Reina Hardesty is no longer a part of the 'The Boys' spinoff series set in college.

Several of the original leads of The Boys' spinoff series have left the show in the last two months. Aimee Carrero and Shane Paul McGhie left the project in March to seek other opportunities and because their roles, particularly McGhie's, had been drastically changed when showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters came aboard, according to Deadline. According to Deadline, Reina Hardesty is on her way out for many of the same reasons.

Hardesty's departure was once again the result of creative shifts led by Fazekas and Butters. The showrunners have chosen to take the project in a different way than what executive producer Craig Rosenberg of The Boys had originally envisioned. Hardesty's character is one of the six main protagonists in the series, which also includes Jaz Sinclair, Lizzie Broadway, Chance Perdomo, Maddie Phillips, and previously Carrero.

Hardesty's character will be recast as soon as possible. So far, the college-set spinoff has filled one of its gaps by casting Perdomo in place of McGhie, but they have yet to find a replacement for Carrero as the series' star. There is still no release date set for the show, which pits undergraduate students at Vought International's super-exclusive Goldolkin University in a Hunger Games-style free-for-all for the best contracts. Those who excel at university earn big-ticket superhero jobs in places like Los Angeles or New York. Anyone chosen to travel to New York joins The Seven, following in the footsteps of figures such as A-Train (Jesse T. Usher) and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott).

Hardesty had a recurring role as Weather Witch on The CW's The Flash series (as well as a brief appearance as her in Legends of Tomorrow), but she was most recently a prominent presence on Brockmire's last season. She starred alongside comedic great Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet as Beth Brockmire, the titular Brockmire's daughter, in the film. She'll also be seen in Maggie Grace and Lucy DeVito's film The Secret Art of Human Flight, as well as the TV movie Maverick.

While the college-set spinoff is being finalized, The Boys' highly anticipated third season approaches its June 3 premiere date. In a broadcast back in January, the in-universe Vought-run news site Seven on 7 highlighted the upcoming season as well as the spinoff, confirming the return to the traditional episodic release on Prime Video with three episodes dropping for the season premiere.