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Chapter 434 - Little Dumpling (The End)

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When the couple got married, the two had discussed that they wanted to wait for a year to enjoy their newlywed life before they have a child. 

After two years of marriage, Hazel was finally pregnant.

Alex had a mix of emotions when he heard the news. He was happy that he will become a father, but at the same time, Alex was sad, knowing that soon, there will be someone else who will fight for his wife\'s attention.

Hazel noticed that there was something not right with his mood. When she found out about his dilemma, Hazel could not stop herself from laughing.

"Mr. He, why are you jealous of your own child?"

"I like being like this. Just the two of us together." Alex wrapped his arms around her waist and stared at his wife\'s face with a serious expression. "I heard that a child will always be attached to the mother. Once the child comes out, will you still have time to spoil me?"

Hazel tilted her head to one side. "Why not? If we need a space for ourselves, we can always send the child to your mother."

Alex raised a brow, intrigued by whatever idea she had in mind.

"Don\'t you know?" Hazel continued. "Your mother has been looking forward to becoming a grandmother."

Alex stared at his wife for a long time as if trying to probe at her mind. "Has my mother been urging you about us having a child?"

"No." Hazel flashed him an assuring smile. "But I can see it from her expression. Every time she looked at the twin brothers, her eyes would sparkle. She loved hanging around with Auntie Edith just so that she can play with the twins."

A long sigh escaped him. He stared at his wife\'s slightly bulging stomach and could not stop worrying. He did not know much about pregnancy, but he had heard that it would be hard for a mother.

He loved his wife so much and could not bear to see her get hurt…

When the couple broke the news to their family, Lily was the happiest. She has been looking forward to carrying her grandchild for a while, but could not say a word to urge the kids to have a child quickly.

Knowing how much her son doted on his wife, Lily had once suspected that perhaps, her son planning to have a child. Fortunately, her guess was wrong.

The moment Neil knew about Hazel\'s pregnancy, he immediately helped her to find a personal carer to look after his niece\'s diet.

After watching the couple for a few years, Neil was used to seeing Alex around and was no longer as hostile towards him. He understood that Hazel had married Alex. If he continued to treat that boy with hostility, then what would happen if Alex started to dislike Hazel instead?

Moreover… He was relieved, knowing that Adam and Claire\'s linage would continue.

After nine months of carrying the child, Hazel was finally pushed into the labor room. 

Alex was at home when his wife suddenly shouted that the baby was about to come out.

He dropped everything in hand and drove her to the hospital. His face was calm, but Alex was nervous, knowing that the child was going to be born.

Alex did not have the time to inform their family. Because he was afraid that Hazel would be in pain, he had requested from the doctor to accompany his wife to the labor room. 

Seeing the sweats on her face the moment he walked into the room, Alex was distressed. He walked over to his wife and held her hand tightly. "Don\'t be afraid, I\'m here."

Hazel turned to him and frowned as she tried to bear the pain. Her jaw clenched and Hazel was gripping his hand tightly. The pain was too much that she was unable to speak. Though she had heard stories about giving birth before, Hazel did not know that it would be this painful.

The pain subsided a while later. Hazel took a few deep breaths and looked at Alex. Seeing his distressed look, Hazel tried to smile to assure him that she was fine. However, that look on her face only made him anxious.

"Is it painful?"

Her face scrunched up and Hazel nodded. After a while, the pain came again and each time, the pain would only grow fierce. Holding on to his hand tightly, Hazel started to listen to the doctor\'s instruction and pushed.

After more than an hour later, a baby girl was born.

Alex merely glanced at the baby before he let the doctor clean up his daughter. Then, he walked over to his exhausted wife and kissed her on the forehead. "Wife, you have worked hard. Thank you."

When Alex walked out of the labor room, he was surprised to see the elders around. His parents, and Hazel\'s uncle and auntie stood in front of him with an anxious look on their faces. It was then that he recalled that he had forgotten to inform them about his wife.

"Auntie Jiang called and told us that Hazel is giving birth," Lily spoke when she saw the dumbfounded look on her son\'s expression. "What about Hazel? And the baby?"

"The mother and daughter are fine."

The elders let out a sigh in relief before they started to ask Alex various questions. Soon, a nurse came out, carrying a baby girl in her arms. The moment they saw the baby, their attention shift, and they finally let Alex off.

After they had a child, their life began to change again, and this time, to the baby.

Initially, Alex was worried that his wife would pay attention to their child and neglect him, but after his daughter was born, the little girl preferred to be with her father. The only time that little dumpling would love her mother was when she was hungry and needed her meal.

Seeing this situation, Hazel thought that it was amusing. She stood at the side as she watched the daughter and father tease each other. The smile on that little dumpling\'s face was especially happy.

Seeing the way her daughter was lying obediently in her father\'s arms made her feel a little jealous.

Hazel walked over and picked up her daughter. Then, she hugged the baby in her arms and laid her head on her husband\'s arms. 

Alex was momentarily stunned at what was going on. 

Before he could say anything, Hazel looked up with a little pout on her lips. "Hubby, I want a hug too."

Alex laughed when he heard her words. He then wrapped his arms around Hazel\'s shoulder, pulled her closer, and kissed the top of her head. Then, he lifted her chin and kissed her on the mouth.

The baby saw the scene where her parents were kissing and started to voice her complaint. Her little lips parted as she shouted some incoherent words.

Hazel pulled away and looked at the baby in her arms. "No. This is my husband. You grow up quickly and go find someone else to kiss you."

The baby was stunned. She turned to her father and continued to voice her complaint. However, her father was ignoring her and continued to look at her mother with a doting gaze. 

Seeing that she cannot win against her mother, the little dumpling could only bit at her tiny mittens to vent her frustration.

"Are you jealous of your own daughter?"

"It is said that daughter is the father\'s lover in their past life. How can I not get jealous?" Seeing that Alex started to laugh, Hazel furrowed her brow at him. "What is it? You don\'t like it when I\'m jealous?"

"Of course not." Alex held the person in his arms tighter. "I like you. Hazel Mo, in this world, I love you the most."

Hazel was stunned. Soon, she flashed him a satisfied smile. Happy with his answer, Hazel tilted her head up and rewarded him with a peck on his lips.

-The End-

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