Dwayne Johnson Ventures into Fresh Fast & Furious Spinoff Film, Diverging from Hobbs & Shaw 2

Prepare for the exhilarating news as Dwayne Johnson, after his triumphant comeback in Fast X, is now embarking on an exciting journey to create a brand new Fast & Furious spinoff movie, setting aside the possibility of a Hobbs & Shaw 2. From his unforgettable entry in Fast Five as Luke Hobbs, an unwavering agent from the United States' Diplomatic Security Service, whose mission was to apprehend Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto, to ultimately becoming his trusted comrade, Johnson has carved a remarkable path in the franchise. However, a well-documented feud with producer and star Vin Diesel led to his temporary departure before his glorious return in Fast X.

The buzz from The Wrap confirms that Johnson has joined forces with Universal Pictures to bring forth a fresh Fast & Furious spinoff film where he will take the lead. While the plot remains shrouded in secrecy, insiders reveal that this project will not be Hobbs & Shaw 2 but will serve as a captivating bridge between the narrative of Fast X and the highly anticipated Fast & Furious 11. Joining Johnson on this thrilling ride is the renowned Chris Morgan, who will once again lend his penmanship to the franchise.

The Reasons Behind Johnson's Next Fast & Furious Adventure Not Being Hobbs & Shaw 2 Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham striding purposefully with weapons in Hobbs and Shaw.

Although it may disappoint those who cherished the first spinoff film, the decision to diverge from Hobbs & Shaw 2 in Johnson's next Fast & Furious venture is actually a boon for all parties involved. Not only does it afford Johnson the opportunity to reclaim his position as a leading box office star after the lackluster performance of Black Adam, but it also allows for a more seamless explanation of the four-year gap between his last appearance in Hobbs & Shaw and his triumphant return in Fast X.

Moreover, considering that Johnson's character, the special agent, was seen striving to rescue his abducted daughter from the formidable Dante Reyes, portrayed by Jason Momoa, in Fast X's post-credits scene, venturing into a buddy cop-style story would disrupt the tone and likely necessitate a step back in time with a direct sequel to the original Hobbs & Shaw. By taking the time to reintroduce Hobbs into the fold and pit him against the most formidable villain the Fast & Furious franchise has ever seen, the upcoming Fast and Furious 11 promises to deliver an even more emotionally charged experience.

Despite embarking on a new Fast & Furious spinoff film, it does not entirely exclude the possibility of a future Hobbs & Shaw 2 for Johnson within the franchise. Even during the period of feuding with Diesel, Johnson and his producing partner, Hiram Garcia, often teased their plans for an "ambitious" sequel. Furthermore, with Chris Morgan returning to craft the script for Johnson's new spinoff, it opens up the potential for collaboration between the talented writer and the star, setting the stage for future developments, given Morgan's involvement in the initial Hobbs & Shaw, where he contributed to the story treatment and co-wrote the screenplay.