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Chapter 28:Author's Ending Note.

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Good day my dear readers! Woohoo! Flood chapters!! A shout-out to Vee! Whom I knew throughout almost the whole book and who kept reading on and commenting of such, and also to my friend Dicky_Cummie, who helped me in founding the book and such, giving me inspiration to write, and to everyone who read this book! It really means alot to me for this is my very first book and actually, I am embarassed to share this out, I have been conceptualizing this story for like even I was young (honestly speaking), I had a dream that someday, someone will be there to show the culture of the Philippines through novels, but sadly, that someone has not come yet so then, I took the chance. So yay!

For the meantime, this is the ending of the first book of Anakdatu, a huge cliff-hanger, if this will be considered as one, but of course, I am making the sequel of Anakdatu entitled "Anakdatu: Gods Among Us", a fantasy packed with lots of enemies, more than those Splinter cell guys, and not just human enemies but monsters and mythical creatures from the Philippines with an espionage twist, but of course, I don't want to spoil you guys. I am currently conceptualizing the story but yeah, in the meantime, I'll have a break, and a KitKat, read some books to improve my writing, and so on, I guess. But I just want to express my gratitude for reading this schist, like thank you! Thank you very much and I hope that you guys will still be with me through it all and to the next and next books, Thank You! Let's promote the Philippine culture! Stay tuned for more my dear readers, Ramil is coming back.

Anakdatu: Gods Among Us

Coming this Christmas Season 2018



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