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Chapter 577: Fanwai. Jie vs Sheng Hao (End)

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Chapter 577 Fanwai. Jie vs Sheng Hao (End)

  Jie is quite simple.

   Even though Nangong Qingcheng recognized her as a "sister", she was still cautious in her words and deeds and never acted in publicity.

  On Nangong Island, only a few elders know her true "identity".

   Therefore, he is also quite recognized for Jie\'s low-key and careful attitude.

   This created the situation where in the past, even though Jie was sued by many people, he was still protected by these people.

   But because of this, after facing Sheng Hao\'s fierce pursuit offensive, Jie didn\'t know how to react at all.

  No one told her how to express liking someone.

  No one told her how to respond to other people\'s likes.

   And just when all this was pending, when Jie began to panic, Sheng Hao actually started another round of "attacks".

   Those overly gorgeous flowers she can barely accept.

   But when someone from a jewelry company came to her with jewelry worth over 100 million

   When those uniformed luxury clerks brought a safe to let her pick top diamonds.

   Even when the real estate agent came to ask her to sign the transfer book.

  Jie really panicked.

   She doesn\'t know if other people\'s love is so vigorous.

   At least that\'s not the case when she saw Sister Jiang and the head of the house.

  Finally, when Jie was dizzy and overwhelmed by the indiscriminate bombardment, she couldn\'t bear it anymore, and then she burst out.


   disappeared without a trace, leaving Sheng Hao standing at the door of the empty room, not knowing how to react.

   After that, Sheng Hao searched all the places where Jie might appear.

   also tried to contact Jiang Mingyu, even the Nangong family, but did not get any useful information.

  Jie\'s departure was like water vapor, clean and neat, leaving no trace.

   There was no movement even on Jiang Mingyu\'s side.

   Such days go by slowly, long and without end.

   Sheng Hao slowly began to understand that if Jie really wanted to escape, he was actually very likely.

   Never find her again.

   Another rainy night came.

   Sheng Hao slept in the small house that Jie used to live in.

  When the huge raindrops kept hitting the window sill, Sheng Hao suddenly opened his eyes, thinking of the kitten in the small park next to him, he seemed to need to cover the nest.

  The man immediately grabbed his jacket and rushed downstairs in an instant. After that, he rejected all the obstacles of his subordinates and ran into the park.

  The kittens that Jie took care of were all huddled in the small wooden cathouse in a panic. When they saw Sheng Hao appear, they all rushed out regardless of the rain.

   around his feet, meowing, rubbing against his trouser legs to seek a sense of security.

   "Don\'t worry, I\'ll help you."

   Sheng Hao picked up the cat litter and moved it to the side of the big tree.

   There is a mini pavilion that Jie has prepared a long time ago, which is just enough for this cat\'s den.

   When he was little, after seeing all the kittens safely got into the cathouse, Sheng Hao casually wiped the rain on his face and said bitterly,

   "If only your sister was here, but I seem to have done something wrong, I can\'t find her."


  The kittens responded indiscriminately, licking their paws and the fur on their bodies.

   Sheng Hao shook his head with a wry smile, as if it was a self-mockery.

   However, at this moment, a low voice suddenly sounded behind him, hiding a little helpless and perfunctory, saying,

   "Stop howling, she\'s in this place."

   Sheng Hao stood up and turned around abruptly.

   I saw Tang Jinchuan who appeared behind him at some point, holding a white card in his hand.

   Sheng Hao, "!!!"


   Three months later, Nangong Island



   A sudden alarm sound suddenly woke up all the people who had fallen asleep.

   But after more than ten seconds, no less than fifty members of the **** team had gathered on the coastline of Nangong Island.

   At this moment, five or six black helicopters slowly appeared in the darkness of the sky.

  These helicopters did not listen to the dissuasion and insisted on flying over Nangong Island, and then

   started throwing several black packages down.

  Not far away, Nangong Qingcheng, accompanied by his husband Si Qingchen, drove to the vicinity in an open-top off-road vehicle.

   When everyone was surrounded by the package and puzzled, Sheng Hao\'s voice suddenly came from the helicopter overhead.

   With a domineering side leak that has never been seen before, changing the warmth and alienation of the past, it is inevitable and irresistible, word by word,

   "Patriarch Nangong, this is my betrothal gift, please marry Nangong Jie to me."

   When the words fell, a swift figure jumped down the ladder to the ground.

  Sheng Hao was wearing a black overalls, and the moment he landed, he was surrounded by Nangong guards.

   Afterwards, he pressed the top of Mount Tai to the ground.

   But he didn\'t struggle, he held his head in his hands and waited for news from Nangong Qingcheng.

   After a while, a figure slowly stood in front of him, and he commanded in a deep voice,

   "Mr. Fusheng get up."

   A group of people immediately pulled Sheng Hao up.

   Sheng Hao only noticed at this time that although these people gathered around him did not have any kindness on their faces, but at the same time they did not have any too unexpected expressions.

   It seems that he is fully prepared for his arrival.

   But at this time, Sheng Hao obviously couldn\'t take care of it too much, and obviously couldn\'t help looking at Nangong Qingcheng and asked,

   "Where\'s Jie, where is she?"

  Nangong Qingcheng didn\'t say a word, just glanced slightly to the right.

   Sheng Hao looked in the direction of his line of sight, and sure enough he saw a small figure appearing on the top of the low mountain in the distance.

   "Yes Jie! Thank you."

Probably no one would have imagined that the world-famous, low-key and mysterious head of the Sheng family would be stained with sand and soil at the moment, but he had no time to clean it up. figure

   walked away.

   this side

   Looking at Sheng Hao\'s busy back, Nangong Qingcheng smiled with relief and relief.

   In any case, these companions, friends, and sisters who have accompanied her in her life.

   is all at this moment and has its own destination.

   All the dust has settled.

  Thousands of affections begin with pain, but end up in perfection.

  Life is like this, probably. There is really no regrets at all.

   Originally, I wanted to write about Madam Tang and Jiang Mingyu\'s past, but I always felt that the end of the story here is the greatest consummation.

   Many things Jiang Mingyu has put down, maybe not forgotten, but there is no need to mention it.

   So, this book is over.

   As for Xu Yifan and Nangong Anyao\'s extras, they won\'t be included here because of the subject matter.

   If you are destined in the future, you can go to weibo to find me: Lao Geng vs Sweet Slag.

   These words are put here to thank the paid friends who have been here with me.

   Thank you for your continued support, let’s go to the next book, bye!




   (end of this chapter)

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