The Flash Movie Villain's Powers Revealed by Merch

Details regarding the movie's antagonist and his abilities have leaked out via merch.
While the DCEU winds down, a new DC Universe is being created.
There are, however, a couple more DCEU films scheduled for release before DC Studios' new series gets rolling.
The Flash is one of them; planning for the film began in 2014.
Although though Ezra Miller reprises his role as Barry Allen, he really plays many iterations of the classic Comic hero.
Miller has portrayed not one but two versions of Barry throughout promotion, with one being an alternate reality's version.

According to the latest The Flash teaser, the speedster Flash battles in the DCEU is Dark Flash.
To what extent this is true is yet to be seen.
Dark Flash, or Black Flash to be more accurate, is the Speedster equivalent of Death in the comics.
Merchandise for The Flash, however, suggests a different path for Dark Flash in the DCEU.

Many people believe that Dark Flash is actually a mirror image of Barry in the film adaptation of The Flash.
Even while the two Barrys will begin as friends, the new one may eventually become the villainous Dark Flash.
A major difference between him and his comic book equivalent is his ability to take the souls of speed demons.
The DCEU's Dark Flash comes out as more of an enemy and less of a Death figure now.

It will be interesting to watch where The Flash movie takes Dark Flash if he is indeed supposed to be the other Barry.
Just when The Flash's Dark Flash becomes relevant to the plot is unclear, although it probably won't be until the second act.
Whether or not Dark Flash will play a significant role in The Flash movie's summer release remains to be seen, but only time will tell.