Henry Cavill's Superman Is Essential To DCU's Growth, Says The Rock

According to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who plays Black Adam, Henry Cavill's Superman is crucial to the expansion of the DC Cinematic Universe.
Cavill reprised his role as his version of Superman in the Black Adam film after being missing from the DCU (previously known as the DCEU) since 2017.
Despite the fact that it was a last-minute addition, the British star dressed up as Superman for a key moment after the credits rolled, in which he confronted Johnson's antihero.
Cavill has stated that this is only the beginning of his interpretation of the DC icon.

Soon after the unexpected digital release of Black Adam this week, Johnson rushed to Twitter to give a video message on the future of his series.
Johnson praised Cavill's Superman, but he didn't reveal any upcoming plot details or give any suggestions about what to expect in the next several years.
The actor who plays Black Adam, who said that Superman's presence in the film was a major battleground, said the following about Henry Cavill's portrayal of the character:

"It is imperative that we restore the universe's most potent and unstoppable force.
Yes, I'm speaking of Superman, a figure well-known to you all.
Henry Cavill, to be precise.
This has been years in the making, getting Henry Cavill back with strategic dialogues, and we weren't going to take no for an answer when the studio said they weren't bringing him back.
Without the most potent force and the greatest superhero of all time sitting on the sidelines, it is impossible in our opinion to construct the DC Universe as we would like it to be.
Where is Superman? is the question that will remain unanswered no matter how many times you draw a Venn diagram of the situation.
We pushed hard to get Superman reinstated because he is an essential element of the DCU."

While Man of Steel (2013) starring Henry Cavill as Superman was the catalyst for the DC Cinematic Universe, the franchise has continued without him with Justice League (2017).
Although Cavill's future involvement in the DCU remained unclear for very some time, the franchise continued to use Superman by having faceless body doubles perform the role in Shazam! and Peacemaker.
Despite the DCU's expansion with the introduction of new characters throughout the years, Superman has been severely underutilized, even going without a starring role in a standalone film since 2013.

Superman has always been the shining star of the DC Universe, whether in comic books or any other medium.
The DC Cinematic Universe (DCU) as a film series, and much of what DC has been and is now, would not exist without Superman.
In recent years, however, Superman has played a more prominent role on television because to Tyler Hoechlin's portrayal in The CW's Arrowverse franchise, where he serves as one of the series' main protagonists in Superman & Lois.
Superman's importance to the films is greater than ever, especially if a future Justice League film is to be included in James Gunn and Peter Safran's 10-year plan for the DCU.

There has been no official word from Warner Bros. Discovery or DC Studios, but development has begun on Man of Steel 2, and Cavill's contract is still up in the air.
Although Gunn and Safran have not yet revealed their specific plans for the DCU, Superman is clearly a major priority for their road map, so it is only a matter of time before more is revealed about Cavill's future.
In the latter days of 2022, we can only hope that the wait until 2023 to find out what the future holds for Superman and Cavill's involvement in the DCU is short.