'Love, Victor' will be available on Disney+ as well as Hulu.

According to Variety, Love, Victor will be coming to Disney+ after some streaming misunderstanding. Love, Victor was planned for Disney but was pushed to Disney+'s broader streaming service, Hulu, due to concerns about the series' content, which included images of same-sex high school relationships. However, it appears like the series is now returned to its original home.

This is a big and unexpected move for the streaming service, given that the first two seasons of the show broadcast on Hulu. The third and final season will premiere on Disney+, echoing the larger dispute that Disney is involved in, namely with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his divisive "Don't Say Gay" policy. Disney has come out against the measure, which would limit information about sexuality and gender in K-12 public schools in the state, after an originally hesitant response. In retaliation, Florida's governor and conservative legislators are aiming to revoke the Disney corporation's licenses in the state, owing to the company's massive Walt Disney World park in Orlando.

"We are proud of 'Love, Victor,' and are pleased to deliver it to the widest possible audience on June 15 by making the whole series available on both Disney+ and Hulu to honor the final season and LGBTQIA+ Pride Month," said Hulu president Joe Earley in a statement released today. "In addition to highlighting this groundbreaking series, subscribers will have the opportunity to sample more content available across our streaming services, as we have done with titles like the Academy Award-winning Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised), Man in the Arena: Tom Brady, and Black-ish," he continued.

Love, Victor, a series that has received two GLAAD Media Awards, is a step forward for the streaming platform, which had previously been rigorously curated to prevent controversy. However, the fact that the show is just now being added on the app after being canceled after the third season makes the news bittersweet to say the least. Love, Victor follows Victor, a high school student played by Michael Cimino, as he juggles school, extracurricular activities, and the challenges of exploring his sexuality.

On June 15, right in the thick of Pride Month, Season 3 of Love, Victor will air on Disney+ and Hulu. On both applications, all seasons of the show will be available.