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Chapter 1192 - 1192 Qin Sheng Is a Pervert

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1192 Qin Sheng Is a Pervert

He rubbed his chin and suddenly wanted to see Qin Sheng fail.

His eyes were eager to try.

Every time he saw Qin Sheng, she was omnipotent. It seemed that there was nothing that could stump her.

Perhaps it would not be bad to let Qin Sheng suffer a loss.

The Principal glanced at him. “Professor Gao, I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

Gao Yongliang picked up the glass of water at the side. Hearing this, he raised his eyebrows and asked, “Oh? Did she pass?”

He drank the tea in his cup.

“She passed.” The Principal waited for Gao Yongliang’s reaction.

Sure enough, in the next second, he saw Gao Yongliang spit out the tea in his cup.

The Principal pushed up his glasses. Yes, this was a normal reaction.

Gao Yongliang coughed a few times in a row. When he finally calmed down, he asked impatiently, “Principal, are you sure you’re not lying to me? Qin Sheng spent at most four months writing her thesis, and it’s only in the evening and on the weekends. How can she submit it to the international medical journal?”

“Qin Sheng is a pervert,” the Principal said.

Gao Yongliang stood rooted to the ground, his mind filled with disbelief.

After all, the research paper that he had painstakingly prepared for three years was rejected by them, but Qin Sheng had passed it so easily?

Gao Yongliang was obviously shocked.

Seeing Gao Yongliang’s reaction, the Principal walked over and patted his shoulder sympathetically. “I’ve called my friend to confirm that Qin Sheng’s thesis is the most outstanding one in this issue. His phone number shouldn’t be fake.”

“Professor Gao, some people are just so perverted. We can’t compare to them. Didn’t Qin Sheng easily figure out the research on improving immune cells?”

With that, the Principal clasped his hands behind his back and left.

Gao Yongliang was still standing there in a daze.

After a while, he reacted and quickly called Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng picked up.

“Sheng Sheng, did you submit a paper to the international medical journal, the China National Institute of Medicine?” Gao Yongliang asked eagerly.


Gao Yongliang clenched his fists. “Then can you send me that thesis?”

He was really curious about what kind of thesis Qin Sheng had written that could make the chief editor of the highest-level medical journal give such a good evaluation.

There was a computer in the laboratory.

Gao Yongliang turned on his computer and started reading.

What Qin Sheng was doing was researching the molecular mechanism of cardiac muscle regeneration. She had adopted a completely different research method from the past.

Gao Yongliang’s eyes were filled with excitement.

He continued reading.

Toward the end, his hand that was holding the mouse was trembling. He was excited.

He finally understood why the China National Institute of Medicine was willing to include Qin Sheng’s thesis without hesitation.

Gao Yongliang’s eyes lit up.

For Qin Sheng to be able to write such a thesis in such a short period of time, the content in it was probably impossible for those medical scientists to study it for three years.

Qin Sheng was indeed a little pervert.

If Qin Sheng was here, Gao Yongliang really wanted to crack open Qin Sheng’s head to see what it was made of.

He could already predict the sensation that this paper would cause when it was published in the international medical journal.

For the next day and night, Gao Yongliang was busy reading Qin Sheng’s thesis.

On the third day, Gao Yongliang finally put down his computer.

He had two big dark circles under his eyes, but his face was full of excitement.

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