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Chapter 990 - 990 Shenghe Entertainment Will Rise In a Year

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990 Shenghe Entertainment Will Rise In a Year

Feng Shuo contacted Chang Ping and told him about Qin Sheng looking for him and about the contract.

In the end, he took a sip of tea to relieve the dryness in his mouth. “Chang Ping, Sheng Sheng helped you earlier, and now she’s giving you such a good opportunity. You should think about it.”

Chang Ping had not agreed yet, and Feng Shuo was worried that he would be suspicious, so he said, “Don’t be fooled by the fact that Shenghe Entertainment is just starting out. I can guarantee that within a year, Shenghe Entertainment will be able to rise. You won’t see the terms in this contract with other companies.”

Of course, what Feng Shuo did not expect was that many of Shenghe’s artistes had become a or B-List artistes just because of ‘She Came From the Heart’.

And this was the first movie produced by Shenghe Entertainment, which was unprecedented in the entertainment industry.

Chang Ping only thought for a while before agreeing. “Okay, I’ll sign it.”

He had to take a gamble.

He owed Qin Sheng a debt of gratitude. Without Qin Sheng, he would not be who he was now.

Chang Ping was not an ungrateful person. Even if the contract had many restrictions, he would probably agree.

Chang Ping was still shooting a movie in the Imperial Capital. Su Yixiu had sent someone over to sign a contract with Chang Ping that day.

The next day, Chang Ping went to the company to pick out the actors for the movie.

Su Yixiu told Chang Ping about the movie’s reservation.

Chang Ping had also read that novel, so he had a rough idea of the characters in it.

Lin Haocheng’s acting skills were beyond comparison, and his image was also in line. As for Li Wen, he was also extremely satisfied.

On the same day, Shenghe Entertainment announced the name list of the director and the main cast of the movie.

[Director: Chang Ping]

[Male Lead: Lin Haocheng]

[Female Lead: Li Wen]

There were also some other important characters on the list.

When the list was released, the book fans were once again in an uproar.

Although other than the male lead, the others were all unknown actors, Chang Ping was famous for his ability to make actors popular.

It was once again a hot topic on Weibo, and Shenghe Entertainment was now a regular on the hot topic list.

There was also news that Chang Ping and Shenghe Entertainment had signed a contract.

[Director Chang Ping? This Shenghe Entertainment is really awesome, they can even invite Chang Ping. Chang Ping is the most carefree, I’m really curious what benefits Shenghe Entertainment has offered to let Chang Ping direct a movie and sign a contract.]

[Seeing Lin Haocheng and Chang Ping, I’m relieved. With an Oscar-winning Best Actor and a well-known director here, do we still need to worry about ruining the show?]

[I’ll wait for the screening.]


Most of the main characters in the movie were cast by the artists from Shenghe Entertainment. Many of them who had not entered Shenghe Entertainment were jealous.

This novel was read by hundreds of millions of people, and there were also Chang Ping and Lin Haocheng. After it was made into a movie, even if it didn’t go viral, it wouldn’t be too bad.

The popularity of the main actors would also rise.

Who would have thought that the actors would get such a good opportunity as soon as they entered Shenghe Entertainment?

Qin Churou bit her lip when she saw this Weibo hot search.

Qin Churou also recognized her. Li Wen was the woman who had looked her in the eye during the interview. Li Wen had slapped her hard back then, and her wound had not healed yet.

And Li Wen was actually the female lead of the movie!

Qin Churou was dissatisfied with the role she was playing now. This was also a major play, but she was playing a vicious female supporting character who was called for a beating.

It seemed that after filming this drama, she would have to go back and persuade Qin Hai to open an entertainment company.

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