Scream 6’s Opening Kill Scene Surprises Explained By Directors

The minds behind Scream 6's stunning opening sequence, Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, lay it all out.
The opening sequence of each Scream film has served as the franchise's proverbial "moment of truth," establishing the tone for the rest of the film and determining whether or not viewers will stick with the tale.
Scream VI's initial killings for Ghostface in New York City are more violent, gorier, more frightening than in previous films in the series, which typically involve Ghostface's eerie call minutes before murdering the victim.

We first see Laura (Samara Weaving), an associate professor of cinema studies, when she is taken into an alleyway in Manhattan and stabbed to death by Ghostface.
The killer's identity is quickly revealed to be one of Laura's pupils, which comes as a shock (Tony Revolori).
The biggest surprise in the film is when Revolori's character is killed by yet another Ghostface.
All of this happened in the first ten minutes of the film, raising serious doubts and speculation about who may be hiding behind the Ghostface mask.

The movie's new three-person murdering crew is also an intriguing addition.
The Ghostface entity in Scream VI is far more brutal than its predecessors, as demonstrated in the opening sequence. Earlier movies saw either a single individual or a pair of people disguising themselves with the black cloak and mask.
Gillett lauds Revolori, adding that the actor was able to switch from a pleasant to a malevolent appearance in a matter of seconds with just his facial gestures.
The filmmakers have expressed their gratitude to Samara for making even a cameo appearance, citing their desire to work with her again ever since Ready or Not, and noting that she plays a crucial part in the beginning as Ghostface's first victim.

The prologue successfully accomplishes its goal of setting the tone and pace for the remainder of the sequel's running length.
The directors took some risks with the picture, and the result is one of the highest-rated and most financially successful entries in the Scream franchise since the 1996 original.
Despite the lack of an official announcement, Scream VII seems plausible given the positive reception to Scream VI and the directors' enthusiasm for the franchise's comeback.