human-like."

Rakan now felt a little scared. After all, Velys can use her superpowers so terribly that she can fool the entire system that Rakan possesses.

Besides... a person who doesn\'t own the system can control those ice statues to move like a human, which is almost impossible.

Rakan began to feel worried about himself. He quickly ordered: "Find that bitch\'s body, quickly. Even if she dies, I still have to see her body."

That\'s right, only when he sees Velys\'s body can Rakan feel secure.

Hikaru and Laylah were formidable opponents.

If he had another enemy like Velys, I\'m afraid he wouldn\'t be able to have a single day of peace.




Suddenly Rakan heard some kind of extremely strange sound. Immediately after, he felt the ground trembling.

Although the vibration amplitude was very small, however, after he became an evolved person, he could feel that vibration extremely clearly.

[Ding! Detected tremors, predicted floods.]

"Flood?" Rakan frowned: "It\'s all snow here, there aren\'t even any rivers, how can there be floods?"

Suddenly, from the top of the mountain, water poured out as if a river was flowing.

There is a lot of water, water flows from high places to low places, from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain.

The force of the water was extremely strong, like a flash flood, dragging countless rocks, snow and trees along the water.

"What the hell? Where does so much water come from? Even if there is underground water, there cannot be this much water."

Rakan was both surprised and scared. He never thought that there would be flash floods in this place.

Even though he was an extremely careful person, he never thought that there was underground water on the top of the mountain.

You must know that water always flows to a lower place, it never flows to the top of a mountain.

In just a few minutes, the water reached the foot of the mountain, repelling thousands of Zombies trying to climb to the top of the mountain.

"Damn it! Could it be that bitch?" Rakan thought to himself. If she can use ice and fire superpowers, then chances are she can also create water.

But... how much energy does this much water require?

[Ding! Alarm, camouflage is hitting the water. Automatically replenishing mana and resources to fix it.]

"Damn it!"

"Use all remaining resources to restore the camouflage."

[Ding! Starting to use resources.]

Rakan gritted his teeth, if he let his disguise be washed away by the flood, he would also be in danger.

This disguise is his shield. Without it, it will be difficult for him to escape from this place.

"Ice Age!"

Suddenly, a voice echoed everywhere. Rakan discovered it was Velys\'s voice.

Rakan looked at the screen and saw the flood suddenly freeze quickly.

The flood flow is frozen from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain. The freezing speed is extremely fast.

"What the hell is happening here?!"

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