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Chapter 649: 1 as in that year (the finale)

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In the dark space, a stream of light was galloping forward, and suddenly, it flew towards a blue planet standing in space, and in a corner of this planet, it was a city.

Fang Yun woke up early from a deep sleep. He looked at the scene in the room and looked at his body. At this moment, he forgot who he was, but soon, he again It's a recovery.

"I am Fang Yun ......"

Fang Yun felt inexplicably a little frightened, because when he was at a loss before, he really forgot all his information. The feeling of being strange to everything, including himself, was too scary.

"It's time to get up ... I don't want to get up."

Fang Yun hugged the quilt tightly, and did n’t want to get up at all, "If you can't get up again ..."

"Xiaoyun, Xiaoyun,"

Out of the door, my mother's voice suddenly sounded, "If you don't get up, you will be late for school."

"Go to school ... Yes, I am still going to school, I am a student of Ningzhong ..."

"I don't want to go to school, I don't want to go to school today ..."

"Mom, I don't want to go to school today!"

The last sentence, Fang Yun suddenly yelled in his throat. After shouting this sentence, he was shocked himself. He actually said such a sentence, are he afraid of being beaten by his mother?

The mother at the door was also stunned, and then looked cold, strode to the bed, "Little Bunny, you say it again."

Hearing his mother's angry words, Fang Yun, who was hiding in the quilt, shrunk his neck, but then his head was exposed again, looking at the mother in front of him, and pleadingly said: "Mom, I really don't want to go to school today. "

Why don't you want to go to school?

Fang Yun didn't know himself, but in his heart, he had a particularly strong consciousness to tell him not to go to school today.

'S mother, who was so angry, looked at Fang Yun, who was pleading and even begging. Her heart was stunned, and the ghosts made the gods go away. All her anger dissipated. "Well, then don't go to school."

"Mom, how nice you are."

Fang Yun's heart suddenly became relaxed. This kind of relaxation was really a bit too much, as if he went to learn something particularly bad.

"Bad boy, mom is not good, is that still mom?"

Smiled and scolded, Fang Yun's mother said again: "Then you have to hurry up too, I got the breakfast ready."

"it is good."

Fang Yun responded. Immediately, the mother in front of her bed walked out of the door. When she walked outside, a voice more naive than Fang Yun sounded: "Mom, I don't want to go to school today . "


Is the sound of the hand tapping on the buttocks, and then the voice of Fang Yun's mother, "Don't go to school? Why don't you go to heaven?"

"Ooo ..."

A voice apparently crying falsely sounded.


In another universe, an extremely huge sea turtle roamed, and from its mouth, from time to time, a howl, a very sad voice, made people sad.

"Relax, he will be fine."

A sound of comfort sounded, only to see a woman sitting on the back of this big turtle. The woman hugged her knees and looked very weak.

Although is comforting others, it is sad on his own face.

"He really will ..."

The woman seemed to want to say something, but it was at this time that she suddenly stood up, and then looked in a direction. Her eyes seemed to travel through endless time and space, only to see where her eyes were. , A streamer flew forward.

Only said that this streamer is very fast, it is traveling through time and space.

"He is back, he is back."

"Let's chase."

The woman's excited voice sounded, and the turtle under her was equally excited, and then her figure turned into a streamer, flying straight forward, chasing the streamer in front, their speed was also fast, It is also through the endless time and space.

The streamer in front is particularly fast. After traversing the endless time and space, in front of it, there is suddenly a blue planet.

Without any hesitation, this stream of light shot directly past.

In a dense jungle, a little python was carefully searching for prey. Suddenly, a stream of light flew over and drilled into his mind.

Between the eyes of this little python, there was a blank look of humanity.

"Who am I? I seem to be just a python, but it seems not, how can I think?"

In the mind of this python, such thoughts emerged, and at this time, it began to crawl out in one direction.

"Why should I go in this direction?"

It was obviously terrified, but the little python was still heading straight ahead, except that it crawled very slowly, once the body was very young, and secondly because it was too scared to move forward for a while, it would Hide under a bunker for a while.

About three days later, in front of it, a huge pine tree appeared unexpectedly.

When the little python saw this pine tree, he stopped immediately. He knew in his heart that this is his destination.

Just when it wondered why he wanted to come here, suddenly, out of a hole in the trunk of that pine tree, a small furry head came out.

The head turned around and suddenly set his eyes on the little python.

Four eyes meet, time seems to be stagnant at this moment.

At this moment, there was more information in the little python's head. When he realized something, he looked at the little head in the hole of the tree's hole with a complicated look.

At this moment, the little head at the entrance of the tree suddenly moved out, only to see a flax-colored little squirrel ran out, approaching the little python little by little.

First tentatively squeaked at the little python twice, and then his eyes lit up, jumping excitedly around the little python.

"Squeak, squeak."

Looking at the excited little squirrel in front of him, a picture appeared in the mind of the little python: under the moonlight, a pine tree crouched on a branch of the pine tree, looking at the dark jungle opposite it Startled.

His heart twitched, and a sentence jumped out in his heart:

"This life, no evolution."

When this thought came up, the little python suddenly felt funny again, because it had no system, how to evolve.

Shi Shiran climbed up the tree trunk and then got into the tree hole. The little python stayed in harmony with this squirrel.

Although there is no system, the body of the little python still grows quickly. About two months later, its body has grown to more than one meter long.

And now, the little python can almost run wild in this area, and the little squirrel looks very "arrogant" under its shelter, often making the move to **** companion food and forcibly stalk the rabbit and rabbit hair. Rat has become a public enemy in this area.

On this day, a few conversations suddenly sounded in the quiet mountain forest, and then four figures suddenly appeared beside this big pine tree.

"Xiaomeng, Sister Yun, Ranran ~ ~ Come and see, there is a squirrel hole here."

Suddenly, there was a sound of surprise, and a young girl came to the big pine tree, and then saw the hole in the tree trunk, her face full of joy.

"Meng Jie, don't get too close, in case this is a snake hole."

There was a voice behind, followed by three figures approaching, but despite the words, the expressions on the faces of the three people also seemed curious and excited.

But also at the moment they approached, suddenly, there was movement from that tree hole, and their movements flew abruptly. At the next moment, the expression on their faces suddenly became horrified.

Only saw a swarthy head suddenly out of that tree hole.

This is a snake head.

No wonder these four people will behave like this.

And when the expressions of the four people were on the verge of collapse, suddenly there was a noise from the tree hole. Under their consternation, a round head came out.

This is a squirrel.

Only saw this squirrel hugged the snake's head, eyes wide open, looking at the four girls with dull faces outside.

This situation and this scene, just as it was then.

(The end)

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