Wednesday Addams is played by who in the TV show by Tim Burton?

Tim Burton's reimagining of The Addams Family stars who else as Wednesday Addams, and where else have fans seen her before? 

On Wednesday, Tim Burton's Netflix program chose an up-and-coming talent as the heroine of The Addams Family, causing fans to question where they have seen the actress before. 

For Netflix's Wednesday, Tim Burton is reimagining the Addams Family property as a horror comedy. 

"Wednesday" is a reference to the gruesome clan's little daughter, a breakout character who is long overdue for a spinoff. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones portrays Morticia, and Luis Guzman is Gomez in Burton's Addams Family, which premieres on Wednesday. 

Thora Birch and Gwendoline Christie join Christina Ricci, who starred in the original Wednesday Addams in the 1990s, in the series in an unspecified role. 

For the starring character, Burton chose a lesser-known actor, but he's had an incredible rise in popularity owing to a run of memorable appearances. 


"The Addams Family" delivers on 31-year-old hype, says Tim Burton, who directed the show. 

This week's lead character will be played by Scream 2022 and X actress Jenna Ortega. 

It is expected that the young actor would portray a version of Wednesday Addams, a psychic who is learning to manage her abilities when the series begins. 

However, after a terrible killing spree leaves her community in shock, Wednesday is dispatched on a coming-of-age horror-comedy adventure that promises to be a touch more adult and darker than the preceding Addams Family flicks. 

Despite her young age, Ortega is already a veteran in the horror genre, thus this tone is appropriate. 

Despite her young age, Ortega has already created a reputation for herself as a horror heroine. 

So far, her biggest box office success has been the smash slasher sequel Scream 2022, in which she co-starred as Tara Carpenter in the remake. 

Orestes' previous roles include being Cole's new love interest in The Babysitter: Killer Queen and a supporting player in the 2021 comedy Yes Day. 

Ortega's part as a survivor of a school massacre in the independent film The Fallout, which was released in 2021, gained her praise outside of the horror and comedy genres as well. 

Since then, she's appeared in Ti West's famous slasher homage to the 1970s, X, in a supporting part. 

On top of that, Ortega had a brief role in Foo Fighters-starrer Studio 666, where he played a non-killer character who made it out of the opening scene. 

Ortega's work in the horror genre has established her as a credible actress, and she'd be an ideal choice for Tim Burton's reimagining of Wednesday in the Addams Family.