X-Men: Lea Seydoux Discusses Channing Tatum's cancelled Gambit Movie w/ X-Men: Apocalypse


"The script was incredibly amazing," says actress Léa Seydoux, who was slated to star in the aborted Gambit movie alongside Channing Tatum. 

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X-Men films continue to include Channing Tatum as Gambit. 

Léa Seydoux, a French actress, recently revealed about her role in the cancelled Gambit movie that was supposed to feature Channing Tatum as the mutant. 

In 2014, Fox revealed plans for a standalone Gambit film, with an October 2016 release date planned as part of the company's long-running X-Men series. 

Tatum, who was also slated to produce, approached a number of possible filmmakers who each turned him down. The movie would eventually run into a host of development hurdles. 

Tatum finally got Rise of the Planet of the Apes filmmaker Rupert Wyatt to direct the project in June 2015, but he would only stay in the post for three months before he left. 

While searching for a successor, Fox settled on Doug Liman, who would later leave the film and be replaced by Gore Verbinski, who had worked on Pirates of the Caribbean and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, among others. 

Verbinksi would follow in the footsteps of his predecessors and leave the picture without a director for a third time. 

It wasn't long after this point that Disney began its takeover of Fox, and the project was formally put on hold until that merger was complete. 

The movie was eventually cancelled and never released in May of 2019. 

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IndieWire talked with Seydoux, who was originally cast as Tatum's love interest in the film, about the original script. 

"They wanted to make it more of a comedy, but the screenplay I read was incredibly fantastic," she says. 

You may read her entire post here:. 

The story was excellent. 

They intended to make it more of a comedy, although there were some hilarious elements in it. 

In my opinion, individuals in the United States are more imaginative. 

I've been approached about projects that are far apart from my previous work and I'm just, 'Oh. 


I enjoy the feeling that I am able to adapt to new situations. 

That's a whole new world to me! 

The Gambit Channing Tatum 

Of course, the concern for many Marvel fans today is whether or not Tatum's version of the character will continue to exist in the MCU. 

Doctor Strange has just lately brought back Patrick Stewart's Professor Charles Xavier, so there's little doubt that this is a possibility. 

Despite this brief cameo appearance, just how Marvel Studios may incorporate the X-Men back into the MCU is still a hot issue of dispute. 

In theory, Tatum may have a shot at portraying Creole mutant, but there is no guarantee. 

Regardless of what fans think, it's safe to say that Fox's initial ideas for the Gambit film signify little in the context of today's MCU. 

Rumors and fan speculations abound as to how Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will use the X-Men characters, but whatever they decide will be considerably different from the concepts planned before to the Disney/Fox merger. 

For now, perhaps Tatum's shelved Gambit picture can pique interest in bringing the idea back to life.