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Chapter 90:

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Lin Ruoyun\'s head was tilted by her kiss, and the next moment, her chin was rubbed and kissed. She wanted to escape but was held down by the back of her head. She whimpered softly, and Guan Yinghan\'s soft tongue pried open her lips and teeth, hooking her. Hold her soft tongue.

"Hmm... Guan Yinghan, you duplicity, bad bastard..."

Before Lin Ruoyun could finish her sentence, she was picked up horizontally by her and gently placed on the tatami by the pool. Guan Yinghan hugged her in her arms, and Lin Ruoyun felt an unusual heat on her cheeks.

She raised her head and leaned towards Guan Yinghan\'s nape. Alpha\'s unique arc-shaped glands were slightly red, forming an obvious abnormality with the surrounding skin.

The little boy is really in love.

Guan Yinghan was in a high position, and usually had a cold and lonely expression, but when she was in a fever, her brows and eyes were slightly frowned, her lips were red, and she gritted her teeth forbearance, which made Lin Ruoyun\'s heart flutter.

After all, she hadn\'t touched the cub for more than a month, so she couldn\'t bear to think about it.

But her mouth is still arrogant: "Why, I forgot what I said so quickly?"

Guan Yinghan lowered her voice, buried her neck and rubbed it vigorously: "Sister... Toffee made sister angry by saying the wrong thing, can you forgive Toffee?"

The call "Sister" made Lin Ruoyun directly break her defenses. She had no resistance to milk candies. As long as Guan Yinghan called her "Sister", she would feel unbearably itchy.

Guan Yinghan lowered her head to hide the smile that suddenly spread from the corner of her mouth. She knew that Ruoyun would not be able to resist any word or look from the little fool Toffee.

So, she hugged Ruoyun even more obsessively, put her hands on her wet fishtail, and untied the hidden belt around her waist with ease: " look so good in a mermaid outfit."

Nonsense, of course it looks good in so little.

The flame-colored skirt dripped wetly, and Guan Yinghan pressed her lips against her ear, and suddenly blew maliciously.

Lin Ruoyun put her shoulders on her shoulders, blushing and pushes away vainly: "You...don\'t get so close..."

Guan Yinghan lowered her eyes innocently, and looked at her with Toffee\'s usual pure white and harmless eyes: "Sister, take off your skirt, you will catch a cold."

Lin Ruoyun realized that she wanted to be crooked, so she struggled in her arms, deliberately turned her face away from her, and spat in a low voice: "Don\'t pretend to be a toffee, my little toffee is not like are too bad."

Guan Yinghan stripped off her wet swimsuit, then hugged her into her arms, leaned over and whispered in her ear, with a gentle charm: "Sister, I\'m only bad to you."

"Huh?" Lin Ruoyun turned her head abruptly, trying to hear what she was saying, but unexpectedly, with this movement, her cheek accidentally pressed against her lips, and the fiery touch instantly ignited her whole body from the contact of her cheek.

She wanted to push Guan Yinghan, but the boy\'s lips moved to her fair neck, lingering around her slightly wet glands.

Lin Ruoyun\'s whole body seemed to be electrified, her flame-colored swimsuit fell beside the tatami, her skin bullied Saixue.

On the other hand, Guan Yinghan didn\'t seem to be in a hurry at all, she was neatly dressed, condescending and even looked at her omega with a sly smile.

After the AO formed a mark, the influence of pheromones was mutual. Lin Ruoyun smelled the strong pheromones of Alpha during estrus, and took the initiative to hook Guan Yinghan\'s neck.

Her intention for this action was obvious, she wanted Guan Yinghan to kiss her.

But the little brat put his hand on her waist in an unhurried manner, and hugged her with a little force: "Sister... let\'s go back to the bedroom..."

Lin Ruoyun belatedly realized that she had changed from active to passive. If she got into bed with the little boy, she would completely lose the initiative.

Isn\'t the little brat in heat? This meeting is so wild again. Do you want to provoke her?

Of course, Lin Ruoyun would not admit defeat to this kind of provocation, it was not easy to torture her, even if she was still pressed by the brat in the end, it should be done with dignity.

Oh hoo, if you want to play, then she will accompany you to the end.

Guan Yinghan was about to pick her up horizontally, but she struggled immediately, pulled the clean towel beside the tatami, wrapped herself up quickly, and then jumped, "crash." With a sound, she dived into the hot spring.

Guan Yinghan probably didn\'t expect this, she stared blankly at her empty hand, she didn\'t recover for a long time, until the warm water splashed on her cheek, she slowly looked towards the hot spring.

Lin Ruoyun got out of the water like a mermaid, her wet black hair was pasted on her back, making her fair skin more lustrous and soft, and her eyebrows and eyes were pure and lustful.

She scooped up warm water with both hands, splashed it towards Guan Yinghan with a smile, and looked at her with charming eyes, as if wearing a small hook: "Guan Guan... Do you want to play a game?"

Guan Yinghan, who was undefended, was poured all over her face immediately. She wiped the water stains from the corners of her eyes with the back of her hand, and nodded passively.

Lin Ruoyun tilted her head slightly, blinked her wet eyelashes vigorously, and kissed Guan Yinghan: "Then come here..."

The bright moon is in the sky, the stars are dotted, and the lights in the senior suites have an ambiguous dim yellow, which is particularly decadent/attractive when combined with the singing of birds in the flowing water and the heat of the hot springs in early summer.

It was in such an atmosphere that Guan Yinghan was hooked by Lin Ruoyun, a little goblin.

When she took off her clothes, wrapped her bath towel and stepped into the water, she realized that she was falling step by step into the spider web woven by the goblin.

But she knew that there was a trap ahead, but she was still willingly captured.


Guan Yinghan swam over, and the ripples of water flowed towards Lin Ruoyun in circles. In the blink of an eye, her arms were attached to Ruoyun\'s soft body, and she stretched out her hands to encircle the Omega who was trying to escape.

Lin Ruoyun pulled her back, but was forced into a corner by the pool by Guan Yinghan, the heat steaming her cheeks made her more charming.

Guan Yinghan grabbed her lips and kissed her urgently and fiercely. In the world of hot springs, they hugged and kissed each other.

Out of the corner of Lin Ruoyun\'s eyes, she caught sight of Guan Yinghan\'s loose bath towel, and with a gentle tug, the white bath towel floated on the water.

"Ruoyun, you..." Guan Yinghan\'s eyelashes trembled in shock. Before she could calm down, the little fairy plunged into the water.

Although there is a height difference between her and Ruoyun, her water skills are far inferior to Ruoyun\'s. Guan Yinghan was once submerged in the river in Dawan Village, so she never dared to go into deep water.

Probably because she has a shadow in her heart, so every time Ruoyun wants to catch fish in the river, she always hides her shoes to prevent her from going into the water.

The water in the innermost corner of the hot spring was relatively deep, and Guan Yinghan could not step on the bottom of the hot spring pool with her toes, so she could only use stones as a pad.

Ruoyun kissed her concubine gently, and gently parted her lips. Guan Yinghan was completely unable to move, and could only be forced to lean her head up by the pool, her long curled eyelashes trembling tremblingly, and the ends of her eyes were blurred. dark.

Guan Yinghan\'s legs became weaker and weaker, she accidentally slipped tremblingly, the stone rolled, and she fell to the side, using her last bit of strength to grab the handrail on the stone wall.

Lin Ruoyun got out of the water and took a deep breath. After she adjusted her breathing rate, she realized that Guan Yinghan\'s cheeks were a little red, her lips were white from biting, and there was still some water in her eyes.

Lin Ruoyun twisted her slender waist, leaned softly into Guan Yinghan\'s arms, bit her red earlobe, and said indistinctly: "Hey...the game hasn\'t started yet, why is it over? ..."

Guan Yinghan pursed her lips and tried to adjust her breathing: "What..."

Lin Ruoyun hooked Guan Yinghan\'s neck, rubbed Alpha\'s reddish glands on the back of her neck, and smiled coquettishly: "Look..."

Lin Ruoyun pointed to the clock on the wooden wall of the terrace, and smiled more and more charmingly: "Guan Guan, 13 minutes, how are you today..."

Lin Ruoyun originally wanted to make fun of her because it was useless, but when she thought carefully about these three words, she would step on the little brat\'s thunder, so she changed the subject: "You are so reserved!"

Guan Yinghan\'s face suddenly turned red, and her thick and slender eyelashes drooped down, looking innocent and wronged. If it weren\'t for the strong Alpha pheromone around her, she might be mistaken for an Omega.

If her subordinates see this little brat being bullied miserably, they will probably drop their jaws in shock.

Guan Yinghan said aggrievedly, "Try how long you can last without doing it for a month."

Lin Ruoyun looked at Guan Yinghan with a smile, and pushed the wet hair on her forehead behind her ears: "Anyway, I\'m more reserved than you..."

After she finished speaking, she dived into the water again.

I think back in Mr. Liu\'s Love/Fun Villa, she was so revenged by the brat that she couldn\'t walk for two days.

Just now she deliberately took Guan Yinghan to a place where the water was deep. Now that the time and place are favorable, how could she easily let go of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

She wants to get back every bit of the bullying and grievances she has suffered.

However, when she wanted to grab Guan Yinghan again, she found that the person in front of her had disappeared at some point. Lin Ruoyun stared at her legs, turned around gracefully, poked her head out of the water, and looked around the hot spring. Still did not see Guan Yinghan.

"Guanguan... where are you?"

Lin Ruoyun was a little panicked, she called Guan Yinghan\'s name while swimming, but after three minutes there was still no sign of Guan Yinghan, Lin Ruoyun was so anxious that she burst into tears: "Guan Guan...don\'t scare me..."

She turned around and swam to the bottom of the hot spring, ready to call someone, when suddenly her legs soared into the air like weightlessness, Lin Ruoyun was startled, and immediately reacted in a daze for three seconds, hitting Guan Yinghan\'s shoulder with her right hand: " You... lied to me again!"

Guan Yinghan carried her to the room and put her on the bed, lightly pecked her soft lips, and looked at the little elf with unfavorable eyes: "I am indeed not as good at water as you, but my ability to hold my breath underwater is worse than yours."

Lin Ruoyun moved her hands down little by little, trying to jump out of the bed and escape, but Guan Yinghan grabbed her thin ankle.

There was a pot of crystal grapes grown in the villa on the bedside, Guan Yinghan picked up one with her index and middle fingers, and her bewitching voice melted into Lin Ruoyun\'s ears: "Ruoyun... the grapes here are very sweet, do you want to taste it? "

Lin Ruoyun\'s chest heaved up and down, and she wanted to turn her face sideways, but Guan Yinghan had already lowered her head, kissed her soft lips, and put a sweet grape into her lips.

There is a grape between their lips, and they didn\'t kiss directly, but the sweetness and softness of the flesh seemed to run over each other\'s lips, which made people\'s blood swell even more than a direct kiss.

Soon, Lin Ruoyun couldn\'t stand it anymore, she could bear it to the limit, her wet lips uncontrollably caught the grapes that Guan Yinghan passed over, the moment she bit, Guan Yinghan\'s lips moved away, and said softly : "Ruoyun, you ate the grapes, how can you compensate me?"

Lin Ruoyun timidly chewed the grape pulp, her heartbeat speeded up inexplicably: "I...I\'ll get you another one."

Guan Yinghan lowered her head again, kissed her lips softly, and said vaguely: "No need..."

"Guan Guan..." Lin Ruoyun trembled uncontrollably, she went around the bed with her right hand, and grabbed a grape from the basin: "Guan Guan... I will pay you..."

Guan Yinghan\'s lips and teeth were full of sweetness, she was not willing to change it, Lin Ruoyun hummed lightly, in exchange for her endless indulgence.

Lin Ruoyun gave up struggling, put her hands around Alpha\'s waist, and slowly closed her eyes.

Guan Yinghan parted her concubine\'s lips, and slipped her fingertips between the lips with impenetrable desire, and slowly pushed them into the middle of the completely moist lips.

Feeling the little goblin\'s trembling slightly, and hearing her panting in his ear, the corners of Guan Yinghan\'s mouth couldn\'t hold back, " your eyes...look at the clock, only five minutes have passed..."

five minutes?

This is... so embarrassing.

Lin Ruoyun bit her lips tightly, trying to resist the airtight feeling that entangled her heart little by little, but the little boy was too familiar, forcing her senses to collapse suddenly.

She wrapped her arms around Guan Yinghan\'s neck, leaned her chin on her shoulder, and instantly relaxed her tense nerves.

Guan Yinghan lightly pecked her cheek, and smiled wickedly: "Baby, in 7 minutes, you seem to be even less reserved."

Lin Ruoyun leaned on her shoulder to breathe, and before she could recover, she was caught in Guan Yinghan\'s arms again, and together she fell into the rocking chair beside the bed.

The moment Lin Ruoyun fell into the rocking chair, Lin Ruoyun felt the hot and numbing kiss on her ear, her spine stiffened, and a row of teeth marks appeared on her lips. In a short while, there was a little water in her eyes: "Close close…"

Guan Yinghan smiled softly, and kissed her cherry lips tenderly...

In the third month after returning to Tianhai City, Lin Ruoyun finally waited for the official hearing of the fire case. At dawn, she got up and put on makeup. When she walked out of the room, the expression on her face was the same as usual, without any emotional fluctuations.

But Guan Yinghan knew that she must be in pain.

After all, the person in the dock was her own mother.

"Ruoyun... have something to eat before leaving." Guan Yinghan had already sat down in the dining room and helped her scoop up a bowl of snow fungus soup: "It\'s still early, I\'ll let the driver pick you up soon."

Lin Ruoyun actually didn\'t have any appetite at all, but seeing the worry in Guan Yinghan\'s eyes, she still sat down to eat breakfast, but her appetite was really poor, she put it down after two bites.

Guan Yinghan also put down the bowl and chopsticks, wiped her mouth, stood up and hugged her, and raised her chin: "Go, get in the car."

Lin Ruoyun was startled, and raised her eyes blankly: "You want to go with me?"

Guan Yinghan gently squeezed her hand: "You look like this, how can I rest assured that you will go alone?"

Lin Ruoyun\'s voice trembled: "But there are so many things going on in the company..."

"If Runhai cannot operate without me, then I have to reflect on how I am at the helm."

Guan Yinghan bent her lips and hugged her tighter: "Don\'t be afraid, I will always be with you."

Lin Ruoyun\'s eye circles were reddened uncontrollably, she lowered her head, unconsciously pinched the file bag in her hand again and again, and after a while she said in a low voice: "Guan Guan, thank you, if I don\'t have you during this time, I will Like six years ago...becoming a lunatic."

Guan Yinghan\'s tone was unusually domineering: "Don\'t say thank you, you are my wife, it is my duty to take care of you, let\'s go, get in the car."

The car drove smoothly to the gate of the court, where Lin Ruoyun\'s entrusted lawyer was already waiting.

Lin Ruoyun\'s face was terribly pale. It was her first time as a witness in a criminal case, and it was her own mother who testified, so she felt an indescribable feeling in her heart.

After four months, Lin Ruoyun saw her mother Liang Qiu again. She was detained in the dock. Her whole person could no longer be described as embarrassing and old, but as humble as an ant.

It\'s no wonder that under the care of Second Miss Guan, her life in the past few months must have been worse than that of a beggar.

It\'s just that no matter how hard you try, the nature in a person\'s bones is not easy to change. When she saw Lin Ruoyun, she gritted her teeth angrily, wishing she could rush over and tear her apart, and yelled in court: "Lin bitch, how dare you sue her? Your own can do such a thing like lightning strike..."

The judge tapped the gavel: "The defendant please be quiet!"

Lin Ruoyun sat coldly on the witness stand, and slowly narrated what happened on the day of the fire.

Liang Qiu denied it in court, and the judge summoned her former servant Mrs. Zhang, and even played a video of Qin Yeli in prison, proving that Liang Qiu set the fire.

All the evidence points to Liang Qiu, she looks crazy.

"Silence..." the judge\'s voice was stern.

After a brief adjournment, the case was formally pronounced—

"After... the defendant Liang Qiu was found guilty of intentional homicide, he was sentenced to death according to... with a two-year reprieve!"

death penalty…

When these two words were said, Liang Qiu burst into tears, struggling while crying, not letting the bailiff take him away: "No... I don\'t want to go to jail, I don\'t want to die... Ruoyun... my child, help me Mom! Mom knows I\'m wrong... Ruoyun, save me!"

Lin Ruoyun stood up slowly, and calmly looked at the crazy person in front of her: "Mom, everyone should be responsible for their mistakes..."

After speaking, she walked out of the court without looking at Liang Qiu again.

Guan Yinghan stayed by her side silently all the time, she understood all the comforts, but at this moment, she seemed pale and powerless to Ruoyun, some wounds could only be healed slowly by herself.

It was noon when she walked out of the court, Lin Ruoyun slowly raised her head to look at the sky, the sun was shining through the thin clouds, and the sky seemed extraordinarily blue, her throat rolled slightly, and her voice was low and inaudible: "Grandma, rest in peace! "

After finishing speaking, he walked towards Guan Yinghan step by step, stood in front of her, and leaned into her arms as if suddenly losing strength, wrapping his arms around her waist, absorbing the warmth from her body.

Guan Yinghan held back her heartache, and stroked Lin Ruoyun\'s soft hair, gently and slowly, as if she was comforting a wounded animal: "Ruoyun...she has such a result, it is entirely her own fault, not you, Don\'t blame yourself, just do what you think is right, and I will always be by your side."

Lin Ruoyun let out a deep breath, and tried her best to tilt her mouth: "Let\'s go, go home!"

Walking to the parking lot, Guan Muwei just got off the police car, and she walked towards her with the documents: "Hey, sister-in-law, is it over?"

Lin Ruoyun nodded, her eyes fell on her hand: "You are..."

"I\'ll hand in the file." Guan Muwei turned his head, looked at Guan Yinghan abruptly, and stopped talking: "Uh... my sister-in-law, when we went to the prison to ask Qin Yeli to testify, she said... wanted to see you Require."

Guan Muwei\'s voice became lower and lower, raising his eyes from time to time to peek at Guan Yinghan, his eyes full of desire for survival seemed to say: It\'s none of my business, I\'m just a tool to spread the word.

Sure enough, after she finished speaking, Guan Yinghan\'s face suddenly changed, gloomy as if covered with a layer of frost.

There are 10,000 ways to provoke the little brat, Lin Ruoyun chose the one that made her furious the most without hesitation, she tilted her head and smiled, deliberately glanced at Guan Yinghan before replying: "Okay."

When she said these two words, Guan Yinghan\'s black eyes darkened and narrowed dangerously.

Oh, it\'s over, Guan Muwei hurriedly stepped forward to make amends for Lin Ruoyun: "Sister-in-law, in fact, you have the right to refuse."

"Then I\'ll trouble you..." Lin Ruoyun dragged on the end, seeing Guan Yinghan\'s increasingly cracked expression, suddenly leaned on her, smiling slyly and cutely: "Then I\'ll trouble you, after the wedding is over, put Show her the photo of me and Guan Guan getting married."

Guan Muwei was slightly taken aback: " the meeting you said?"

Lin Ruoyun nodded with a smile, and looked up at Guan Yinghan.

The little boy still didn\'t speak, but the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

Guan Muwei clicked his tongue: "Sister-in-law, you did such a great"

"Mu Wei, please tell Qin Yeli something for me." Lin Ruoyun stretched out her hand and hugged Guan Yinghan\'s waist, a little redness leaked from the corner of her eyes: "Tell her...I am very happy now, I have I don\'t hate her, but I won\'t forgive her either, and I don\'t have to see her again."

A week before the wedding, Lin Ruoyun and Guan Yinghan returned to Dawan Village. They wanted to tell grandma the good news of Liang Qiu\'s death and marriage.

Ruoyun\'s grandmother and father are buried in the back mountain of Dawan Village, which belongs to the public cemetery.

At six o\'clock in the morning, the mountains are thick with fog, the leaves and grass on the side of the mountain are covered with dew, and there is a slight fragrance and humidity in the air.

Guan Yinghan walked in front carrying flowers and sacrificial food boxes. The rugged mountain road was very difficult to walk.

Lin Ruoyun looked distressed, snatched the basket in her right hand, and slowly followed behind her.

When Guan Yinghan returned to Dawan Village for the first time, he had someone repair the tombs of Ruoyun\'s father and grandma, so it was not difficult to find.

Guan Yinghan placed the flowers squarely in front of the tomb, looking at the names on the stele, her eyes gradually shone with water.

Lin Ruoyun was laying out the sacrifice, her eyelashes trembled a few times.

Little boy... I still remember grandma\'s love of eating brown sugar cakes and millet buns.

Guan Yinghan knelt down, kowtowed politely, and said with a choked voice, "Grandma, I found Ruoyun..."

This sentence came crashing down, Lin Ruoyun couldn\'t resist anymore, tears rolled down, she knew how many dark nights Guan Yinghan had endured alone during the five years she hadn\'t seen, but she never gave up looking for her, even the slightest No idea.

Lin Ruoyun turned her head to wipe away her tears, and said slowly while laying out the offerings: "Grandma, do you still remember Guanguan? You used to like her very much, and you always asked me to bring her home for dinner and make dumplings for her...

You said she\'s a promising kid, she\'s really capable now...and treats me very well...we\'re getting married next week..."

"Grandma, I\'m\'s been so long since I came to see you. I\'ve been in a daze for five years, and I forgot a lot of things... Fortunately, Guan Guan didn\'t give up, she found me...Grandma, I know you must be alive, bless you When we meet again, I will cherish it."

Lin Ruoyun turned her head to look at Guan Yinghan, she seemed to be saying to her, and she seemed to be saying to grandma: "I will definitely live happily with Guan Guan, very happy..."

She paused, waiting for Guan Yinghan\'s response. The little brat was still kneeling, but suddenly turned around and hooked Lin Ruoyun\'s fingers, turning into a kneeling posture.

She took Ruoyun\'s hand and put it on her lips, kissed her lightly, and looked at her with burning eyes: "Ruoyun, Guan Yinghan, I have no wish in this life, I just want to wake up every morning and see you first." .”

"I want to spend the rest of my life, please marry me!"

"I swear in front of grandma and dad that I will treat you well for the rest of my life!"

Lin Ruoyun smiled, but her eyes gradually turned red: "People propose marriage either at the amusement park or at the movie theater. No matter how bad it is, they will be begging on the main road with a big bouquet. Why did you come to the cemetery..."

"I want to ask grandma and dad to be my witnesses..."

Lin Ruoyun wished that she could cry better, but no matter how hard she tried, the tears still flowed down like raindrops: "You are always like this... you don\'t take the usual path..."

Guan Yinghan was still half-kneeling in front of her, waiting for her reply, Lin Ruoyun pulled her up and plunged her head into her arms: "Who else can I marry if I don\'t marry you, I have already worn your ring on my finger, I hate you Ghost, I never asked you to propose marriage, so I wanted to make me cry, my eyes are swollen, and there is an announcement to be made tomorrow, tell me how to meet people!"

Guan Yinghan hugged her back, and smiled lowly in her ear: "You can\'t see people if your eyes are swollen, and you can\'t see people if your neck is red, baby, why don\'t you go out at all, so I don\'t have to worry about you being caught?" Another Alpha snatched it away."

Lin Ruoyun felt that her eyes were so red that she couldn\'t see anyone, but she couldn\'t help but burst out laughing at her words: "You...bad bastard!"

Guan Yinghan let go of her, turned around and lowered herself: "Baby, come up, I\'ll carry you down the mountain."

Lin Ruoyun pretended to twitch a few times, then she couldn\'t wait to lie down on her neck, and rubbed against her neck coquettishly: "Guan Guan... Let\'s go to the hotel tonight, don\'t stay at Mama Ruan\'s house, okay, it\'s always inconvenient at her house. "

Of course Guan Yinghan knew what she meant by the inconvenience, but she still pretended not to understand: "Where is it inconvenient? Mama Ruan welcomes us when she sees us. Food, accommodation and accommodation are all arranged properly. Dang, we don’t need to do anything ourselves, I think it’s very convenient.”

Lin Ruoyun was so **** off by her, she lowered her head and bit her neck, "Guan Yinghan, you are a bad embryo!"

Guan Yinghan hissed, and slapped her buttocks weakly, Lin Ruoyun screamed exaggeratedly, reached out and grabbed her ears, and smiled happily on her back.

When walking down the mountain, the fog has all dissipated, and the sun shines through the dense branches and leaves layer upon layer.

Guan Yinghan gently put Ruoyun down, Lin Ruoyun took a deep breath, and slowly raised her head: "Guan Guan, the sun is out, so warm."

"Guan Yinghan put her arms around her waist and kissed her forehead: Yes, the wind is so gentle!"

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