Hot and heavy: an exclusive clip from Ruth Wilson's new film True Things


A new film, True Things, stars Ruth Wilson and Tom Burke in a risky affair, and Screen Rant has an exclusive clip from the film to share with you. 

The True Things Role of Ruth Wilson 

True Things, a spicy and thought-provoking new film, opens in cinemas across the United States on September 9. Screen Rant is proud to provide an exclusive clip from the film. 

From the best-selling novel by Deborah Kay Davies, "True Things About Me," the film is adapted by co-writers Molly Davies and Harry Wootliff (Only You), who also serves as the film's director. 

Starring Ruth Wilson (Luther, His Dark Materials), Tom Burke (The Musketeers), Hayley Squires (The Essex Serpent), Frank McCusker (The Tudors), and Ann Firbank, the picture is a blazing psychological thriller (Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker). 

Wilson plays Kate, a lady who is sleepwalking through life at her mundane office job in the film True Things. 

She has an intense sexual experience with a stranger (Burke) at work, who both challenges and excites her in ways that her routine life cannot. 

Kate's attraction to this mystery man grows quickly, and the thrill of a new connection with someone so exciting and interesting propels her onto a path that could ultimately destroy her emotionally. 

The wild side of Kate is revealed in this exclusive clip from Screen Rant. 

During a heated argument in the car, Kate takes off her clothing and becomes physically hostile toward her date, Rob (Tom Weston-Jones). 

But her friends aren't too keen on the idea, so Kate ends up walking home alone, feeling rejected and bewildered. 

In the complete video embedded below: 

The protagonist of True Things is an outcast who struggles mightily against the gender and social expectations placed upon her. 

It delves into the dangers that women like Kate confront when trying to live up to society's expectations of their gendered roles. 

Audiences are left to discover for themselves how her trip concludes, but it's an adventure well worth pursuing. 

In addition to Attack on Finland, The Royal, and The Art of Love, Samuel Goldwyn Films has released a number of other titles that are sure to appeal to moviegoers. 

In addition to True Things, the documentary Blind Ambition, about Zimbabwean exiles who become competitive wine tasters, will also be released in September. 

Next month, they will also release in theatres in the United States Possession, a horror film directed by Norwegian filmmaker Henrik M. Dahlsbakken. 

After making its world premiere at last year's Venice International Film Festival, True Things will finally hit theatres in the United States on September 9.