'Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers': Why Rachel and Jamie Deserved Better

The Halloween franchise and Michael Myers are a perfect combination for October. While the Shape was not in 1982's Season of the Witch, he was really there in one form or another Cochran's "Hills ran crimson" speech is intercut with a clip from 1978 horror film Halloween. For the first time, in 1988, the man known as the "Silent Hunter" reappeared in all his stalking, intimidating glory. Myers isn't the only character to get attention because of his 40-year-long history as a horror villain. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), not Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence), has subsequently become the series' most recognizable face.

A heroine has taken center stage even without her: watch out for Kara (Marianne Hagan) and Sara (Sarah Jessica Parker) (Bianca Kajlich). But there are two Final Girls who rise to the occasion of becoming the finest heroines of the series. Danielle Harris plays Jamie Lloyd, and Ellie Cornell portrays her love interests, Jamie Lloyd and Rachel Carruthers in the series. It's a pity they weren't treated better because of their superior status.

After a decade that witnessed the growth and decline of the slasher genre, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) had the difficult task of revitalizing a franchise. After Jamie Lee Curtis' departure from the series, director Dwight Little and writers Alan B. McElroy had to come up with new protagonists. Even Laurie and her female friends can't understand Rachel as an adolescent. Rachel had a lot on her plate before the day went to bad, including dealing with a guy, a cruel girl, and babysitting a foster sister. Until now, Jamie had been the series' youngest protagonist. She's being relentlessly tormented by classmates who don't seem to care that her uncle is a fugitive from justice. Rachel takes her up within seconds of her weeping, demonstrating a forced maturity. The movie truly shines when it comes to the relationship between Rachel and Jamie. As might be expected of any typical adolescent, Rachel begins her time caring for Jamie with resentment.

The next morning, she's transformed into a fierce protector of Jamie's life. In The Return of Michael Myers, a major tension set piece serves as a prime illustration of this technique in action. As they flee the Meeker home, Rachel carries Jamie on her back while attempting to avoid slipping on the slick roof tiles. "You have to be cautious when the leads begin performing stunt stuff," Cornell remarked in an interview. "The free-fall was the one thing they wouldn't let me do. They sent in a stuntwoman equipped with a cord to help them out. Climbing, sliding, and everything of it was done by us." Because everything seemed to be genuine, the experience was enhanced. The tension passages are so intense because of Jamie and Rachel's developing sisterly closeness. Jamie's assault on her foster mother (Rachel's birth mother) also makes the conclusion of the film a sad place to finish the credits.

The following year saw the release of Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. Everything that was meticulously build up in the previous chapter is now completely ruined. Michael kills Rachel with a pair of scissors before the thirty-minute mark. The murder isn't as gruesome as the initial proposal written down by Ellie Cornell: It was very disrespectful for her character, so I asked them to rework it." They revised it since it wasn't well-considered or respectable. It wasn't until years later that Moustapha Akkad confessed to regretting the death of his co-producer. That was a pretty kind gesture on her part. There was a blowback that he didn't know about."

Jamie's attack on Mrs. Carruthers was an afterthought, since Michael Myers was once again cast as the main antagonist. I read the screenplay and was shocked to see that I'm silent for more than half the film. While speaking with IGN, Harris was reminded of this. "At first, I was perplexed. Suddenly, I can't speak! What am I missing?' Afterwards, I was excited because I'd be able to practice signing. "That's what I came up with." That doesn't make things any easier for Jamie. She has a premonition that Tina (Wendy Kaplan) will die, and she attempts to warn Tina before she too meets her end at the hands of Dr. Loomis. As she enters the Haddonfield police station for the last time, she discovers that someone has saved Michael, leaving the others to die. The poster for The Revenge of Michael Myers showed both Michael and Jamie as a subtle reminder of how important Jamie's role was to the film. In an IGN interview, Harris just discovered this fact. Jamie, like Rachel, will face a similar misfortune in the second installment.

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers was released in 1995 after a problematic production and several reshoots. There was never much of a shift in the importance placed on Jamie over the course of the novel. Cult of Thorn abduct Jamie, played this time by J. C. Brandy, and force her to give birth to Michael's child as they hold her against her will. When it comes to Jamie's death, it doesn't matter whether you're watching the Theatrical or Producer's Cut; Tommy Doyle and Kara Strode take over. Only Dr. Loomis has been around since the events of Halloween 4 re-started the whole franchise. But the absence of Danielle Harris from the film is striking for a different reason.

Harris didn't decide not to return voluntarily; she was left with no choice but to do so. Only if she became legally emancipated could the producers have permitted her to return. It's what Harris did, and it cost him thousands of dollars. Then she got the script. "I was pleasantly surprised by the writing. I was, after all, carrying Michael's child. Just a year before, I'd starred in Last Boy Scout and had just finished Roseanne, so it was like, "Oh gosh...," for me and my mother. Despite her hesitation, Harris was certain that her role would not be taken over by another actor. My lawyer's fees alone would not have covered half of their offer, so I began haggling." 'You die in the first act,' the Miramax business affairs person stated at the time. Your weekly salary was $1500, and your character is a scale character."

It's possible that Cornell, recalling the events of Halloween 5, would have recommended a different ending for her character: "Like when I struck him with the truck, there's no way he could have survived that, but of course he did because he's Michael Myers...." 'You guys, be cautious.' would have been my advice had I been more experienced and fearless. There is no going back."" Curse failed, but Jamie Lee Curtis returned to salvage the series on its 20th anniversary with H20, and she did it one again in 2018. Despite the fact that Michael Myers will always be a magnet for Halloween audiences, human beings are essential to level the playing field. A "blank, pallid, emotionless visage, with the blackest eyes" describe this murderer. Despite Myers' eerie blankness, he requires an opposing force to counteract it. Ellie Cornell and Danielle Harris were responsible for these duties in 1988. When Laurie Strode first saw Myers, she was a teenager who was completely out of her depth. She battled on her own, and she prevailed. Rachel and Jamie had each other. One of the things that made viewers cheer for them was the fact that they were brothers and sisters. The possibility exists that this will be addressed in a future retcon.